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Intro to keto: what I’m doing. | DIANE: DIRECT

3-2-1… Hey guys, Diane here, and i
am coming to you direct!
What’s up guys!? It’s Diane. Most of you know me as a
certified nutrition consultant and a New
York Times bestselling author and all
kinds of crazy stuff, but what I wanted
to tell you guys is that I am an ENTJ,
rebel, little sister, and an enthusiastic
hard worker, who has a work ethic that I
can’t quite understand where it came
from. What I want to do with you guys in
this series is get into a whole bunch of
new topics and come at you with a little
more personality, because it’s not like
I’ve been sheltering my personality from
all of you, but I’ve been a little nicer
than I want to be, a little more delicate,
more careful. So what I want to do now is
actually talk to you the way I want to
talk to you. Today I’m going to talk
about few of the basics around a keto diet or
a low carb diet. Sometimes people want to
know what I’m up to. Right now I’m
eating pretty low carb, and I would say
borderline-ketogenic. What does that mean?
That means I’m eating about 30 to 35
grams of carbohydrates a day. Why are you
doing this Diane? I told you I was in
rebel, right? I’m doing it because I
want to, and for me most of the stuff
that I do, I just do it because I want to,
because I want to try something, do
something different, see how my body
responds, see how I feel. I want to see
what the food is like. Is it fun? Do I
enjoy it? Is it yummy? Bottom line is,
I don’t go into any nutritional change
thinking, ” This sounds like it’s going to
be horrible, and so now I want to do it.”
That’s not why I do anything. I do things
because I want to do them. So it may
surprise a lot of you that there isn’t
some mystical, scientific, creative,
interesting reason why I might follow a
ketogenic diet or a low carb diet. That’s
just how it is. I just feel like doing
something, I want to try it, and then I do
it. Simple as that. So what is a keto diet?
A keto diet means that you’re eating very,
very low carbohydrate, maybe 30 grams,
maybe 50 grams, for some people it might
be 20 grams.
There’s a lot of confusion around what
that really means. One of the biggest
questions I get is, “Are you counting
total carbs or net carbs? What does that
even mean?” Total carbs is you’re counting
the total number of carbohydrates that
you’re eating in any given day. Net carbs
would be, you subtract out the fiber from
all of those carbs and then net carbs
are what remains. So let’s just say for
example I eat 50 grams of carbohydrates in a
day. The number of grams of fiber in
those 50 grams of carbs might be 15.
What I’d end up with is 35 grams of effective net carbs.
How keto is different from
just low-carb is that it’s extremely low
carb. And it’s very important that the carb
grams are at that low level you can’t be
eating 75 to 100 grams of carbs and be
eating keto diet unless your body
somehow allows you to produce ketones
while you’re eating a higher number of
carbohydrates how is low carb or keto
different from paleo the Paleo diet
really just talks about food quality and
food choices it has very little to
nothing to do with how many grams of
anything we’re eating anything to do
with a balance of macronutrients it’s
all about food choices and food quality
now if you’re looking strictly at a low
carb or keto diet you may not also be
looking at food quality what I am going
to do is combine those and be eating
really high quality foods in a certain
balance of macronutrients I’m going to
be doing this for about two to three
months and I want to see how my body
responds in terms of how it looks how I
feel and how I perform at the gym with
my sleep improves which already it kind
of has if my energy improves is my
ability to wait between meals improves
meaning I’d like to go from four to
eight hours between meals or even be
able to intermittent sauce quite a bit
longer than be hungry every two to three
or even four hours how do you know if
you’re in ketosis well a lot of people
are only going to depend on things like
tests urine tests breath tests blood
tests I have done this many times in the
past I can tell when my body gets into a
fat-burning state because I think go
those long hours between my meals I
don’t feel like I have to eat all the
time and my energy levels are much
higher much better sustained if you have
to be in ketosis to be a fat burner it
sort of depends we all wake up in a
fat-burning state after fasting for at
least six seven or eight hours while
we’re sleeping right unless your body
builder who wakes up in the middle
night to eat some chicken breasts I
can’t even with that but it’s true
sometimes it happens now that doesn’t
mean that if you burn sugar for fuel
sometimes that you can’t possibly ever
be burning fat for fuel but what it does
mean is that your body is relying
primarily on glucose or sugar
carbohydrates as a fuel source that it
wants again so when you feel that hunger
and that appetite kick in your body is
asking primarily for glucose if and when
you get to a ketogenic state when your
body fails from hunger you get those
signals sent from your brain that you’re
hungry the cool thing that happens is
that your body can tap into sore body
fat to fuel you for several more hours
maybe even longer than that most of us
have body fat sitting all over the place
but it’s kind of frustrating when you’re
wondering why can’t my body just use
what’s sitting there is fuel why do I
have to constantly eat again when I have
stored body fat that could be used this
is how we get our body to mobilize that
stored body fat and use it up we get
ourselves into a fat-burning state where
the body is looking primarily for fat as
a fuel source and it’s a lot easier
there are also different kinds of
exercise during which we burn more sugar
or we burn fat the type of workouts that
I’m doing now are primarily strength
based I’m not doing tons of
high-intensity interval training I’m not
doing CrossFit right now I train fasted
in the morning so I get to the gym
sometime between 7 and 8 a.m. and I’m
there for about an hour and I do that
about 5 days a week
I feel great training fasted I used to
think it was crazy to lift weights that
early in the morning there’s no way I
have that much strength and now I feel
totally great doing I’ve been doing it
for a while even before I’ve been on a
ketogenic or low-carb diet so I’ve just
adapted to that and something I feel
really great doing is this the only way
to burn body fat and lose weight
absolutely not
there are lots of different ways to do
it one reason why I find the eating low
carb ketogenic works well for me is that
I don’t feel hungry as often some of you
may know a couple of winters ago
I followed a macros based eating plan
which typically those are pretty low fat
high carb and it worked for me to lose
some body fat that I wanted to lose but
I didn’t love the way I felt all day
long having to eat as often as I Hecky
and I honestly after a while didn’t love
the food I was eating anymore that
doesn’t mean that it’s not great for
lots of people but I wanted to go back
and get something else a try that have
worked for
me in the past do you have to take this
on as a permanent change no you can try
it for a little while what you can’t do
is try it for one week two weeks or even
three weeks if you’re going to try a
low-carb diet like this a ketogenic very
low carb diet you’ve got to give it at
least six to eight weeks to really see
the benefits that can come from it
here’s a caveat tonight the first three
to seven days even the first one to two
weeks are probably not going to feel
that great this is a big change for your
body and depending on how much sugar and
how much fat you were eating before this
might be really painful you might be
extremely tired extra hungry thirsty
feel like you’re gaining some weight
you’ve got to give it time that being
said this isn’t right for everyone if
you’re pregnant or breastfeeding mom if
you are already under weight if you have
a long lean body type what people call a
hard gainer ectomorphs you definitely
don’t need to look at a ketogenic diet
of something that might be helpful for
you because you probably don’t have a
ton of extra body fat to rely on in
between your meals now that doesn’t mean
it won’t work for you or that it can’t
be great for you but it just may not be
something that you want to even bother
trying it may just not be right for you
that’s all I got for you guys today
remember I post new videos every week
subscribe to my channel so you don’t
miss any we make comments let me know
what you think of this video or to share
what you want to learn more about for me
I’ll see you next week I feel like I
need some music and I need to shake it
out ah ha ha can I get a fan no but
somebody here talking to myself the dog
is kind of freaking out what I’m doing
I’m dancing to loosen myself up

Randall Smitham



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