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Introduction to the Fundamentals of Ideal Protein

In 2013 the American Medical Association
officially labeled obesity
as a disease.
According to the National Institute of Health
nearly 70% of Americans 20 years
of age and older,
are either overweight or obese.
In a study called Findings
and policy implications
for improving the
health of US children,
almost one-third of
American children,
nearly 23 million
children, and teens
are either overweight or obese.
As can be read
in another study,
this time published in the
New England journal
of Medicine called
‘A potential decline
in life expectancy
in the United States
in the 21st century’.
It seems as though the epidemic
is winning.
Is there a way
to fight back
and take control
of our health?
Ideal Protein is
a low calorie;
low carbohydrate protein
based supervised
ketogenic protocol
supplemented with
partial meal replacements.
Ideal Protein has a
structured approach
to stabilization and maintenance.
This evidence-based,
12 month stabilization period
and the support it
provides are critical
for the first year
after weight loss
and maintenance thereafter.
Here is why.
We understand that
long-term success of
weight maintenance means that we need support
and guidance in changing
our lifestyle
and eating habits.
Changing these behaviors
is key to long
term success.
This is what we call
the ‘ideal difference’.
Our weight loss phase
is what we call
‘lifestyle building’.
Our maintenance and stabilization
phases are what we call
‘lifestyle living.’
Ideal Protein is not
a magic wand.
No diet is a vaccine against
being overweight
or obese, or even
weight regain.
But this protocol is a powerful tool,
helping real people
achieve what
they may have never
believed possible.
Why not take control
of your health
and start your journey
towards your new
lifestyle living?
Why wait?
Visit IdealProtein.com
and talk to your practitioner
about starting

Randall Smitham



  1. Herbivorous Cyborg Posted on November 29, 2017 at 11:39 am

    How is this ketogenic? Looking at the meals on your website it seems like only about 25-33% of calories are from fat with the rest coming from protein and carbs. Carbs and any protein used for energy get converted to glucose. Normal amounts of glucose prevent the body from entering a state of ketosis. Ketogenic diet guidelines generally recommend 75% or more of calories coming from fat.