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Is Fasting Healthy for you?  My Weight Loss Journey Over 40

hi it’s Mieka fasting weight loss and
I’m on a fasting weight loss journey over 40
I started at273.2 pounds my goal
is 183.2 yesterday
morning I was 224 I’m a half way to my
goal which is 90 pounds lost through
fasting intermittent fasting different
periods of Windows omad one meal a day
fasting two meals a day I will not eat
more than two meals a day even on a
cheat day because I’m gonna tell you why
okay is fasting healthy I am gonna give
you a list of doctors to look up on
YouTube to answer the question is
fasting healthy because people respect
medical opinions people respect doctors
that have been in school for many years
and got it back to a degree
all of these are doctors different
fields of study but they’re very
intelligent and they’re very aware of
fasting many of most all of them I’m
sure practice fasting because they
promote it and you could find out the
real reasons why fasting is healthy okay
first I might give you the list of main
is going to be in the description and
also I’m gonna give you some channels
that people have lost tons of weight
fasting and I’m gonna give you my
personal experience fasting which is why
even I don’t need these doctors that
tell me fast and is okay because I’m
gonna tell you how fasting has changed
my life and why I recommend it and I
believe anyone that has high blood
pressure type 2 diabetes um all kinds
I’m not even gonna list go look up the
doctors if you want to really know
specific issues what fasting could do I
believe if you get on a fast and regimen
you could really help heal your body
inside and out in your mind okay I’m
gonna list the doctors most of them I
follow and I get a lot of information
dr. Berg my favorite I’m gonna say the
fasting pharmacist because you know a
pharmacist almost has a doctor’s degree
and is very knowledgeable about medicine
she’s lost 70 or 80 pounds to fasting
and she has a channel the fasting
pharmacist to fit doctors dr. Becky and
Keith Gillespie dr. NIC dr. Mindy pills
I’m dr. NIC zyre Watsky dr. Annette
Bosworth also known as dr. buzz dr.
Myles Munroe dr. michael mosley okay is
fasting healthy if someone if you’re a
faster and you know it’s healthy and
someone wants to say it’s not there’s a
reason why I’m saying this because
someone someone told me yesterday in a
comment I should just do three meals a
day and count my calories no I’m gonna
talk about why that’s just not natural
for our bodies however I respect the
person and I appreciate it because when
people tell you fasting is unhealthy
they come from a place of concern for
your health most time and they just
haven’t education educated themselves or
knew about fasting okay but through us
that are fasting we spread the knowledge
we spread our results and how we heal
and it’s gonna show people that fasting
is healthy okay let’s see dr. ken berry
dr. Robert Moores dr. Legrand dr. Sten
Ekberg dr. David Jokers dr. Josh axe
okay those are all my doctors those are
my doctors my personal doctor she is not
okay with I don’t gonna tell her like
she’s proud of my weight loss she does
not know the way I fast but her and her
husband tried intermittent fasting she
couldn’t think they didn’t continue it
but she approves them intermittent
fasting but there’s no way she would
approve of the type of fasting I do
unless she read dr. Fung why is he oh my
gosh I skip number one dr. Fung that is
my second favorite doctor dr.
fun is my second-favorite doctor and he
has a lot of books about fasting I
highly recommend and he’s helped a lot
of patients cure their diabetes yeah
okay dr. Berg is number two those two
watch all their fasting videos let’s see
next I’m going to talk about people that
have lost tons of weight through no food
fasting or the warrior diet or
intermittent fasting okay
um or snake diet fasting okay
and I’m saying this so you can educate
yourself for and also for if you’re
obese and watching this you’ve gotta try
fasting for 90 days okay and if you have
a slip-up it doesn’t matter cuz my
channel is about slip-ups and at the end
of this video I’m gonna tell you how I
did yesterday but I promise you is the
best thing ever okay and is free um
fledge fitness he likes um warrior diet
he lost a lot of weight bricks Fitness
um I think I heard him say yesterday in
a video he would never someone asked him
dude does he still fast he said I will
always fast every day for the rest of my
he lost tons weight a healthy
excellent excellent video on healing
aspects of and weight loss and just life
changes for infesting he brings on tons
of people that have lost eighty hundred
two hundred pounds and he does
interviews with them is a really good
channel lawrence mela
force powerlifting channel he’d used
snake diet he lost like 100 and some
counts and he’s a power lifter and he
still does fasting snakes are you
amazing person
snake Dyess sam is the first one that
I’ve seen lose a massive amount of
weight fasting she did the snake diet
you could look up her video um let’s see
Thomas de Lauer um I kind of feel like
he’s a doctor of something but he he
promotes fasting excellent scientific
him and fledge fitness Thomas de Lauer
Fletch Fitness have tons and tons of
fasting studies that they talk about
they talk about the science and they
break it down yeah
Tomas DeLeon fledge Fitness six miles to
supper she did she promotes fasting and
she has her and taken down the fat with
seed okay let me talk about her she has
a lot of people on there that have done
um fasting it’s a great Channel and
she’s lost 80 pounds um then taking down
the fat with C dub he lost 100 something
pounds with the omadd’s he lost
I think 125 pounds with the Oh mad diet
he loves it he swears by it he thinks
it’s the best and he interviews a lot of
people in the fasting community that
have lost a lot of weight and he gives a
lot of oh man and or fasting on
information okay
my favorite person the fasting fatman
he is the first one in common Day
present day not coming day that did 150
days of fasting okay he’s lost I don’t
know he started out like 5:30 and now
he’s like 190 190 something he did this
in 150 days like he just did this then
he moved into Oh mad um I believe he’s
yeah he’s doing oh man he’s like 40
something days into Oh mad after his own
hundred fifty days
he studied some of these doctors and he
studied Angus Barbieri Barbieri did 392
days of fasting with no food under
doctor’s supervision I think that’s the
camera and he lost 276 pounds that’s
more he lost more than I was when I
started my journey at 273 that is
amazing and he had doctor supervision a
doctor I don’t know the name of that
doctor but fasting is good okay fasting
is great for obesity insert a lot of
medical conditions
so the fasting fat man and Angus
Barbieri if you want to look at people
that are like 500 pounds 400 pounds they
might benefit from those prolonged fast
also you can look at prolonged fast or
extend the day fast when you look up
these other doctors okay savings the one
that gave me my my all my first
information and what started my weight
loss journey is snake diet Cole of the
snake diet creator Cole Robinson that’s
the first person I learned about fasting
and I did a 9 day fast to try it okay
and I have a review I’m gonna put it in
the in screen I did nine days and that
was the beginning to my fasting journey
I thought that now we’re gonna talk
about what fastens done to me that first
fast I was like what the heck I’m not
feeling hungry I’m feeling energetic I
did a weight training I went to the gym
probably every day in the description of
that video I tell you what I did um I
did have 500 I had two meals
one was 150 calories and one was 350
calories cuz I just felt like I needed
it so I had the snake diary feed not
approved by what he would have wanted
for one of them but really he don’t care
if you fast
he doesn’t care too much about what you
eat he wants you to keep true to your
fast and don’t cheat on your fast and
have a brief feed and then keep going
okay I had energy I did like thirty
three sets of thirty reps of weights um
I had to kill a coach with me which he
was really accountability coach I just
woke up every morning told him what I
did the day before and I had somebody
that cared and was rooting me on
he was hardcore and hard on me like he
was mad I had the two little tiny Mills
but I lost 22 pounds in nine days and I
felt amazing energetic I’m like I was so
mad I was forty years old I was like why
the heck did I never know about this why
because we’re we believe that we should
have three meals a day and counting
calories and exercise and that said no
that’s not why people like me get obese
I have other food issues okay fasted is
amazing um if I have a bad day of eating
it can’t compare to what I used to
because my fasting has made my body so
different i reaiiy don’t I rarely feel
hungry if I
eat us more mental or just because I
feel like it because of my bad
old habits I did lose 70 pounds I went
down to 201 during this weight loss
journey and then I take vacations or I
might have went off my diet for a week
and just go back to old habits um but
that’s not fastenings fault that’s my
own fault okay what else did it I no
longer you guys if you press the snooze
button I’m telling you fasting takes
away your slip oh my gosh I’m gonna use
an alarm clock anymore at all okay I
have so much energy I used to draw I
used to get a full night’s sleep which
for me is six to seven hours I would
drive to work at 9:30 a.m. after I slept
all night I would feel so sleepy like
trying to keep my eyes awake I will go
to the movies every time I was sleep now
I could go to the movies I might sleep
sometimes but I don’t it’s not every
time I don’t even remember when is the
last time I really slept in the movie
like that um let’s see what else
um that’s it it’s the best thing I’ve
tried and I tried every diet you’ve
tried everything I’ve done Weight
Watchers okay um now I’m gonna talk
about I’ve tried all the diets I’m not
gonna list them all you know especially
if you’re if you’re obese right now you
have to start fast and I don’t care if
it’s intermittent fasting um I’ll talk
about that in another video
about all the different different types
of fasting you can do just do some kind
of fasting okay now I’m going to talk
about Christianity Judaism I’m Muslim so
Islam Buddhism I don’t know a lot about
every religion but those four religions
promote fasting there’s fasting in the
Bible the Quran the Torah fasting is
good for I don’t know a lot about
Buddhism but I know there’s some fasting
in it fasting is a religious thing
because those of us that believe in God
um he put it there because it’s good for
us okay um so we’re listening to what
mainstream society says no let’s listen
to what God says let’s listen to what
all these doctors say let’s look at
let’s look at the studies ends if you
don’t believe in God guess what if you
believe in whatever Big Bang whatever do
you and if you think there’s caveman or
you know people that was before they
didn’t have wal-mart and McDonald’s you
know divide the processed foods I eat
the processed foods but it’s not natural
we were meant to hunt and gather hunt me
gather fruits and vegetables and nuts
and seeds the natural things of the
earth we did not sit down and eat
breakfast lunch and dinner we honey we
gathered we sat there and we ate we
farmed we did whatever we did not eat
all day okay so no who said three meals
a day is the healthy thing
no is fasting healthy please don’t
listen to me call listen to all the
doctors if you know that holds more
weight go look at all the fasting
results from a healthy alternative
taking down the fat with CDubs oh I
forgot my girls Sunkissed keto Sunkissed mojo
is their their name of their
channel now and joy lost 125 No
she lost over 100 pounds
the exact number I think this 125 to um
and she’s maintained almost all of that
probably all of it and then her sister
also fast it does the they did they did
a lot of different things you can go
look on their Channel Sunkissed mojo
taking down the fat w cdubs and six miles to supper
if you want to see tons
and tons of stories of people that
fasting has changed their lives do not
if you’re going too fast
do not listen to people family and
friends that say no III Mills and um
count your calories yes count your
calories is probably good but fasting is
thank you for OH now for what I did
yesterday after staying on there I
didn’t do great yesterday okay I’m not
gonna talk about my food I’m not gonna
talk about I’m not even I didn’t step on
the scale today I did go to the water
park I did swimming um let me see I
haven’t been to the gym for all this
time cuz you guys know my car is not
working I’m not begging for rice from
anyone because I just want to ask for
rice to get to work that’s all I’m
worried about is getting to work and get
it home right now when my car’s fixed
I’ll be back to the YMCA and back to
Planet Fitness so yeah but I did not do
this yesterday but I said okay if you’re
not gonna do good you’re gonna at least
intermittent fast so I had my first meal
at 12:45 I ended it at 12:40 I had it at
12:45 I went to the Piranha park I have
free meal passes I could have
potentially gotten food there I have
money to get food I did not because no I
do not want to eat spiked my insulin I
didn’t even need to eat I wasn’t hungry
and then okay so I didn’t eat I ate when
I got home in the evening about eight
six seven I don’t know like seven
something but my eating window would
have closed at 8:45 because I ate at
12:45 that’s eight hours so when I do
cheat I’m gonna have two meals a day max
that’s not my goal I would always like
to have one meal or two meals for me
with the eight hour window when I get to
my 183 point – that would be the most I
would do in a day I want fasting to be a
lifestyle okay so thank you for watching
comment below like subscribe and follow
my weight loss journey over 40 to 183.2
pounds bye

Randall Smitham



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