March 29, 2020
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Hi I am Khit! Thanks for having me on! Hi I am Khit! Thanks for having me on! Hi I am Khit! Thanks for having me on! So, I am Managing Director of Gold`s Gym as well as Results Personal Training as well we run the NCSF Certified Personal Training Course and I`m the Master Instructor for the course Thanks Khit for staying with us Thanks Khit for staying with us and I just want to ask you a couple of questions about Nutrition first of all can you us a few tips about Weight Loss? – Weight Loss, when it comes to training? – It`s a big topic, I know! It is a big topic, but let`s just point it out to the essentials a lot of people, especially in Singapore they don`t eat enough proteins which is very common a lot of people, especially females they don`t want to eat meat they prefer to eat more fruit, a lot of vegetables which is perfectly fine but you don`t get enough proteins from those sources a lot of times most people will just need to pump up their protein intake and you get good proteins from things like seafood, fish, beef, pork, chicken, turkey etc etc.. so, don`t even worry to much about red meat red meat has lot of nutrients red meats like pork or beef 3 or 4 times a week so that`s the first thing people, actually, should focus on consume a lot more proteins in your diet so, proteins will help a lot with processes it keeps you full of longer period of time it`s helping with many benefits with eating more protein in the diet and after talked about proteins of course we need to look into your fats and carbohydrate intakes so with fat we always try to go with healthy sources of fat so things like: taking your avocado, eating fruit taking good fats from fish oil omega 3 fat acids things like your Extra Virgin Olive Oil coconut oil, butter etc etc… so once your fat intake is covered there is no need to go overboard with fats just make sure that you are taking fat from good sources and you left with carbo-hydrates so carbo-hydrate is something you have to kind of adjust of course you start with…. ..slightly…of course you reduce your carbo-hydrates but there`s no need to do very drastically as you start from that at least you have some room for cutting down some more so with carbs, always have it around your workout, if you can I assume that you are working out in the gym that is an important step if you want to loose weight so, before and after the workout, it`s the best time to consume some carbs and some people think that you can also eat carbs before they sleep or later on in the evening, it helps them to sleep better because it helps with the production of Seratonin so that can one consideration as well ..further down the road, once you start to be in a plateau on your weight loss journey that`s the time to scale down on the carbs, ok you can maintain your protein and fat intake but you try to manipulate you carbs intake so that you calories should be lower and you can see continue progress, in terms of weight loss – What about the KETO DIET, have you ever experienced on yourself? what`s your thought about it? Actually the KETO diet is very popular now ok, many people are getting onto it Basically the KETO diet is a very high fat diet so, about 70% of you daily calories intake should be from fat of course your fat sources must be from good so we are looking at good sources from meat from diary products, again fat from the fish oils, from avocados, from nuts maybe even from coconut oil and butter so, ok, consuming a lot of fat from good sources protein intake is quite moderate you can`t have high protein intake, so it`s quite moderate and carbs intake is capped to a very minimum so, usually, the cap is about 30 grams of carbs a day which is very little it`s about 2 serves of fruit gives you about 30 grams of carbs so..all your rice, all your bread, all you noodles.. even fruit, you should try to eliminate from your diet ok? so take a lot of vegetables `cause the amount of carbs in vegetables is very low there`s a lot of fiber, but the amount of carbs are low with that you`ll get into KETOSIS overtime with KETOSIS, your body will be able to burn KETONS for your energy so you use alternative source for your energy and then…it helps benefits… and of course if you remove of big food group from the diet which is a very common thing that Singaporeans like to eat which is Carbs you just take off of your diet you`ll see a tremendous job in the amount of calories that you consume that will help you with your fat loss – Would you suggest the KETO diet for those they are more focused on Body Building? ah…personally, I found that it was a bit though I was on a KETO diet myself, I was trying to put on some muscles mass but it was difficult without the presence of carbs can be done… some parts..some cycling can be done but a pure KETO diet can be difficult so, perhaps you can move in phases when you are in a bulking phase you should introduce more carbs into your diet and trying to put on more quality muscles mass and then when you try to lose weight, get the carbs and get into KETO and that`s when your can get benefits from both kind of diets ok for the ECTOMORPH body type, it`s a body type where… usually people are…very lean they are very lanky, their bones structure might be smaller these people, usually, find a very difficult time trying to put on Muscles Mass or…even…to put on weight on their frame so, for people like this, sometime, their metabolism can be really high even though they train really hard but it`s difficult so…a lot of people have… said..ectomorph their Training volume should be very very low because for these people when they train, it`s hard for them to recover from their workouts and with poor rates of recovery it`s difficult for them to grow so, that`s how the Training Technique HIT High Intensity Training it`s actually meant for people considered hard gainers or ectomorphs that they have very difficult time to try to put on muscles mass so, this group of people, will do HIT, which is very LOW VOLUME TRAINING which can be as low as just doing 1 set per body part, once a week and with that, they are able to recover better from their workouts to get stronger overtime and with enough calories, they can start grow some muscles so…that` s the workout that I`m trying to use…alright? in terms of Diet, of course, they have to eat a lot more to get more calories into their system so, again, having enough protein having a good amount of carbo-hydrates and definitely a good amount of good fats a Calories Surplus, to help them to gain muscles more effectively of course, when it comes to calories it will be a function of your body weight and the activities that you do that`s always the first thing you bear in mind that…when you are planning your calories, or even planning the amount of protein that you eat it has to be according to your body weight your body fat, as well as the activities that you do activities, not just the amount of exercises but even your day to day activities what kind of work do you do? are you most sedentary in your office? …or are you….are doing a bit more round and round and carry on some tasks? ok, all this it will affects the amount of calories that you take of course… for females, they can take a little bit less calories compare to males but of course these numbers, always.. depends…it`s different from person to person the best thing to do is trying something out and from there, try to check your progress as much as you can try to monitor the amount of calories that you take, so that you can make the changes as you go along thanks for the video…and I hope you have learned something that you can find useful so, Gold`s Gym we are specializing in doing Personal Training and right now offering a complimentary trial we have a quite of few locations islandwise do visit our website and sign up for a session and see how Personal Trainers are able to help

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