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Is Milk the BEST Source of Calcium, CBC Trickery – Healthy Ketogenic Diet

so I was clicking around the internet
the other day and I noticed another CBC video this time the video was about milk
and I was just laughing at the extent that they would go to create a
controversy where there isn’t one hello everyone welcome to Mind Blowing Health
and Wellness with Violet I’m Violet I’m a psychologist the reason I do these
videos is to help people to understand that your physical health and mental
health come together to create your overall sense of well-being if you
actually find these kind of videos helpful please consider subscribing um
so our physical health you know obviously the food we eat contributes to
the body we create which then if our body feels good that is a good step in
the right direction of us feeling mentally healthy and good right if we
feel sore and our body isn’t functional where we want we tend to be in the
negative headspace so when I saw this video it was interesting to me because
it starts off by talking about this family and they’re conflicted about
whether or not their children should be drinking milk milk just because I hear
so many things about what’s added in milk I love milk my whole life but of
course both parents still a couple so trying to decide what’s the best course
of action why I’m first of all I’m laughing just at the whole idea that
this became a video is because they are very basic in Canada we’re not allowed
to have antibiotics in our milk or extra hormones so they like there’s
regulations about what can be in milk so the easy answer to this would have been
for CBC to just put out some kind of statement saying yeah hormones are not
illegal in Canada in milk so they’re free people don’t have to worry I’m not
sure if that’s a concern in the US I believe it might be but in Canada not a
concern okay but Dairy Farmers dairy farming is a big thing in Canada so
obviously I feel there’s more to this video because they go on to point out
that if you’re trying to replace milk you have to eat this ridiculous amount
okay so you know okay one of the major reasons that milk
is promoted so much is because we’re informed that we really need a lot of
calcium and we chase calcium because it’s good for our bones it’s good for
our teeth or nails or hair and I find that hilarious that the reason that we
are or should say the most notable reason that we are told that we should
have a good amount of calcium it’s for strong bones and teeth when in fact
calcium is vital to making sure that your heart is pumping so your muscles
are functioning well your heart being a muscle and vital to the ability of your
bodies to blood to clot if you don’t have calcium I feel like if your heart’s
not working or your blood isn’t able to that’s a much bigger health concern than
the possibility that you break about although that’s that’s not a good thing
either I just find it interesting where our attention is so why is it that our
teeth and bones have so much calcium to begin with well interestingly enough
it’s because that’s where our body stores it the reason our body stores so
much calcium is because it’s that vital in keeping our heart going keeping our
blood flowing or or not flowing in the case of I got a cut and my body needs to
patch this up but the other thing that’s really interesting is that it’s involved
in so much else in our bodies so in the video they say that we need a thousand
milligrams of calcium per day and I just want to start there by saying that it’s
not consensus around the world that we need a thousand milligrams of calcium
per day so for some reason in north america we are being told to have about
double the amount of calcium that the rest of the world is having because the
World Health Organization says we need about 500 maybe 520 when we’re over 50
for ladies so why is it that in the North America
such a large amount of calcium is being pushed on people yeah and I kind of
wonder about the whole you know dairy industry the whole we we we make money
off of this product but okay not going to
I’m trying my best I feel like I’m kind of getting ahead of myself so let me
just back up a little bit so calcium is tightly regulated in our body and I feel
like I’m just constantly saying that you know carbohydrates are tightly regulated
calcium Seiler basically your body tightly regulates almost every nutrient
that it possibly can because this is such a complex system keeping it running
efficiently correctly healthily it takes a lot of management of every single
thing that we have in us so calcium is tightly regulated there’s four basic
things I’m going to talk about that help to regulate calcium although I’m sure
there are more of them is a hormone vitamin and T minerals so the hormone is
the parathyroid hormone that hormone when it’s released into the system
encourages bone to release calcium back into the system bone and teeth right
back into the system the vitamin D d3 which our body produces from exposure to
the Sun when you have vitamin d3 involved what that’s doing is it’s
encouraging the reuptake of calcium so calcium being taken back through the
intestines and it does also help the bones to release the calcium so then you
also have magnesium and phosphorus and the way that they functions a little bit
different basically their levels will determine how much cow’s so if there’s
too much of them in the system there’ll be less calcium and vice-versa so
basically they kind of inversely related to each other but it’s not a perfect
inverse relationship again not a doctor I’m just letting you know that these
four elements seem to be playing the biggest role in how much serum calcium
you have floating around now all of this to say that this thousand milligrams
that they’re talking about it’s interesting because we eat calcium to
replace what gets used because when we have excess so too much calcium one of
the ways that our body manages too much calcium in the blood
to excrete it in feces and urine and sweat so we can you know eliminate it
so this is where it becomes interesting because if we’re sometimes eliminating
it then we need to replace it because we can’t produce it so calcium is something
that we need to ingest okay so how do we ingest it well this is where this video
becomes really crazy right because they’re saying the best possible place
to get your calcium is milk and there’s and basically the idea being if you
eliminate milk based on their food diaries this is what they eat in a day
there’s the milk Health Canada’s current guidelines say adults and kids need one
thousand milligrams of calcium a day while toddlers need 704 proper bone
development so how did the chem stack up so the kids are getting about half and
you two are getting about a third of what you need daily remember mom and dad
need one thousand milligrams of calcium about three cups of milk that’s equal to
about three bunches of broccoli 20 cups of chopped kale or two and a half cans
of sardines with bones Deana would need to eat this much extra food this is Aria
Aria needs this much Jimmy’s Jimmy this much more and eat him
he needs to eat this much thing is is that if you don’t drink milk according
to them you need to double like pretty much what you’re eating in a day and
that’s where I start to cringe alright because it’s not true
so let’s go through some numbers because I want I hate I hate it I absolutely
hate it when in order to promote something they use lies rather than just
promote it in a way that says hey you know what most good for you you can
drink it if you don’t have any kind of sugar related issues and you’re gonna be
fine which is true if you have zero sugar related issues and you drink milk
you’re gonna be fine there’s nothing really saying that kids can’t drink milk
it’s a beverage what’s really important to recognize is that calcium is so
important that having the right amount in your body matters so floating around
your blood we always have calcium because we have bones so we always have
calcium we have teeth right we have nails there’s always somewhere for our
body to take some calcium from if it needs it so if our blood needs some
calcium it will get it at the same time we need to replenish so the having the
correct amount of calcium according to david a goldstein he wrote a chapter in
a book in a science book back in nineteen ninety and he was talking about
the fact that keeping your serum calcium concentrations at the right amount were
important because you can either develop hypocalcemia if you have too little
calcium or hypercalcemia which means you have too much calcium now if you have
hypocalcemia some of the possible problems you could have so not enough
calcium in the blood could lead to tetany which is the contraction of
muscles that can range from tingles in the fingers and toes like in the
extremities to pain in the hands and the feet to numbness in the hands and the
feet depending on how each person experiences it but basically it’s it’s
the contraction of muscles that are contracting inappropriately because you
don’t have of calcium another issue that you can
have is convulsive seizures from not having enough calcium another issue you
can have us cardiovascular issues psychiatric issues so basically if you
don’t have enough calcium your brain function can change significantly enough
that you start to have psychiatric issues and a variety of ectodermal
issues if you have too much calcium in the blood so hypercalcemia then you can
have soft tissue calcification which means that this the all your soft
tissues like your heart your blood vessels like all the soft tissues within
your body can get calcified but you can have a type of renal tubular damage
that’s called I’m gonna try to say this properly tubular intestine it’s just –
oh my gosh – Belial – blue luenell – below interstitial you could possibly
have – below interstitial nephropathy nephropathy
but basically would lead to renal failure
you could have anorexia again so a physiological issue causing an eating
behavior an eating disorder you can have nausea you can have electrocardiographic
disturbances and a spectrum of neurologic changes from headache
tacoma’s again affecting the brain so calcium being at the correct amount is
actually very important okay so now that we know that it’s not as if what the CBC
is talking about is an important topic right the question is though do we need
to prioritize milk as the place for getting our calcium is milk the best
place to prioritize for getting our calcium are we doing ourself a service
by doing this why don’t we start by just comparing the different sources that
they talked about in the video because they they said if you wanted to replace
a glass of milk with so if we take a glass to be 250 milliliters which for
this we’re gonna use grass because everything else
measured in grams so a hundred grams of milk is 97 milliliters a hundred grams
of milk is a hundred and ten milligrams of calcium remember according to the
World Health Organization we need 500 according to standard a canadian
standard american quotas we need a thousand so at that point a glass of
milk one cup would give you about two hundred and twenty five ish grams of
milligrams of calcium a hundred grams of kale will give you two hundred and fifty
milligrams of calcium then what you really realize is that at that point for
just a mere 200 grams of kale you’re gonna get half of your daily allowance
for the standard diet or your full allowance for the World Health
Organization now depending on how you cook your kale if you actually cook it
that’s not that much if you eat it raw it’s a salads worth now another great
source of calcium nuts and seeds and this is something that a lot of people
who do other lifestyles like paleo will tell you so for example sesame seeds a
hundred grams of sesame seeds actually gives you nine hundred and eighty
milligrams so almost the full amount for the standard American diet and double
what the World Health Organization would suggest that you need almonds would give
you two hundred and sixty milligrams of calcium for a hundred grams of almonds
it actually all of a sudden doesn’t seem so hard to get the calcium that you need
now I’m gonna point out if you’re doing a standard Canadian standard American
diet this is super easy right eat some nuts so it’s all even the Brazil and
that’s I think there’s so many other nuts that you can eat like it’s not just
these to eat some nuts eat some seeds you’re gonna be fine
however pointing you in another direction if you’re doing a keto
lifestyle it might be a little bit harder to eat that much nuts or that
much seeds so you will have to more attention to the leafy greens and
the vegetables and I’m gonna go back to the vegetables in a minute but I want to
point something out because I just want to go back for me now I talked about
what the actual goal of milk is because mammals produce milk for a very specific
purpose when mammal so baby mammals are born the goal of milk is to rapidly grow
this infant to a stage where they can be somewhat self-sufficient and if you just
take a look at baby pictures so if you look at your newborn baby and your baby
at 2 years old the amazing difference in the look of that child between 0 & 2 is
is it’s night and day what that those two renderings of the
same person looks like the same way that if you take a baby so a newly born baby
cat or a newly born baby dog or any other mammal and compare it to a a a
weaned version of that animal so when it’s no longer taking milk from the
mother again huge differences right I want people to think about the fact that
for most of us we don’t consider the fact that milk is there to rapidly grow
our bones and get us to a position and our teeth together to his position where
we can eat grown-up food and so because we need that source from 0to when we
wean our children and everybody’s different every culture is different you
know anywhere between nine months and two years in that timeframe only that’s
normal for kids to be drinking milk but after that point do they really need to
be drinking milk when there are other sources of calcium available now if we
look at the animal world we see that the answer that question is no because in
the animal world there is no other place where you’ll see a weaned so an animal
that’s old enough to eat with its teeth still breastfeeding for as far as I know
if there is one please let me know but as far as I know humans are the only
animals that do that the other thing you barely you won’t see is that an animal
that will drink the milk of another animal so like
for example a monkey that’s gonna drink cow’s milk or a cow that’s gonna drink
you know goat’s milk err like we tend to see that the animal means from its
parent and then after that point is no longer taking milk I’m saying this
because I want us to think about the idea that just because we can do stuff
doesn’t necessarily mean that we should or have to be doing it sure again I’m
not suggesting that people should never drink milk again but I’m looking at that
report and I’m trying to understand why they’re so adamant that milk is the best
place to get calcium when there’s clearly other places to get calcium that
give you more calcium per hundred grams than milk the other thing I want to
point out I was watching some some videos in my preparation for this and I
found a video by dr. Barry where he points out that there been studies that
show that supplementing with calcium and even drinking milk and other sources of
highly available calcium have been shown to cause cardiovascular issues so the
research is pointing towards extra calcium so unnecessarily high calcium
causes cardiovascular issues now he also mentioned that there’s there’s research
that are suggesting that there’s other issues that could happen but it seemed
like the cardiovascular issues were the ones that they were actually able to
show some kind of link for so the reason I bring this up is I want to just ask
are we putting ourselves in the position where we’re chasing such a high amount
of calcium based on no research again that was something else he pointed out
that there’s no actual research that shows that all this extra calcium that
we’re trying to ingest is healthy for us and doing what we want it to do which is
create strong bones I feel like again heart health is more
important I again feel like blood clotting is more important but but even
having strong bones of course is important long into my future
and the question is do we is what we’re trying to achieve with thee all the milk
and all the calcium supplements actually giving us what we’re trying to achieve
and it seems like the answer to that is no it seems like in north america we
actually have more incidents of osteoporosis and bone fractures and it’s
now of course we play a lot of sports I don’t know if the other continents play
as many sports as we do I think they do but for some reason we tend to have all
these issues and we are also the continent that he drinks the most milk
and has the most supplementation of calcium according to a dr. Barry as I
was watching that video as well so it’s a very interesting idea that he puts
forward again not a doctor I’m throwing this out there for people to think about
do more research share the information with me I’m curious about this topic but
it frustrates me whenever I see misleading information being used to
push a product because again I’ll just go back to you know if I’m trying to get
500 milligrams of calcium per day if I look at the World Health Organization
numbers then I mean if I eat broccoli 120 grams of broccoli is gonna give me a
hundred and twelve milligrams of of calcium so again you know and that’s 120
grams I’m gonna eat more than that I’m just telling you the the baseline number
so I feel like it’s so easy if you do eat carbs um 200 grams of cooked white
beans would give you 132 milligrams oh my gosh if you eat cheese so again
and I know cheese is part of the dairy world is not the point the point is that
they were saying don’t take the milk away
that’s one product as one product that they’re pushing to say well just drink
two or three glasses of milk till two or three glasses of milk versus 30 grams of
cheese when you eat 30 grams of hard cheese you get 240 milligrams of calcium
so I mean that’s a great trade right there because 30 grams of hard cheese is
gonna be like 1.5 grams of carbon maybe if that much maybe even less
and if you go for the softer cheese’s then 60 grams would give you 270 so the
most interesting to me was that they never talked about meat so it almost
makes it seem as if there isn’t any calcium in meat so for example beef has
only about 6 milligrams per hundred grams but it’s still some calcium there
and I mean if you compare it to the vegetables that they tell you to go
after sometimes so interesting to me chicken has 17 and an egg has 27
milligrams again this is it is it huge amounts no
but all of these things add up if you think about like what you eat in a day
if I’m adding up all the bits of calcium that I’m getting chances are I’m doing
pretty well but here’s something even more important for us to think about
because again if I’m not in the scenario where I’m excessively losing calcium
because that would be problematic and that would be hypocalcemia which with
all those symptoms I told you earlier but if I’m not in that situation then
part of the also important thing is having enough vitamin d3
to allow my body to re-up take calcium rather than eliminating it when I when
my body needs to right because of course I’m gonna eat calcium because apparently
it’s in so much stuff that I eat and I didn’t even realize how many of the
things that I actually eat have calcium in them but we are we we oftentimes
disregard the biggest source of calcium that’s on our plate which is the bones
of the meats that we’re eating so most of us are aware if you eat sardines
because those bones are really well cooked and you can just eat them down
that you get a good amount of calcium from that but guess what depending on
how you cook your meats you can also do the same thing with a lot of your meat
so when you make a soup and you cook it to a point where the actual bones of the
so you know like how you start with the bone and let that bone dissolve in there
before you add the rest of your stuff if you make one of those nice long cook
soups that’s another way to get a lot of
calcium which brings me to the other thing that they don’t mention in the
video bone broth if I remember correctly bone broth gives you a hundred and
87 milligrams of calcium per 100 grams there’s so many places that you can
actually get calcium that are not explored because they want to scare you
by saying oh you have to eat double the amount of food per day in order to and
it’s not not reality alright if you make a nice bone broth you can either drink
it straight you can use it to make your soups there’s lots of ways to get that
extra calcium that you’re looking for I think it would be very easy to replace
milk out of your diet I know I haven’t drank milk in years for lactose reasons
for now for keto diet reasons but I do eat dairy so I’m not gonna say that I
don’t have any dairy because I do but I think that this idea that only milk can
give you the amount of calcium that you need is a fallacy do I think that if you
do drink milk it’s a good place to get it’s good is it the best it’s still not
even the best I think cheese would be a better place to get your calcium and
bang for the buck in terms of carbohydrate intake much better than
drinking milk so I would encourage everybody who is worried about calcium
focus on getting enough d3 focus on making sure that you have a good level
of magnesium and phosphonate in your body as well make sure that all your
electrolytes are stable because I feel like that’s probably the place where
most people will get out of whack with their calcium because there are other
electrolytes and their other minerals are out of whack and then they’re not
their body is your body’s always try to keep everything’s balanced right like I
said we’re such a complicated machine our body is always trying to keep us
balanced and it’s gonna dump some things to keep other things at the right level
and it’s constantly doing that which possibly could lead to you having not
enough calcium in your blood at a particular point in time
so do more research I always want to just tell you to do more research
because this research that I’ve done can’t got me to this point where I’m
saying you know what I don’t think it’s milk that’s been a big role I know for
myself I feel great I know for myself my bones are strong and I’m doing well but
doesn’t mean because I am you are right like you need to pay attention to how
straight your bones are are they still holding up are you able to do exercise
that’s the other great thing is that what’s the best way to build bones just
do weight-bearing exercise right doing push-ups and sit-ups and running up
stairs and lifting heavy things and carrying your kids around and playing
with your kids and all the normal activities that cause our bones to get a
little stress and then like grow a bit the same way that our muscles need
stress to grow our bones needed stressed to grow and you want to do it in the
best possible healthiest way I want to thank you for watching Mind Blowing
Health and Wellness with Violet love making videos for you guys wellness
warrior is always happy that you come back everybody who’s new please
subscribe ring the bell do the things if you’d
like to contribute to the production of videos all the information is in the
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talk to you next week

Randall Smitham



  1. Rockhead Gary Posted on December 30, 2019 at 1:18 pm

    Love the content, however you are barking up the wrong tree. You are condemning CBC because they caved to lobby and commercial money, while at the same time you use Amazon, a company well known for low wages, low benefits and employment lowering practices.

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    Good video. Thanks for sharing. Hope you have a wonderful new year 🙂

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    Plus isn't a lot of the calcium in milk, added by fortifying with calcium? It is in USA. So you could as easily take a calcium pill as drink more milk that has calcium added to it.

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