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– I’m thrilled to be joined
by a very special guest, the Phillips pasta maker! So, this Phillips pasta maker
is basically your all-in-one noodle maker that mixes,
kneads, extrudes your dough. So basically, you can make a
whole bunch of different pasta and noodles in just a few minutes. Alright, to get straight in,
we’ll assemble the machine, we’ll make some penne, we’ll test the different
pasta attachments, and then we’re gonna
make my favorite thing in the world, ramen. Ready, set, assemble. So, got the penne attachment here. Pretty self-explanatory,
very easy to assemble. There we go, and we’re ready to roll! So, we’re just using the
recipe that’s in the manual. It is a classic penne
recipe with beet juice. That’s some AP flour going in, and this is a single-serving recipe. We’ll put the lid on, turn the machine on, and this is on automatic, and
that’s what we want it on. We’ll hit play first, and then we’ll add our wet ingredients. This is just a mixture
of beet juice and egg. This is cool, so you see
the kneading happening. So this is really awesome,
because, obviously, it does all the kneading for you. No messiness, no dirty
work, you add the flour, you add the wet ingredients,
you can see the dough coming together really nicely. Okay, so it looks like
at about four minutes, it starts rotating the other way, which means that it’s
gonna start extruding, which is what’s happening right here. It comes with this little tool, which is like a scraper. Oh! The shape I’m not sure about yet. Already, I’m concerned, because I can tell the dough needed a lot more time to knead. I dunno, I dunno about this. As I’m doing this more, and
as the machine’s going longer, the shape is a little bit better, it’s holding a little bit better, and that’s… I think
that’s pretty much it. I’m not sure if it’s gonna
extrude any more pasta. So I’m gonna turn it off at this point, even though I have three
minutes and thirty seconds left. Also, I’m just feeling the
dough that it’s been extruding, and it’s just too dry. Alright, so my pasta’s out. All in all, the shape looks pretty decent. In the middle of the
extrusion you can tell when it first starts coming
out, the dough looks horrible, like this, but I think that as
the machine keeps extruding, it looks better and better. So, I’m just gonna take the nicer ones, and throw in a pot and
cook them and taste it. Alright, pasta’s out, time to taste! Alright. I don’t hate it.
I think with a little bit of tinkering, we’ll get
a really good pasta. This is really not bad. Now, moving on! Round two. Pasta, pasta, pasta. Okay, we’re doing a double batch. We’re gonna do sheets first, and then we’re gonna move
on to the fettuccine. We’re gonna do this real quick. This is double batch of regular flour, and, again, this is what
the manual calls for, because what you think
a nice pasta dough is, is not a nice pasta dough to this gadget. Hey, and maybe the double
batch will work better, because it’s like, more dough, we’ll see. Then we add the water. So
it’s straight flour and water. Alright, and now we just wait! It seems like the dough is coming together a lot better with more flour in there, because it’s just kneading
a little bit better. But yet, it still looks
like a dry pasta dough. Alright, like I said, the
first five to ten seconds, the dough looks pretty
horrible, like right now, but I’m just gonna let
this go so we can see… Okay, so now we can see, the dough looks a lot
better at this point. Okay, so I’m gonna cut there. Cut it like you mean it! Like that! All in all, pretty nice
pasta sheets, right? It’s really not that bad. We have some dough left
here, so I’m just going to change out the attachments, get fettuccine, and move on. Fettuccine time! Oh my god, this is so satisfying to watch! At this point, I can maybe cut it. There’s only a little bit of dough left, so I’m just gonna let this go. Ta-dah! Got pasta! It’s beautiful. So, there is dough that
is stuck on the paddle. So, at this point you
would have to open the lid, and sort of, like, help it, right? Then at this point, you’ll
see the dough being forced. Yeah, this is always gonna be a concern if you have a little bit of dough left, it’s just gonna rotate it there, and not be forced through the extrusion. Opinion! Opinions. It feels really nice,
it looks really nice, I think it’s gonna taste great, I’m gonna just add a
little bit of semolina and toss it, so that when
we cook it, it separates, but it looks beautiful,
it looks store bought. (upbeat whistling music) Alright, so, pasta’s out. Yum! It has a really nice
chewy texture, and… Dude, there’s nothing wrong with this. I’m happy with this. (claps)
Let’s do it! Ramen time! Well we’re just gonna go
with the manual’s recipe, which calls for bread
flour, water, and salt. Keeping it simple here. Obviously, we don’t have
like alkaline water, or anything like that that
usually is in ramen noodles. I have faith, because I
really liked the fettuccine. Add the bread flour, bread
flour has more protein, and higher gluten, so you know
we’ll have a chewier noodle. After a few times, this is
like so easy to use, so simple. The dough looks very similar
to the pasta dough previously, and obviously we know that
it looks a little weird for the first ten seconds,
so at a certain point, you’ll know when the
noodles look pretty decent, like right now, so I’m gonna cut it here. I’m gonna make the longest
ramen noodle ever made. It looks great, I mean, look at that. You wanna see how long
it is? It’s really long. It’s extremely long. It is long. I’m gonna live a long life. Dude, I’m super excited to try this, and that literally took less
than ten minutes, you guys. Like, for fresh ramen noodles,
less than ten minutes? That’s great. So, I’m super excited,
I’ve brought some broth from a restaurant. We’re gonna cook this, slurp some noodles, and hopefully it’s a delicious bowl. So I have the noodles cooked. The look, I mean it doesn’t
really look like ramen, but you know what, let
me not be so skeptical, and just eat it. (slurps) I guess it’s not as bad
as I thought it would be, by the look of it. The texture is… Okay. I actually like the texture
of the fettuccine extruder, or it’s maybe that recipe,
but it’s definitely not as chewy and springy as I’d like it to be. All in all, it’s fine. The
noodles are really pretty. I think that you can tweak
the recipe to your liking, maybe I could use that fettuccine
recipe for this extruder, and use it as the noodle. I think all in all, it’s
a pretty good product. It’s $250, it’s a little bit expensive, but, you know, if you love
making noodles and pasta, and you wanna do it easily,
you could totally go for this. Well, thank you for joining me. Thank you for joining me, Phillips. I’m gonna go enjoy my bowl of ramen. You wanna see more kitchen gadgets? Subscribe, watch, do it, now.

Randall Smitham