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Is This Dry-Aged Patty America’s Best Burger? — The Meat Show

– [Nick Solares] What’s so
special about this hamburger is it’s actually made
from fresh ground chuck like all great hamburgers
have at their foundation, but because we’re at Peter Luger’s, because they have one of the
best dry-aging rooms on earth, they also get hefty portions
of trim from the dry-age steaks. Right here we have the iconic
Peter Luger’s hamburger, and the cheeseburger. Peter Luger’s cooks the porterhouse, but they also do a rib steak. So you have all of these
really interesting cuts embodied into this hamburger
along with that really good mouth feel that you get from a chuck. So you have some options, you could have bacon, you could have cheese, but I’m here to tell you that those are entirely beside the point, they’re superfluous. In fact, I think they
sort of get in the way of what is truly brilliant
about this hamburger, what’s brilliant about this hamburger is that you’re basically eating a steak. If you were sat down at a steakhouse, you wouldn’t put cheese on your steak, you wouldn’t put bacon on it, so what I’m suggesting is that
you don’t need these guys. This is like a buxom affair, I
can feel the weight and heft, and when you squeeze it, first of all, you can see the juices sort of bubbly under that, and there’s like a tension there. I’m gonna get in there right now cos I’m sick of hearing
myself talk and I’m hungry. It’s not even fair to
other hamburgers frankly. Doesn’t that look like
the inside of a steak? Let me tell you something,
that tastes like a steak. The first thing that hits
you is dry-aged beef. It’s the same thing that hits you when you walk into the
doors of this restaurant, that smell permeates up
through the building rafters and into the hallway. So when you walk into Peter Lugers, you get hit with the smell of aging beef. But then you get the profound
flavor of the beef itself, and it’s mineral rich, it tastes bloody, it’s tangy, it tastes fresh. It’s got a real vibrancy to it. Interestingly, the finish, you actually taste the
yeastiness of the bun. So it’s really, it takes you on this kind
of sort of on this joy ride of steakhouse evocation. (upbeat rock music) So that delicate texture is really a result of
the way that it’s ground, when you see them grinding it, the meat comes out into
these long noodley strands, that’s a really positive thing. You don’t want to chop it
up and mush it up right? You want it to be these long strands. So when they combine together, loosely packed in a hamburger it really falls apart when you eat it. This burger, like many
things at Peter Lugers, seems timeless but actually
it’s only been on here since the 90’s, which I know for you guys
probably seems like a long time, but for me it was like yesterday. It’s just one of those things that maybe it was the
product of the chop steak, and then somebody put it on a bun. I remember when I first
got this burger it was somewhere between six and eight bucks, it’s gone up a bit in that time, but it still provides an incredible value. You’re getting prime dry-age
American beef for a crazy price. So that’s my Peter Luger’s secret for you, thank you so much for watching, click here for the next episode, and I’m gonna polish off
this delicious hamburger. Uncanny how much like an orange it looks. Oh, look at that. It just comes apart.

Randall Smitham



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  5. M Skallywagg Posted on June 20, 2017 at 3:13 pm

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  6. Joey Karate Posted on June 20, 2017 at 4:39 pm

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  7. Bill B. Posted on June 20, 2017 at 6:28 pm

    All burgers for Nick are prepared by Bill "The Butcher" Cutting. Is there a level of doneness between raw and rare?

  8. Mariam S Posted on June 20, 2017 at 7:44 pm

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