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Jenna Jameson Opens Up About Why Keto Diet and Breast-Feeding ‘Go Hand in Hand’ — And a Dietitian We

 Fact or fiction? opened up about how well she believes breast-feeding and the keto diet work together in a Wednesday, January 30, Instagram post
 “A lot of naysayers rattle off falsehoods like ‘you have to eat oats to produce sufficient milk,’” the mother of three, 44, captioned her new pic
“Seriously ridiculous. I thought the same thing for a long time. So when I started my #weightlossjourney I slowly subtracted carbohydrates over a week long period while monitoring my supply
I’m not quite sure why I thought processed foods contributed to my fabulous supply
I was absolutely wrong.”  In fact, the Honey author went on to explain: “The moment I got into full ketosis, my milk increased
I think a lot of people think Keto is all about bacon, salami and copious amounts of cheese
It’s actually quite well rounded with lots of organic veggies, fish and eggs. I am aware all women are not the same, but I think if you do your research, start slowly and monitor yourself…
nursing and keto go hand in hand.”    Jameson, who welcomed her daughter, Batel, in April 2017, shared her thoughts beneath two before-and-after shots of her weight loss transformation
The model fed her baby girl in the first photo, and in the second, she posed for a mirror selfie in a crop top and underwear — more than 80 pounds lighter
 Earlier this month, the Las Vegas native admitted that her daughter prefers keto foods, like cabbage and steak
“I think it’s because she’s breastfed and my breast milk probably tastes like keto,” she said on her Instagram Story
“I have keto boobs, guys.”  But according to NYC-based dietitian , breast-feeding on this trendy diet may not be the best idea
“Breastmilk is high in fat so babies are used to consuming a very high fat diet. This may be what is referring to when she says ‘the two go hand in hand,’” Glassman tells Us Weekly
“However, I wouldn’t recommend it.”  She added: “It is harder to meet nutrient needs and many of the nutrients that are difficult to consume on keto are important for the baby
Also, consuming adequate calories is critical to milk production and this can also be more of a challenge depending on the person
Plus, it’s not necessary to put the pressure on yourself of doing keto during this time

Randall Smitham