November 18, 2019
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Jimmy Moore talks about being BANNED from YouTube!

hey there I’m gonna talk to Jimmy Moore
today about his recent YouTube troubles
as well as some other things right after
this hey guys welcome to high fat high
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where you can watch a weird dad work his
way through the ketogenic diet I do some
keto eating vlogs I do some keto product
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alright y’all so just this morning I had
a chat with Jimmy it was very very early
in the morning his schedule is busy I’m
going away on vacation we made it work
super early um but we had a nice chat
about his recent YouTube troubles some
other stuff I’m gonna roll it right now
I’ll be back to wrap things up when
we’re done
Hey look who it is it’s Jimmy Moore what
is this honey
are you at the most ungodly time to ever
do a podcast you know what or 7:00 a.m.
but both of us are kind of early risers
I think yeah you know I think you’re a
little bit more of an early riser than I
am this is a uncharted territory for me
I say my arm is strong today then you go
hey hi guys I I know that you can relate
here I have a vacation coming up and I’m
trying to get myself out ahead of it
with context and so I have stuff to do
like there’s no wasted time for me so
it’s not going away right going away for
six months you got stuff to do so we’ll
get to it we’ll get to it I have a few
things I want to talk to you about this
morning yeah
the first is of course the the hot topic
it’s this YouTube band that has come
down on you and I wanted to get your
take on it because it seems from someone
who you know does YouTube a little scary
right you’ve been banned forever from
YouTube what is up with that yeah so I
started a channel about 15 years ago
Aaron when you were still in diapers and
he was just you know is one of those
things that it was my outlet before I
started having the magic mic in front of
in front of me it’s so funny my voice
cut out right as I was saying Magic Mike
so yeah I started that my wife and I did
a series of videos called livin la vida
loca on YouTube I literally had made it
my hub for a little while went away from
it when the podcast took off and then
came back to it with my Jimmy ranch show
recently over 400 episodes at this point
and yeah on August the first I get a
email you are in violation of our
community standards for those of you
just listening that’s our you know
ambiguous as it can get and then they’re
like which can include hate speech yeah
Jimmy isn’t about hate speech no
yeah I’ll dam you every once awhile but
that’s about the worst I’ve heard much
worse from the snake diet guy
nobody wants to see that
from Jimmy Moore so it was like this
like ambiguous you’re suspended is how
they first worded it so then my web guy
and I put in an appeal and we’ve never
heard back and then suddenly all of my
videos were terminated Wow see because
that’s the thing I I’ve had little tiny
things with YouTube’s it but they’ll
send me a notification saying hey this
piece of music you’re using you don’t
have the rights to use it and it’s
usually really fixable within a week or
so you guys say oh no here’s like the
documentation or whatever right to have
because I was like okay well he’s put in
a claim he’s put in like a request for a
human appeal because that I think it’s
my first reaction is like oh the robots
just like saw the word rant or saw
something and decided you know there’s I
said the very last video I did was
parking lot sue side it was my hit
training workout that I showed he thinks
that might have triggered it I
know that that’s a word that they’re
sensitive to I saw the list of words
that could be I’m really hopeful that
that’s the reason because any brain
anyone with a brain looking at that
would know this guy’s not really is
king himself but just in another way
but that’s the thing I think that the
algorithm they rely a lot on the
algorithm they’ll rely a lot on machine
intelligence if you will and then once
that appeals start I know that
have human eyeballs look at it I’m
really hopeful that things turn around
but even if they don’t I know you have
like other plans for your content what’s
going on whole world yeah we’re already
on that you know and this is a
definitely a lesson for you as one that
does a lot of content on YouTube can
Barry really any of the guys that are
out there putting a lot to the Kito
connect guys even Thomas de Lauer he is
so funny
at Kido con this year there was an
entrepreneur session I got to speak at
it last year this year they let me kind
of sneak in the back and just observe
Thomas de Lauer said something that
ended up being like a soothsayer he said
you know of your own youtube they own it
yeah and they could shut you down at any
moment and we need to start becoming
more autonomous from YouTube and I I
listened I was like okay yeah that’ll
happen to somebody someday Hey look what
happened to me six weeks later yes
freaky Wow yeah so we moved everything
and it’s costing me a lot of money to do
this but we’ve moved it all to my own
server at Jimmy rants calm and we’re
literally gonna put the content there
it’s probably in the end gonna be a good
thing that happened Aaron it’s just you
rely on that external it’s kind of like
a Google search you rely on the SEO and
you rely on your you know rankings being
really high I’ve all see that and you
take away YouTube is just like taking
away people’s eyeball unless they
already know your work which I’ve got
great fans you’re one of them so thank
you for that but it’s like it’s really
hard to grow beyond your fandom except
for them word-of-mouth telling people
about you I think it really speaks to
the need to kind of diversify what
you’re doing like if you have all your
eggs in this YouTube basket it could go
away and that’s kind of in maybe a
little bit of what wake up call for me
to say to say what am I actually doing
here got to get myself together because
this right it is very you know it’s
ephemeral it could be gone just like
so yeah Thomas de Lauer has 1.6 million
subscribers to his ken Barry has almost
700,000 I mean these are like and the
keto Connect guys well over I think I
half a mil a half a million seven
hundred and something thousand yeah yeah
so I mean these are like big boys if
they came after Jimmy more to be proof
of concept good job
we’re gonna raise this think about it
yeah well I’m very hopeful that you know
by the time people see this video maybe
they human eyeballs will have seen it
and corrected things but even if they
haven’t it’s at Jimmy rants calm right
all of it all of your video content yes
yes the one thing that is Aaron they
knew they knew maybe I was going away
that is just precarious timing because
people I will fight it good it am I I
don’t need stress right now I’m being
very intentional about not being
stressed right so I’m not fighting it
beyond the appeal if the appeal if I
never hear anything then it is what it
is I come back next year strong and have
it on my own server right you’re kind of
done with YouTube no matter what at this
point right I mean I and this isn’t my
first kind of run-in with YouTube in the
past like you said having music or
whatever that they don’t approve its
copyrighted blah blah blah even like a
little clip like I used to do long
before my podcast I used to do if I saw
something stupid on a video I would post
like 30 seconds of the video and then
I’d give commentary on that they didn’t
like that oh that’s copyright violation
CBS Viacom owns that I’m going okay and
then they would titrate down the amount
of time I could do a video this is way
back in the day yeah well you you were
allowed 40 minutes now you’re down to 20
you know and I’m like who are you people
telling me what I can with my content
that’s the thing part of what I do I use
some of that content but I really try to
make it micro little yeah like
punctuation marks on things that I’m
talking it’s not clear but it’s not
clear anywhere in and like what the
rules are and and you know if I put
because I’m talking about
running back and forth in a parking lot
then you know it needs to be clear don’t
do that or use some other word you know
what that’s that’s a very common word
like I know running back and forth we
used to run those in basketball
practice in high school I know that
that’s what we used to put all the cokes
and we would like go back of it we get
like a soda got at least the
line every time too it was video that
was murder dude I don’t have to do
you’re already hurting me enough why
don’t have to bend down and tell you
line well one thing that I know google
can’t really take away from you is your
books which is good for now at least I
wanted to talk to you about your latest
book the Aikido clarity cookbook you had
a co-author on that one right with
Heather Russian I was lucky enough to
get an advance copy that book and the
thing that struck me most was the
decision to not include macros in any of
the recipes I thought that was a really
interesting decision do you talk about
that a little bit yeah I was bracing
when we put this book out because you
know how people are anal retentive
know that matte collegiate racially and
I’m going that’s not my philosophy and I
remember the day that I had the chat
with Heather she’s like do we really
need to put all this nutrition stuff I
said what do you think I was kind of
thrown in back in her court you know I’m
not really a fan of that oh I picked the
right co-author because I’m not a fan of
it and I think we’ve gotten to the point
Aaron that I think people realize we
become too anal retentive about this
stuff that when quito becomes a math
game it’s no longer effective and I know
some people that’s why your brain is
wired that’s how you know you can stay
on track and it’s debatable whether it
helps you stay on track to know that
you’re getting exactly 78 percent fat
exactly this exactly that I just want
people to just eat real food and just
enjoy the food and enjoy the moment and
get the stress out of their life this is
gonna be a theme song of mine probably
for a very long time because I think it
upsets more people and does more harm in
the endgame which is the rest of your
life then the momentary making sure my
macros are right on point right it’s
it’s crazy because people are like
personally I am in a very specific point
in my Quito I am kind of tracking that
stuff very closely these days just
because I’m doing a very specific thing
yeah very specific protocol but it’s
nice to know that when I’m kind of done
with this there’s a book that doesn’t
lean so heavily on that kind of
it’s more Wow these are just sort of I I
can make anything in here and know that
I’m pretty much on target with where I
should be if we’re talking to fault Kido
you know kind of macros there are books
that focus more you know you can really
dive into the macros if they are books
that are a little looser and it’s cool
to have both of those as an option I’m
really happy that that you guys did it
this way well and truth be told if I had
my druthers I wouldn’t even put
ingredient amounts because the way I
cook Aaron is throw throw throw for a
little more that yeah I just I cook
intuitively I know everybody doesn’t
have that skill because we’ve been so
used to going to fast food in 7-eleven
and all the things that that we’ve done
in our crappy carbage days right and so
people aren’t used to just eyeballing
cooking I love the thrill of if I make a
keto cookie and it turns out pretty good
I have no idea how I made it I just
threw but it was kind of this
intuitiveness and I think if we got more
to intuitive cooking that we would be a
whole lot better off
yeah that’s something that I have had
happen a couple of times where I just
sort of throw things together I’ve been
experimenting a lot with yoghurt
recently and as I gonna see if this
works in the instant pot and sometimes
it will come out like a soup sometimes
it come out it’s perfect and I’m like I
don’t know what happened there but it’s
like this magic serendipity that happens
yes there’s another thing I want to get
to before we get to your sabbatical I
wanted to talk to you about something
that happened a few months ago that
looked really intriguing to me and it
was the low carb cruise that’s where you
kind of announced your sabbatical and I
I watched it from afar from Instagram as
like on that looks pretty cool maybe
that’s something I would be interested
in checking out next year what is
involved just talk a little bit about
the cruise how long it’s been around
what goes on on the cruise it’s a party
man all my erratic keto friends are
coming over tonight yes so we started it
about how’s that for a Hank Williams jr.
reference oh so bad oh wait so um yeah
so we
Oh do you want some football see you’re
gonna miss me for six months Aaron so
that’s gonna be so weird
so yes the low-carb crews we started it
right at 13 years ago and it was just a
group of people because I’ve been around
that long it’s just a group of people
that knew each other online from the low
carb space and hey let’s get together
and so a bunch of them reached out to me
hey you want to come on and blah blah
okay sure it was just kind of a
get-together and I was the speaker
that’s how desperate they were and yeah
it was bad because it was just coming
together at the end of it I said why
don’t we I’ve got a rolodex cuz I had
several hundred podcast at that point of
people I could contact so I said I’m
sure dr. air quest men and Jackie a
pristine and they need a carpenter and
some of the ones that were popular at
the time would love to come and we’ll do
like a little seminar day so the second
year we did that and then after that
well that was fun
why don’t we do two seminar days let’s
make it beyond the five-day cruise make
it a six day cruise and so that third
one we invited dr. William Davis and Tom
not and then all these people and like
wow this is kind of fun and of course
I’m emceeing everything and I’d never
done that in my life right and it’s just
grown and grown we get at least a couple
hundred people every year we went to
Alaska on the 10th one several years
back now and we had over 400 people
we just we get on there at the days at
sea you get seminar you’ve been to quito
con aaron so it’s similar to the kind of
double hanging all over me so yeah so
you just and and you’re on a boat
together that’s the kind of uniqueness
that you don’t get from quito con
exactly i say unique you can hang out
for a week and just you could have a
drink with them at night and you eat
dinner at the same dinner table and we
all ask you the the bread basket and
they get used to that leave the butter
yeah exactly
let bring more butter but it’s kind of
cool because a lot of people they don’t
have people in their life that thinks
keto low-carb is interesting
or normal right and you come on this
cruise that’s a week long and you feel
normal for a week so that’s kind of the
magic I think that we’ve been able to
tap into we were the original keto
low-carb cumference long ago and we’re
still going strong yeah May of 2020 is
the next one I was gonna say it’s more
than once a year now right well we are
having another one at the end of
September I will not be a part of
because I’m gone but I think this year
we’re gonna we’re gonna phase it out
because our idea was okay let’s do a 101
keto 101 kind of cruise to teach basics
and the first 101 people were like so um
we’d like to hear about the otology
benefits of have you’d rate and very
high level yeah they didn’t know 101 so
we were phasing it out because the idea
was to make it 101 cuz people on the
low-carb cruise were coming out in the
hallway Jimmy what’s what’s Aikido right
and I’m going you came on a cruise
called low-carb keto cruise and you
don’t even know what Aikido is okay and
so we thought that there might be
interests and we’ve had good interest I
think we had 30 the first year seventy
last year and it was a great time but
it’s yeah all ideas aren’t good ideas
yeah you know I’ve been I’ve been
hemming and hawing about my schedule for
the cup upcoming year and I’d love to
make it to the next one you’ll be back
for the next one who are in you are in
if you come you I’m putting you like
fronts I’m gonna make you MC it so I can
take a break man just kidding okay so we
go another word for the rest of the
reason when people are leaving oh I
could scare people every now and then
when they walk by actually yeah so last
thing I want to talk about is your
upcoming sabbatical this is something
you announced at the last low-carb
cruise talked about if you would the
reasons for it and what your plans are
during it yeah it’s been over two years
in the making if I’m being honest and
I’ve actually dropped hints about it but
yeah the low-carb cruise where I was
bawling my eyes out wasn’t my finest
moment intermode get out
here I think it was your finest moment
controlling my emotions but it allowed
me to just for maybe the first time just
be free and I think at the end of it I
said something about dang I just feel
like a weight has been lifted off of me
because I got it all out yeah so two
years ago we were at the nutritional
therapy Association conference my wife
Christine is a nutritional therapist and
I was asked to speak about keto duh and
I led a panel of ntps bla bla bla so I
was walking around on the floor and this
lady comes up you’re Jimmy Moore yeah hi
how are you and all the stuff you do at
a conference right and then she starts
like probing like deep questions so
how’s it going you know and and and got
really deep really fast and I start
bawling my eyes out and I’m going who is
this Lahey
well she turns out to be a mental health
therapist and she said I think you need
to go away very soon that was two years
ago right and of course at the time I
still had book obligations I still
wasn’t wrapping my head around this
concept of going away just didn’t make
any sense in my head because I’m a go go
go go go kinda person but she put the
seed in my head and we planned that in
the last half of 2020 we would be going
away and so that was the original plan
July to December next year but
circumstances came up and had things
happened that I said no we need to do it
sooner and like I said in my talk you
know my dad had a heart attack at 48 I’m
47 then he had another one at 50 and he
had quintuple heart bypass and at 54 I
had both grandfathers died of heart
disease in their early 50s my brother
Kevin got three heart attacks that
eventually killed him at the age of 41
so I mean I’ve got some really bad like
family history stuff now I think Kido
has mitigated a lot of that I think
there’s no way in God’s green earth even
if I kept up the schedule that I’m
currently doing that
would happen because I’ve put myself
nutritionally in the space that that
can’t happen right but stress wise all
bets are off on the stress wise aspect
of it because the stresses are very real
I still have weight on my body and I do
I only eat meat and animal foods now
anybody that does that typically would
be shedding pounds left right and in
between right and I’m not well not until
I started to slow down and now that I’ve
slowed down I’m down thirty-five plus
pounds yes whooping tires and like doing
all kind of stuff showing you know I was
like he looks even from the point where
you announced it to the point like a few
weeks ago when you showed a progress
picture I was like dudes down he’s
dropped him away you could definitely
tell and literally all I’ve changed erin
is I haven’t checked an email in five
other than essential certain ones get
through I’m sure coming right they have
yeah I have a I have a lady that answers
my emails for me and I have an urgent
in fact I’m working on while I’m gone I
can’t just not look at any of them so
there will be one box that oh my god
God’s green earth is gonna come to an
end if I don’t look at this email put it
in there everything else just delete
tell them I’m not here until March next
year saying but yeah I mean I’ve already
seen such progress from just slowing
down what’s gonna happen when I
completely go away from the fire podcast
everything that I do it can’t help but
be just incredible
exactly you know there is something
about taking a break like I’ve been in
the mode of just like churning stuff out
and I don’t even have any books I don’t
have podcasts I have this YouTube
channel I’ve got a 9 to 5 but my side
grind has been like non-stop for about
two years and every now and then I’ll
just say this weekend I’m doing nothing
and it is so it makes such a difference
that following Monday I can’t imagine
what six months is gonna do for you I’m
really you know looking forward to
hearing and seeing you again at the end
of it and seeing how you and Christine
have done with it
yeah I’m looking forward to it I’m
really happy for you thank you and and
you’re very Pro Jimmy more so the health
that there are some people that are very
happy about me going away because they
just don’t like me and I don’t
understand that I’m the most unassuming
guy you’re gonna ever meet but I have my
haters and I’m learning how to deal with
them as well
yeah it’s hater everything you know by
the way the lady that made me cry at the
NTA conference she’s now my life coach
helping me with some of the head stuff
Oh awesome
yeah Oh full circle that’s an aspect
that not a whole lot of people focus on
that I think deserves a lot more
attention you know especially guys guys
are so I got this err like tough you
don’t don’t know I got this we’re not
talking about anything I’m gonna just
blood push through yeah yeah women are
very very happy to go talk to somebody
guys not as much I’m a little different
guy I kind of I feel a lot better than
maybe a lot of guys do but I’m not
ashamed of that it is Who I am I’m with
your brother I here yet
well Jimmy I really appreciate you
getting up at the crack of dawn with me
and chatting oh my god oh it’s gonna be
so weird without you around to just like
have someone that I know is weirder than
me way weirder brother way weirder I
don’t have to funky hair though you got
all that funky hair going on that is
however deserving today this hat is
serving a purpose this morning believe
me but thank you so much for helping on
with me I really appreciate where I mean
if you’re if you’ve been living under a
rock this is Jimmy Moore tell people
where they can find you I mean yeah we
may the next what two weeks yeah yeah
it’s two weeks yeah so we made it real
easy for you ll v LC com stands for
livin la vida loca ARB or if you put in
living la vida loca carb calm you get
there as well but ya ll VLC I think if
you just google my name although
Google’s starting to act up too and not
always showing results so never mind
Google if you Bing it haha AltaVista
calm yes yes although one funny thing
before we get out of here somebody
suggested since YouTube’s acting this
way hey man you need to put all your
videos on man oh
I’m like I don’t think my pastor will
approve the corner I love it
oh well that’s Jimmy more on Instagram
he’s living low-carb man I’ll put all
his information in the description
though for the next six months you may
not see much of him but I’ve done so
much content that you just google my
name or go on iTunes and put in my name
you’re gonna have more stuff to list if
you listen to 24/7 the whole six months
you still link through all my content so
there’s plenty of back list if you never
heard I’d be curious to the mental state
of someone who did nothing but listen to
your podcast 24/7 for six months oh I
would off myself at the end all right
sorry I’m gonna get you banned now Aaron
I said that on the seriously well I’m
taking a big risk here man
I wish you and Christine nothing but the
best for this next six months
I hope it’s very relaxing I hope you
come back and vigor ated and better than
ever so thanks again for coming on and
we’ll talk to you later man
yeah man thanks all right guys there you
have it was my conversation with Jimmy
this morning if you did like this video
I have some other collaborations that
I’ve done up here I have some full day
of eating vlogs right here I have my
weekly check-in series with my wife
Sarah right over there and you can
always subscribe with that round button
hope you’re having a fantastic day see
you in the next video
very very early this morning all this
water surfaces

Randall Smitham



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