March 30, 2020
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John’s Texas Tenderloin Roulade

– This is John’s tenderloin roulade. Now I know what you’re wondering, who’s John? Well, first of all, John is my friend. He’s also the producer of
this fantastic production, and this man knows good food. So you know this is gonna
come out absolutely delicious, so let’s get started on this
little kitchen experiment. Are you ready? Combine eight ounces of cream cheese and eight ounces of goat cheese. We’d like to think that
the cream cheese cuts down on the goatiness of the goat cheese. Gently filet the pork loin, then proceed to release all
of our anger and frustration on the Saran-wrapped tenderloin. This pounding happened until
the meat was of even thickness. We then progressed to
lovingly make a log of cheese and place on one end,
adding both jalapeno slices and rosemary. And then we enthusiastically
included a generous portion of Cajun seasoning, then we
gently roll the tenderloin, tightly ensuring that all
contents remained snug inside. For the final piece de resistance, I wrap the pork tenderloin
in bacon, yes, I said bacon. And then I season the top and the sides. Once finished, I pop the pork tenderloin into the oven at 350
degrees for 45 minutes. And this is how it turned out. Let me just tell you the aroma that is filling my kitchen
is simply mouth-watering. So let’s see if the
aroma matches the taste of this delicious tenderloin. Mmm. This is gonna cause
some fights in my house. There will be nothing left when my family tastes
this delectable main dish. So this was definitely a hit in my book. I know my family’s gonna love it. So another kitchen experiment, hey, this one turned out great. If you want to know the exact ingredients and cooking instructions, please see the detailed description below. For more tips, tricks and recipes, head to, and I’ll see you there. Bye y’all. ♪ I came from the mud ♪ ♪ There’s dirt on my hands ♪ ♪ Strong like a tree ♪ ♪ There’s roots where I stand ♪ ♪ Oh I’ve been running from the law ♪ ♪ Hope they won’t shoot me down soon ♪

Randall Smitham