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Every photograph you saw of this
legend for the last 25 years was… Like this. And the ‘Nataraj’ shot. Stories from the legend himself… on What The Duck season 2
powered by Hike Messenger. Welcome Kapil paaji,
on What The Duck season 2… powered by Hike Messenger. Namaste to my first hero! All my life I imitated you doing this. Then the ‘Nataraj’ shot. And then your throwing arm. Tell us something about
your unique throwing arm. I don’t know. What should I say? I think, you develop some mannerisms,
it becomes your trait. You don’t plan on doing that. The action what you
develop in your childhood… doesn’t stay the same forever. Over the period of time,
you keep on bowling… your action keeps on changing. And that shot what
you said about ‘Nataraj’… I never knew that,
how it come out. Perhaps, the bowler was
so quick I didn’t have a time. So I used to place the
ball rather than hook the ball. So all these things happen
time to time… and keep on changing. Because many recent players
nowadays play for the camera. And even you had a unique style. Which was like this, this, this…
Which Ashwin does now. And then your hiding the seam.
That’s what I felt. Any explanation on that? I think, it was not hiding…
In those days… the ball wouldn’t reverse swing
so there was no use of hiding. It was just an action. Yes, for this action
that you mentioned. In those days our clothes
weren’t as good… as compared to the recent cricketers. They’re lucky also.
We were lucky to play for the country. And when we sweated, the cotton or
the woollen would stick to the body. And when it sticks to your
body you feel very uncomfortable. So always you want to relax yourself. And they said that… “Lighter you feel,
better you can perform.” This was the only reason and
there no other applied science to it. But then if the results are different
then I don’t know. World Cup winning captain. This is what people say… that when you scored 175 runs
against Zimbabwe… everyone in the dressing room
were doing some weird stuff. Some guy was standing on one leg… other was lying down
but no one moved. And they have to say that… they were the reason
that you scored 175 runs. – Do you believe in superstitions?
– I think… There’s a lot of superstition around. Even if you are watching a
match at home… if you’re sitting… and if Indians are playing well… then you are having a
coffee and watching the match. They don’t let you get up
and won’t allow you to leave. And if your mom or your
aunt or somebody is cooking… and if she comes in
and if a wicket falls… you say, “Stay out!” “Be in the kitchen, don’t come out.” I think everyone
has their own beliefs. And that is why this
game is getting so popular. When I was young, even I had them. Like… you know… Left pad first… Set the right foot
first on the ground. These are the little things…
Do the right thing in life. But once there was an instance
where I was playing cricket… and I used to wear a chain. Nowadays mostly everyone
wear big-fat chains. Something came to my mind,
but I won’t say that. And they play, wearing a chain. Even I used to wear but a slim
chain with a pendant of Lord Shiva. Because a sportsman
is always a little scared. And so you keep God
close to your heart. Since there are
lots of uncertainties. You have that belief in your mind. So once I played a shot… and my chain touched
the bat and it made a sound. It sounded like a snick. – Oh!
– I was cutting through it… The chain was quite long
and it came out… it touched here… and an appeal was made. – Okay.
– A caught behind appeal. – Oh no!
– Umpire’s decision was not out. I felt relaxed… but the same evening, I got
rid of the copper bracelet and chain. And I thought to myself… about my life’s self-beliefs. When do you start having self-beliefs? My inner voice said that maybe these
chains will not score runs for me. Well said! If God is there, God is there. And… if you look at a top swimmer… at an Olympics level. For swimming… they get rid of the
hair just like you. Even their bodily hair so that… Resistance is reduced. Reduce it and to swim faster… to win the Olympics. And here… we wear so many
things and make ourselves heavy. Today when I observe a few players… adjusting their chains… and after every ball they adjust it. I feel that their mind…
Second thought is here. Yeah. So to avoid it, I got rid
of the chain and the bracelet… and said to myself… If I have the ability… then I will score runs… Well said! Chain or no other thing
is going to help me with the runs. I wanted to know
if I could make runs without them. Somehow I freed myself
from all these things… and I said, “No,
I must play without these things.” And when today I see
some players, I laugh. – Because they don’t have self-belief.
– Yes. They don’t have self-realisation. Paaji, you mentioned about
Bishan paaji and I’ve heard that… you know an interesting
story that happened with him. During the Pakistan tour, right? That happened with me.
It can never happen with him. At that time funny story
was impossible to happen with him. When you are young and
just the ninth cricketer… all the stories are
made on the youngsters. All the pranks are
made on the youngsters. Like, when it was
my debut he said to me… “Stand up!” This an Indian custom. Whoever gets selected… and plays the first test
has to give a speech. My reaction was like, I am fine if you
don’t select me in the Indian team… but I can’t give the speech. I can’t speak well
but I can play as much as you want. They said this is enough for you. So the incidence I wanted
to share about Bishan paaji… was that… We reached Lahore for
the second test match… we were batting at
the loss of three wickets. And I was supposed
to go as the Nightwatchman. Four overs were left. I guess 4 or 5 with Imran Khan,
Sarfaraz… Mushtaq and they were
bowling really well. And Bishan paaji thought
that I was a young guy… so he asked me to
as the Nightwatchman. He sent me as a Nightwatchman. So I went there. I didn’t know how to tell
paaji that I didn’t know… the role of a Nightwatchman
is just to maintain the strike. And I played around
12-15 balls at 23 not-out. And I returned happily. I scored 23 not-out as a
Nightwatchman now Bishan paaji… – He’ll be happy.
– My captain will be very happy. But he called me. Sometimes he used
to call me ‘Hanuman’. “Hey, Hanuman, come here.” I said, “Yes, paaji.” He said, “Do you know
the meaning of Nightwatchman?” I was too afraid to be
get upfront with the captain. “Yes, paaji.” “You have to just stay there.”
and I said… “Paaji he was bowling in my zone,
how could I stop myself?” He bowled me near… the cover… here at the mid-off zone
I hit it for a six over the covers. Against Mushtaq. And when Imran bowled
a bouncer I hooked it. It went for a four. So I was very happy
with myself but… I was never allowed to play
as a Nightwatchman again. So you get to learn such things… and senior cricketers teach you. I think senior cricketers become your
coach or say they become your mentors. Siddhu paaji says that… while meditating
at 4 in the early morning… he was divinely bestowed upon
some knowledge. Since then his life
completely changed. Is it true? I never sat with Siddhu. And if it’s true, then why
didn’t it help his cricket career? I think if… I’ve seen any person transitioning… we all have changed,
not that we haven’t. All cricketers have gradually evolved. How Siddhu evolved? Only God can tell. But Rahul bhai told me that… he spent his whole time with him. Roommates. He barely talked to anyone. No questions, no answer. So his 20 years of… See, he is… he’s 5 years younger to me. When I was 17 or 18… he must be 13 or 14. We used to hang out at his place.
His father was such a good host. He was a commissioner, right? No, he was a barrister. – Barrister, okay.
– He was a big lawyer. And… his personality… If you know… Siddhu is 6’2” tall… His personality was 100
times better than Siddhu. Wow! You can well imagine… he was so huge. Our routine when we
stayed at his place… we played matches at Patiala. He invited us, he was very fond of it. He wanted his son
to become a cricketer. But Siddhu was only good at studies. I barely remember hearing his voice… when I visited his house
for the first 4-5 years. A turban on his head… and he was just into his studies. And played a little bit of cricket. He was 14 or 15 years old boy. And when we wanted to eat good food
we just had to say… “Sir, he has great talent.” “Navjot Siddhu…
Sherry has a great talent.” “Get some Butter Chicken.”
(Sidhu’s father) “Get some drinks.”
(Sidhu’s father) So all of us cricketers
were very mischievous. They used to say… Let’s go at Siddhu’s
place for some great food… and also let’s praise Sherry. We’ll all get good food. But he was a noble man.
A tough man! And I don’t know
how Siddhu changed. Even today I feel shocked. Is he the same person… with whom I’ve spent 4-5
years in the dressing room… and all he ever said was only
‘Good morning’ and ‘Good evening’. That’s called a transition. And when he started talking… he didn’t let anyone else speak. And maybe I might praise him… I shouldn’t praise him personally,
he is like my younger brother. But his command on language… his presence of mind,
a lot of people say… that he keeps a reference book
and reads out from it. I’d like to say that
I offer you a book… and then you read it out. His presence of mind… I think… Everything is superb! Hats-off to him! He is compensating
for the 20 years of his silence. And now he doesn’t stop. He doesn’t listen to anybody. But now he is a politician. Salutations to Siddhu sir! He is my friend,
my younger brother. I will not offer any salutations. Talking of media… I liked only two captains
regarding press conferences. One is Kapil Dev Nikhanj. Second is M.S. Dhoni. Because the verbal
fights with media… or interesting fights,
you were good at them. Any incident that
you can share with us? Interesting with media… I think it was the first time
I went to Barbados as a Captain… I couldn’t understand anything. Anyways, I was weak in English. I couldn’t understand
their accent, too. Mr. Hanumant Singh took me… He said, let’s go… I couldn’t understand their accent. I was able to understand
little bit of English. – West Indies English…
– Caribbean accent, yeah. Caribbean,
Barbados “Ya, mahn” “Ya, this”… “I’m Rastaman”… I couldn’t understand what happened,
I knew the first word… So we sat for the press conference. Media persons and
cameras were all around. Someone asked,
“What’s happening, mon?” I said, what is this? So he told me that he’s saying,
‘What’s happening?’ I had some difficulty. And then I talked to him. “If we were to stay together
for next two, three months…” “then go easy on me…” “which I can understand.” Or else you will say ‘Pardon,
and I will say ‘Pardon’… ‘Pardon’ reminds
me of the best story… In 1979 we went to England. And… We landed in the airport. It’s a beautiful story. Immediately after landing,
English people are very nice. They are polite, they come to you. Three, four seniors
came to the youngster. Media persons too came,
others too came. To make me feel comfortable… So the English man came
to me and was talking in English.. I kept saying ‘Pardon.’ After some time he
too kept saying ‘Pardon.’ Five to seven minutes passed by,
I went and… said sorry and left. Bishan paaji was there, because… Captain Venkat Raghavan was there… I had to speak in English
with him too, so it was a problem. Venkat Raghavan… is South Indian. He knows to speak English well. He doesn’t know Hindi. And I went to Bishan paaji. I said, “Paaji, today I made 100.” He said, “How did you do that?” I said, one Englishman came
and talked to me for 20-30 minutes. He kept talking. I said ‘Pardon.’ I was saying that
he is saying ‘Pardon.’ So he too made 100,
and I too made 100, not out. We both went different ways. Neither he understood me
nor did I understand him. That was extremely funny. And
the standard question asked to you… “When will India produce
another Kapil Dev?” I became mad by
laughing on this story. I was present in
that press conference. You must tell the
answer which you gave. – It must have happened many times.
– No. Look, it is… maybe… There wasn’t any fast bowler
before who took 100 wickets. It happened to be me,
the first cricketer fast bowler. And media said that… Pakistan produces many fast bowlers,
then why doesn’t India? Each and every media asked the same… “When we will have another Kapil Dev?” Somebody asked this
question to my mother. My mother said… Kapil’s father has passed away and… I don’t have such interests… and it won’t happen. She says she would have had three,
four more if she knew this. Because I was not knowing. They asked me too.
I said it is difficult. Because my mother cannot
have more children. So sometimes people
ask such a funny thing… “When we will have another Kapil Dev?” My mother said, had she knew it… then she would have had three,
more children. She was not knowing… that a useless boy would
become such a great cricketer. I think certain things
happen which you don’t plan. It just happened. And sometimes media
asks you a question which… you don’t know how to react. If it were in my hands… wouldn’t I wish to see more
cricketers become fast bowlers. So these stories happen… Storytellers, people like you… they are very funny. Because whenever I watch your show… there is always something hilarious. If you don’t imitate me… or if you don’t over-do it… – then it won’t happen.
– Correct. That’s why I always believe that,
in this game… storytellers play a
big role in making it great. Sandeep Patil, Shrikanth… Brother Sunny… When they narrate stories… it gives lot of fun,
they spice it up little bit. – Correct.
– And the story becomes important. I want to ask you about… Who you think is the
most bankable player? I will give you two situations. One is, last over of a match. T-20 Cricket. In your generation… 15 runs to make. Who would you think is
the most bankable bowler… to bowl those six balls? In our time… I think, I would say Wasim
Akram is the most bankable. Second question, bankable player. World cup final. Richards hits the shot,
Kapil Dev catches it. If Kapil Dev was not there… Who would be the best
fielder to catch that catch? – Most bankable fielder.
– I think… I think in our time,
most of the fielders… Madan Lal was very
safe and without any doubt. – And top of the list is Solkar.
– Solkar. Before you go to the backfoot,
he is here. – Yeah…
– He is… Some people have a knack. And I think some people
can pick up that… extra second. They can be much quicker
to the ball than other people. Paaji, you are the fittest of… the entire cricketing
generation of your time. When you say fit I
have to pull my stomach. – Okay.
– This is golfing fitness… No, I am okay, I am okay. Now I am okay. But I heard that the secret
of your fitness was milk. It’s not like that,
my coach went and… told my elder brother and
the message reached my father. “If he were to become a fast
bowler then he should drink milk.” And whatever knowledge
my father had at that time… he tied two buffaloes and two cows… and said to go behind the factory… and drink as much milk I wanted.
My mother was crying. There should have been two
buffaloes in dressing room, too. Viru had the rest of the milk. Talking of milk,
we will play an interesting game. It’s called ‘Doodh ka doodh,
paani ka paani.’ I will read out six sentences to you. If you have done that… then this milk-mixed shot for you. – It’s a different type of shot.
– See… Offer me Tequila or wine. You are still offering me milk. – Stop dreading now.
– Sir, this is a family show. Now I am grown up. Okay, I will drink it for your sake. Let’s start ‘Doodh ka doodh,
paani ka paani.’ I have partied a night before
a match and still won the match. – Are you talking of me?
– Yes, of course. No, I haven’t had a… I don’t remember… Second one. Shot or no shot! I have borrowed an
abdomen guard for a match. I never borrowed. I played without that. It’s fine. But I never borrowed. – Never borrowed!
– That is a nice answer. I have stolen money from other
player’s trouser in the dressing room. Never happened. Only once happened,
we don’t come to know who was it. It was very simple. The thing with Indian team is,
for example, this is my wallet… We always handed it over
to the manager, in the morning. And manager would
keep it in a brief case. After the match got over in the evening,
I go there to collect my wallet. I heard no cricketer spends at all. They don’t carry money at all. No need! What to do with the money? Next one. I have refused to share my
home-cooked food with my team-mates. I love to,
but my wife was a great cook. She cooked for many, many… Sir, you are not drinking a shot! When it never happened
then how can I refuse it? I have fallen asleep
during team meetings. Many times. That’s why M.S. Dhoni says… team meeting shouldn’t
go beyond five minutes. – Does he say like that?
– Yes. We didn’t have all these
computer related things then… It is shown in computer,
they analyze it and show you. In our team,
our brains were our computers. If it was five minutes for us… then the snacks that
we get in five minutes… and also the food,
we couldn’t even finish that. Half of the team members would say… “Today we should empty
the manager’s pocket.” Because the food of team meeting… either by Captain or Manager,
have to pay for that. – So Captain’s pocket has to be…
– Yes. Has to be. Last one.
I have checked my daughter’s phone. I said to her once, I said… “Before 18, I can check…” “After 18, you can check my phone…” It should be given because… before 18,
I should know what she is doing. Once she becomes 18,
after that I said… “Dear, here is my phone…” “You can check anytime,
I will not check your phone…” “after 18.” And that’s what we kept it because… I start telling all my friends… “Send me messages carefully…” “My daughter might see them.” Sir, you have done a fabulous job. Next time we will
ensure this is Tequila. Okay, I will finish this mine. Great! Real Bacardi inside. Paaji, we have a special gift for you. Here is a t-shirt. Kapil Dev. Why 29? These are the number of
ducks you scored in your life. – So many ducks?
– Yes! No wonder my daughter loves ducks. Even she enjoys that. 29 ducks! Oh God! You are still lesser than Sachin,
so don’t worry. Really? Paaji, I want you to
sign a bat for our show. What The Duck Season 2. – First of all I want to say…
– Powered by Hike messenger. Thank you very much. This number 29 ducks. I will give it to my daughter. She loves wearing
this type of t-shirts. I don’t. – Where to sign? Here?
– Anywhere. Superb! There it is!

Randall Smitham