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Keeping Weight Off After Keto | After The Keto Diet | Food After Keto

Almost all dieticians and health experts say that we do not have to follow keto diet on a regular basis. Now the thing is that when we complete the keto diet successfully, will we gain weight after that? Everyone has this question. In today’s video, I will tell you what you have to do after the keto diet that your weight does not increase and your health should also be maintained. See low carb and high fat diet is restricted. What do people think that weight has reduced due to keto diet, then we have to keep it running. This is not correct. If you keep the regular keto diet on, then it can have a bad effect on your health. So you have to stop the Keto Diet at the right time. When you stop a keto diet, you have to increase the carb in your diet and reduce fat intake. One thing you have to keep in mind is that you should not increase carb rapidly and also you should not decrease fat rapidly. You have to increase the carb slowly. But you have to keep very low intake of sugar in your daily food. You sbould increase carb by using medium carb fruit. Now the thing is that increasing the amount of carb will increase obesity or not? If you increase sugar intake, then of course your obesity will increase. After stopping the keto diet, first week you have to increase the additional 10 grams of carb and reduce the fat intake. You also have to increase protein intake gradually in your diet so that the strength of your muscles remains good and you will not get weak. If possible, add some healthy foods to your diet like… Strawberry, Kiwi fruit, Watermelon, Black bean soup, Baby carrots, Oatmeal, Sweet Potatoes
etc… After stopping the keto diet, the only thing you have to keep in mind is that slowly the carb has to be increased and you should take very low sugar intake.

Randall Smitham