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KETO三个月究竟减了多少肥?我的生酮减肥大总结《生酮计划EP4》| 生酮饮食 | 生酮感受 | 肥宅减肥 | 懒人减肥

Hello, everyone! I am mashed potatoes!
Welcome to my channel
About three months ago, I started ketogenic weight loss.
Today is the last day of my ketone to lose weight.
Let me report on the progress of my three months of weight loss.
Also share some of my ketogenic weight loss history
I hope everyone can spend before the film begins.
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I recorded this video three months ago.
It’s said that I have to use three months.
Only use ketogenic weight loss to lose 30 kg
My ketogenic weight loss is more oil
Eat more fiber protein
Basically do not eat carbon water
Basically not exercising
How much did I actually reduce?
good question
Ok, let’s look at the data now.
This day is when I lose weight.
June 2
At that time it was 105.1 kg.
Today is August 24th
Is 96.5 kg
In arithmetic. . .
I totally lost 8.6 kg.
That is almost 19 pounds
Let’s talk about it
This bag
Pistachio nuts
Is 2 pounds
19 pounds is also
There are nine packs and a half
Such a pistachio
My family is Nana.
Two pounds and a half
That is
There are 7.6 Nana
Feeling still very fulfilling
Of course
8.6 kg and 30 kg are still far from the difference
But optimistic about my current body
It’s much better than three months ago.
You can see the left side is
The right side three months ago is now
Is it progressing?
Of course, what makes me most happy is the body fat ratio.
We can look at it
I am using the intelligent electronic scales withing
You can see me at the beginning of June 2
Body fat is
34.5% now is
Body fat is 26.4%
In other words,
These three months are altogether
Lost 8.1% fat
This is still very, very much
Although healthy body fat ratio
20% is still a little worse
But it’s already very good
Reduced so much 34% to 26.4%
Very good
This is the advantage of ketogenic weight loss.
Especially much body fat
Weight loss and weight loss are not the same
Generally, everyone diets with apple diet
8-hour weight loss intermittent fasting
These things are generally weight loss
But it is not particularly slimming
The ketogenic diet can make us these
Lazy people who don’t like sports can also have
Very fast way to lose weight
Ok, let’s take a closer look now.
Those data that I lose weight
We can see that it is very obvious
From June 2nd to
June 20
This time
Is my fast weight loss period
I was very excited at that time.
Sent this video
12 days weight loss 5 kg
I feel very special, we can see it.
This has been reduced from 105.1 kg to
98.5 kg
This is very much reduced
Later, I studied it in detail.
This is a relatively common state of ketogenic pre-phase
The ketogenic reduction is basically water
Body fat can be seen than we can
Body fat ratio is decreasing
But the decline is not particularly
From 34.5%, it dropped to a sudden
29.6% we can see
There is a very obvious day in the middle.
June 14
Before and after that
The speed of reducing body fat is not the same
This is the fastest time to lose weight and lose weight.
and after
We are entering the second stage
June 20
July 20
You can see it.
The rate of weight loss has slowed significantly during this time.
This is when I entered a platform period.
On July 20th
My weight has hit a new low
Is 96.7 kg
At this time I sent my second video.
It is the one that eats ketone and eats beef
Everyone can see it during this time
My body fat ratio continues to decline
At the lowest time, I hit 26.4%.
It is around 26.8 around July 20
The body fat ratio also dropped significantly during this time.
My weight has not dropped very significantly.
This shows that I am doing balance at this time.
Put before
Rebalance the previous water and oil
Good time behind this time?
It’s from July 20th to the present.
During this time, I work all at once.
Just getting busy and eating is not so controlled.
Although I am still making ketones
But eating a bit more
Then I still eat a lot of nightingales.
Although there is no obvious rebound in weight
One day is still very high. . .
But we can see
This is a trend that I really have in the platform period.
Today is August 24th
It is already August 25th.
So I did it all together.
84 days of ketogenic weight loss
84 days
two thousand. .
Two thousand one hundred
Sixteen, right?
A total of 2,016 hours
8.6 kg
how to say
Although not even one-third of the 30 kilograms
This is life.
How do you eat after ketol?
After this time, I really like KETO, a low-carbon diet.
Next, of course I won’t be as strict as keto.
But still try to eat less sugar and eat less carbon water.
I will stick to this diet.
Finally, are you making a ketogenic diet?
What do you think of this extreme diet?
Leave a message below!
I am very interested in these
last of the last
thank you for your time
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Randall Smitham



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