April 5, 2020
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Keto 101 – Keto MYTHS!

So there’s so much information out there
about ketogenic dieting and ketones what’s a myth that you’ve heard maybe over and over and over that you’re like today is the day to debunk this myth. Oh my goodness I’ve heard so many of them the one that I’ve heard about four or
five times if somebody will come in and say that their doctor their cardiologist
their specialist told them that this high-fat diet is gonna kill them and
that they’re not allowed to do it Don’t fear you’re fat. The most important
thing is people think well they eat fat they’re gonna get fat
that’s the misperception so you’re cutting the sugar you’re not smoking
you’re getting out you’re enjoying life you’re gonna be feeling better. Eating fat doesn’t make you fat eating fat will not kill you. A high fat diet and low carb at the same time though you’ve gotta take the carbs
down will not contribute to elevated cholesterol levels it’s not the sour
cream and the butter on the potatoes it’s a potato this actually becomes
blood sugar. So what you really got to think is you cut back on the potatoes the
bread overall the grains and obviously the sugar that’s in the soda. It’s somewhat tangential, but the low salt diet myth is just totally wrong and
that’s been great because I love salt and the other thing is just fatty foods
you know my background is Italian these foods that you know have been in my
family for thousands of years that just got trashed during the last 30 years to
find that they’re really not bad for you they’re actually healthy for you is it’s
pretty amazing and it’s just really cool it’s a it’s almost like a bonding
experience with my cultural background Well one of the biggest myths within the ketone space I think is that there’s no additional benefit to take ketones when
you are ketogenic dieting And I do think that actually there are benefits number one is that when you’re ketogenic dieting, you’re under a lot of stress
sometimes that kicks you out of ketosis you know you don’t want to skip a beat
when you’re kicked out number two there’s synergistic effects of taking
ketones with a ketogenic diet so I think they can work together in harmony to
optimize the diet If you’re in ketosis even if you’re in deep dietary ketosis
you still have plenty of glycogen in your muscles first of all
and secondly there are real advantages with respect to muscle and ketones. So, Ryan and I we were presenting one time to a big group of researchers and they
told us that same thing you can’t build muscle if you’re on ketogenic diet because you don’t have any carbs and so we went out and do the research on that we
actually found that on a ketogenic diet you gain just as much muscle at a whole
body level and we looked at the molecular level we found the same thing. So our lab has shown that ketones themselves increase muscle protein
synthesis so that’s one part of the spectrum the other part is muscle
protein breakdown what happens when we get older what happens when we tear up muscle tissue it’s also been shown that ketones prevent a lot of that muscle
protein breakdown from happening so it’s really favoring that right side
component of building muscle and being anabolic to tissue that needs it the
most. The ketogenic diet exogenous ketones
that it’s a fad right now and so I hear all the time oh that’s a fad diet or
that’s a you know fad supplement you know maybe it is a fad because it works
maybe it’s working and so it’s becoming popular

Randall Smitham