April 5, 2020
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you’ve got the ketogenic diet. The ketogenic diet as you all know high fat low carb low protein increases blood ketones
great energy source for the brain mimics caloric restriction and fasting both of
which have literature to back up their utility but what’s really cool is not
only can they be used for energy more and more evidence is coming out that
they actually do a lot more in many many ways they affect the expression of genes
in other words what there’s certain genes are turned on and turned off and
it’s not necessarily only those related to energy every genetic alterations this
is changes that are caused by modifying the gene expression without changing the
gene itself ketogenic diet alters DNA methylation the ketogenic diet and ketones alter histone acetylation and in collaboration with an awesome scientist in the UK a
good friend of mine Dr. Nell Siyad we are showing that it alters the
expression of a whole bunch of micro RNA’s and all of those things are
working to change the expression of certain genes so you can have ketones
that are in the blood and then they get taken into the cell through transporters
and then they end up in the cell or they can bind to receptors on the cell
membrane and then that can initiate basically all of these different
cellular effects either from outside the cell or once they’re in the cell they
begin to communicate with other proteins within the cell and elicit these
specific effects or they even go and bind directly to the DNA and elicit
effects that way and you have like this dynamic communication within ourselves
and then also between ourselves but what’s interesting is many of these
benefits actually seem to be attributable to the ketones themselves
through this functional signaling and that’s why we’re interested in
exogenously tones because they have the potential to replicate some of the
benefits of the diet ketones can through functional signaling effects communicate
and changed our DNA via hydroxybutyrate it acts as an HDAC inhibitor
basically our DNA winds up on itself and all the different genes in the DNA can
be expressed depending on certain signals within the body there’s a way
that the DNA is wound upon itself that uses these acetyl groups to basically
silence or open up the DNA and something that was really interesting was within
the past couple of years it was determined that beta-hydroxybutyrate is
what we call a histone deacetylase inhibitor and that’s a big word but
basically it means that it actually travels to the DNA and binds there and
allows certain genes to be open so that those genes are expressed so actively
influencing the expression of those genes and what we’ve seen in some of
these studies are the lot of the effects are some of these beneficial effects
that we already know of ketosis in general so for example they increase the
expression of our own body’s antioxidant genes and things like that so because
there are epigenetic effects you can get that happening you can get all kinds of
things happening the more you know about how this works the more you can go to
clinicians and say but look you have a problem with this gene I have an answer

Randall Smitham