April 10, 2020
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[Music] let’s start with the nutrition and the way I think about nutrition and ketones is flipping the metabolic switch if you’re in ketosis really truly in ketosis and you only know that if you finger prick blood testing but if you really are you have flipped a metabolic switch and this is a primitive switch spend it in human history for tens of thousands of years hundreds of thousands of years and the reason it exists is to prevent us from dying in the case of starvation so in the hunting-and-gathering was poor you would die in two days but we all know humans can live for forty days at least without food fit some can live fifty or sixty well how can we do that if I said you would die in two days it’s because your brain would die due to the loss of glucose the brain takes 25% of your energy and it’s only 2% of your mass so without the ketones the brain dies and you die and this is the reason why we can fast and it’s the reason why we’re all here that wouldn’t be humans without this metabolic switch you don’t want the animal to perform worse you want it to perform better so hence many of advantages of the ketogenic diet come into play and that’s why we have brain function huge liver muscle major benefits healthspan is what you want lifespans great but not without health spend this function works the same in mice and people but the queue to giant Guyot regulated the mTOR c1 complex in a tissue specific manner and mTOR is one of those things that you elevate with heavy weight lifting you elevate it with protein but you don’t want it always high if you do something either through drugs or other things that constantly elevate mTOR then you have a markedly shorter lifespan and this is everything from worms to people so you want em tore up in muscle and low elsewhere now something that gets missed with older people is protein and a lot of people in ketogenic diets are terrified of protein and this is because they diet evolves from the original early version and as you get older you need more protein not less you want grandma to be cutting into a big old steak right so old people need more protein because their bodies can’t use the protein anywhere near as efficiently so the current RDA or IDI for protein is 0.8 grams per kilogram of body mass per day ketogenic diet there’s healthy and unhealthy queue to Jack diets prove it is about doing better [Music] you

Randall Smitham