April 7, 2020
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So today is day one of keto. Now I’ve been on keto before and it worked
really well for me but unfortunately when I got back to normal eating, I didn’t really
think of calories and stuff. Plus, CARB! OH MY GOD! So I kinda went crazy and I gained not only
all the weight back but and then some. So I thought keto has worked the best for
me so far. So it’s something that I want to go back to. So I’m going back on keto, today is day one. I’ve got a friend’s wedding that’s in July,
so I thought it gives me about 120++ days to lose as much as I can within that time
period. So I’m having my first meal of the day because
I woke up really early to get to work, and I didn’t have enough time to make my coffee
in the morning. It’s 2pm and I’m finally having lunch so let
me show you what I’m eating for today. So for today I’m having some chap fun, which
is basically mixed rice in Chinese. Of course, rice is carbs so there’s no rice
in here. It’s just a bunch of veggies here at the bottom,
and on the right I’ve got a bit of fake pork. So there is some carbs in that, but it’s not
as much. And then over here I’ve got salted egg chicken. So that’s got a good amount of fat and protein,
that’s got a good amount of protein and a little bit of carbs. Then there’s the little bit of veggies at
the bottom. And I just got green veggies and nothing else
with it. And of course I’ve got a giant little mug
of water there. Time for me to eat my food while watching
Full House, which I’m still waiting for it to load. Yeah, when I eat again I’ll let you know. It’s about 3 o’clock and I just felt like
snacking coz I’m still watching Full House. So It’s like dried fruit but it’s really salty. I was looking online for some nutritional
information on this, like what was the calorie intake is and stuff, but there’s not much
info on this. It doesn’t have that many carbs in it. The entire thing would have roughly less than
10g of carbs. And it’s really salty so you wouldn’t eat
the whole thing. I’m going to have half. I love this thing. This is like the best. Look at that. Ahhh… It’s so delicious! Yum! So for dinner I was invited to a pre-wedding
function that was really exciting and I treated myself to a whiskey and soda water before
food. For food, I had a salad with tomato and cucumber,
and some olive oil dressing. I also had some mutton curry which was very
delicious. I also had some egg sambal, two halves so
it made a whole. And I am a huge fan of aubergine so I decided
to take a little bit just to treat myself. That’s round one. Let’s go! Moving on to round two, sorry for the camera
angle. It’s a bit weird. I started off with some cauliflower. I went back to the mutton curry because it
was super delicious and I took some pieces of chicken. I also got some butter and the reason being
to put it in the soup that I got, which was a broccoli cream soup, which was so delicious. So I put the butter in the soup to increase
my fat intake and that is officially my round two, which was so good. So that is the end of the first day of eating
keto, and as you could tell I wasn’t tracking anything. I did not track my calorie intake, I did not
track my macro or micro nutrient intake. I feel like the reason why is because I can
get very obsessive with these kind of things. So I thought for the first few days or maybe
whatever it is, give myself a break. Just get into the habit of being on a keto
diet. So eliminating carbs, eliminating sugar, but
just making sure that the foods that I eat are keto friendly. But for now I feel like as long as I’m not
consuming carbs and sugar, I should be on the right track. So I will be only focusing on tracking my
weight for now. But for the rest of it, nah. Yeah, that’s it for day one. So far so good. *laughs* I was really sad that I could not
eat the cakes. There were like cakes and stuff there and
everyone was like “Oh these cakes are so good. These cakes are so tasty and I’m like… okay.” I love cake, by the way. For the people who don’t know me, I am a CAKE
FIEND. I love cake so much and the fact that I can’t
eat cake on keto is like *sighs*. It’s sad. Let’s hope day two is just as good. *laughs*

Randall Smitham