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KETO Aldi Haul, Meal Prep and Weigh In! – Buffalo Chicken Dip Casserole

hey friends today we are talking about
Keto! Keto meal prep, keto Aldi haul and keto weigh in and I’m excited I love
it these videos they are so much fun and today’s extra special because I’m
teaming up with my girl Erica from time to shrink she is awesome if you do not
know her please please please go check her out all of her information will be
down below in the description box she is just a wealth of knowledge she has so
many amazing at keto recipes in fact I’m gonna be doing one of her recipes today
which I cannot wait for I have been craving it all week and I’m so excited
to do it and I can’t wait so it’s gonna be so much fun if you have not checked
our Cup please go check out her out let her know that Kelly from freedom in a
budget sent you and if you’re coming over from Erica’s channel welcome my
name is Kelly and my channel is all about living life well in a budget and a
budget is gonna be constricting let you not do anything no but it gives you
freedom and freedom to live a really fun fun life and eat things like keto and do
keto because keto can be a little bit more expensive than the standard
American diet let’s be honest so we are going to jump in I am so excited first
we have my way and so last two weeks have been amazing I have lost and it
they have been great but this week I did gain point six pounds almost well over
half pounds so it is what it is but I will say that I am
it is my monthly time which I did break keto and yeah so I have a new theory
you know the meme that says Sunday calories on Sundays don’t count because
of the Lord they’re the Lord’s calories and they want you to be happy so I feel
like period first day period calories and carbs shouldn’t count because it’s
your first day and you’re miserable so and I had chick-fil-a and it was amazing
and Jamie thought that I was pregnant because I was like no I am cheating
today I am having chick-fil-a and it’s gonna be glorious
know what so it’s okay cake mana ketosis it’s okay I was back with in ketosis
within 24 hours so totally okay and next week will be a Ethan
applause so 0.6 okay I’m a little bloated right now my measurements were
all either the same or up like a half an inch from last week
totally bloating not worried about it but yeah so that is my win and this week
for meal prep I am going to do Erika’s time to shrinks her buffalo dip
casserole so excited it’s gonna be amazing I’m doing that I am doing it
some real heart for my coworker that is not Kido and I’m really excited it’s
gonna be so good delicious it is gonna be just me this
week so I’m going to prep a lot of the buffalo dip and then I have some old
layups I’m gonna use it and maybe wrap I’m gonna have it with celery I’m gonna
have it a casserole it’s gonna be amazing I’m probably gonna cook some
extra chicken in the instant pot just to have on hand as well so I can make that
with some other dishes as well and lastly y’all know I have to say this
but I love fetch rewards so you guys know this is not sponsored by fetch try
and get fetch to be a sponsor but no yeah guys cut him out so I skinned my
coarser receipt with fat she got points for that I had to go to Big Lots and got
gas got points for that they are amazing and I’ve gotten a lot of questions about
them and if you have to pre clip the coupons like what I bought it you don’t
have to pre clip anything everything’s all in there even if you don’t buy
anything from it from the extra bonuses you still get points just for scanning
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equal to two dollars then you get your own code for you to give to your friends
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worth of gift cards which have been amazing and my brother-in-law’s birthday
is coming up and we’re using rewards from fetch rewards to get his birthday
gifts because he wants an iTunes gift card so there we are
$50 iTunes gift card Thank You Fett rewards y’all are amazing so I’ll have
that code for you guys on the screen and then down below as well so enough about
that let’s get to the hub it’s been $50 cents and I’m so excited for this meal
prep it is Saturday and I which was Monday because I just want to eat the
food that I have plant okay so we have it some lettuce the citrus then go to
just to have salads I don’t know why I’ve never been a salad person until
keto so okay and I got some spinach I’m gonna do a combination of the both then
for the buffalo dip I’m also or like Buffalo casserole I’m also gonna eat
some with celery like I’ll probably just go ham on or pay up left or dip I’ll do
that lots of race cauliflower just to have on
hand as well as for the casserole broccoli florets this is for just on
hand to have in the freezer I’m all out of broccoli chicken tenders so this is
for my coworker for a ham and then the rolls and also for Jamie as well put so
much realities stocked up on cheese this is gonna be for the casserole it is a
little bit cheaper to do it shred it myself
and less carbs and then I also got Colby and I solo just have on Hanks I like
just cutting it up and snacking we just appreciate these under-counter legs I
loved him mayonnaise it for the casserole for the
buffalo dip wishes sheer sauce and I am like 30 minutes away from where Westar
is so no one pronounces this word correctly Worcester they always say
Worchester Worchester wishes sure and then some hot set so we are a Frank’s
family and I know that but Frank’s is expensive y’all so I heard that this is
very compatible to Frank’s so I’m gonna use this with a casserole only and like
cooking stuff and not for when you just put it on our food and then lastly just
some ground beef so 80/20 ground beef alright guys that is a haul super easy
this week I am excited for low maintenance meal prep first up is just
to prep it the chicken and this is what I use just the Purdue gonna skin I set
from Cusco I only have a couple chicken breasts less so we’re doing three I’ll
probably use two in the casserole and then one I’ll just keep just to have on
hand so we’re gonna start soon a minis my ear fur but not yet in
some pot still coming up to pressure I just laid out some bacon I am gonna bake
this in the oven I’ve never done bacon in the oven before but I just did some
watch difficult IDEO and it seems super easy so it’s said about that excite
about not having the grease splattering all over me I hate how bacon stinks up
the house it makes your hair smell and everything so I’m hoping that this helps
with that I don’t know hopefully this is just some Apple Tayna fix likes bacon it
from Aldi so super easy one pound it fits on one tray it’s a little crowded
but as you guys know it’ll shrink down then well that is cooking I am just
going to shred up some cheese in the food processor I’m drinking some ketones
right now because I am intermittent fasting and this will help me not to eat
I do think I’m gonna break my fast it is 1237 so I think I’m gonna break my fast
wait some bacon I may make some bacon and eggs it for breakfast or a lunch or
whatever you want to call it and then I made I don’t know how much it’s gonna
call for in the recipe so we’ll see so I have my lovely chitchat patty-whack mug
I love me some Anita and I’m gonna start prepping the rice cauliflower and yarns
yes so things are moving and grooving alright we got a little bit of a mess
going on here I shred it up a bunch of cheese this is one block – a handful of
cheese I just used this black & decker thing I bought this at a estate sale
years ago for $2 it’s amazing so then in here I have two bags of rice color flour
that I just steamed to the microwave 2 or 3 tablespoons of softened cream
cheese 2 tablespoons of butter 2 teaspoons of ranch seasoning we’re gonna
have more of that in the actual thing salt pepper handful of cheddar and I
think that’s it now I’m gonna mix this all up and then push it down and this is
gonna be our base I got four minutes left on the it’s about where you’re
moving and grooving bacon is almost done and yeah guys that was so easy I think I
will forever make a bacon in the oven now Wow all right so we pressed down
this mixture it looks really good then I already poured off some the bacon
grease and this is just an old spaghetti sauce jar so just gonna save that for
future stuff so this is nice and crispy I’m excited it’s gonna be perfect for
the dish and then also to break my fast with maybe some eggs just open the
instant pot and that means that the cats are coming running you smell chicken you
smell chicken about you – you smell chicken yeah none for you though nope
chicken is done just gonna let this sit for a minute and then I’ll shred it up
here is the bottom part so I just had the rice cauliflower make sure that you
guys saw I did put a couple like dollop so cream cheese it just because I love
cream cheese and I feel like that would give it like just a nice like random
burst of cheesiness a little bit of shredded cheddar and then it’s some
shredded chicken just to kind of bulk it up a little bit then here is the mixture
here so I’ll have to mix it up it just this looks like a lot of just some
random stuffs so in here we have the shredded chicken that I just shredded
with two forks with me like less than a minute one and a half blocks of softened
cream cheese you can see a little bit there
cheddar about a cup of cheddar 1/2 a cup of sour cream quarter cup of mayo half a
cup of hot sauce and then I dumped the rest of the packet of ranch dressing the
dry mix and that was about one and it burn – what I have 2 tablespoons worth
so I’m just gonna mix this up and then I’ll put it on top and there she is
ready to go I did top it I forgot to mention I did add bacon that I just used
I just chopped it up in their food processor again and it was super easy
I’ve never done that before that bacon so super easy topped it with a little
shredded cheddar and then I did reserve some just to have as it like a snack
this week or Jamie wants them so I’m going to pop this in the oven at 350 for
about 20 minutes 20 minutes on the clock
well–that’s is cooking I’m going to clean up this
mess and start prepping the celery and possibly salad mix this just came out of
the oven it smells so good I’m so excited I want to dig in with a spoon
right now but I’m gonna hold off that my celery going I just have it in this is
my salad spinner I’m going to use right now I just have them soaking in some
water just to clean them off and then I’m going to drain and then rinse it
spend a couple times just make sure they’re very clean this the scraps we
actually have some bunnies in our neighborhood so I think I’m going to put
these outside it for the bunnies to munch on and here we are alright so in
the front this is obviously not for me if this is for my coworker and Jamie
this is just chicken parm and then we have some ciabatta roll so I hope
quickly move on from next is Nikita then I have six servings of the casserole I
did try it a little bite and it was amazing and here is celery almost like
cauliflower here sorry this thing is packed so this is two full stalks of
celery and then as you can see here six meals so I’ll have one for each day for
lunch and then maybe one for dinner on a day or a may give one to my
mother-in-law who knows so I am so excited guys this smells so good it’s
amazing I cannot wait for lunch tomorrow alright guys I hope that you enjoyed
this with so much fun thank you again Erica with at times you shrink at for
teaming up with me I love these videos they are so much fun
and I absolutely love your videos they are so good I cannot wait to make that
chicken parm truffle that’s gonna be amazing so go check out Erica if you
haven’t already and next up is why is all they so cheap what’s going on
why why is it so cheap one

Randall Smitham



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