March 31, 2020
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  • 3:53 pm Keto diet Meatballs with tomato sauce ASMR cooking No talking
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  • 2:53 pm Why You Should Try “Cook Once Eat Twice” Meal Prep | What We Ate Over a Weekend (Healthy Recipes)

do that piece of bread what happened to
that little piece of bread it must have broke up in the making of
it God knows I did be a little he’s a brand
one of your routing friends my bad there’s one by the plants and then
there’s all over there’s one into that rot go ahead leader do you normally do our
intro hi guys Danny’s over there picking a piece of
fuzz off of it so today we’re going to give you our keto diet update it’s been
we were going to do a two week update but it’s been about two and a half weeks
because you know stuff happens so I have lost about an inch
he has went down almost to belt belt loop holes where they call you’re good
enough do not use in his belt simply inches yeah a couple inches
I hate sheets more than me I haven’t actually cheated it off I’m pretty sure
he’s we’re gonna trick stop and probably ate something before he came out that I
didn’t know about I have not I may have had 12 beers hopefully of course it was
two weeks when we’ve been off so it’s gated days sort of days but but you put
them in your card counter right some at once Wow
twice and he’s still losing more than me but but we do whatever we can and we’re
not actually counting that in our structure because we’re we’re not
walking on most days right yeah we use an app called carb manager and it will
pull up all sorts of food it actually you can scan the barcodes on food that
you’re eating and this is what the app looks like
right there there you go all right it really helps to to to track yourself
just like if you’re a spin to holic right if you track all of your spending
you realize that you spend a thousand dollars on soda or whatever right so you
learn something and we’re not measuring but we are estimating as close you know
realistically and Christian trucker he said that his what was the hit one up on
him let’s draw in up I’ll link Christian Tucker below but I don’t think I’ll have
any problem I’ve never had bad cholesterol always had great cholesterol
so I’m not too worried about that and she’s pretty healthy also
she don’t have any cholesterol I believe my blood sugar but that’s that’s in a
nice two weeks yeah and I depending on when this video comes out you may or may
not notice that I’m gonna have him insert picture whatever but I’m even in
my face you can already tell a difference you could tell a difference
after what do we yeah yeah but we’re and CPAP said it’s hard to get I’ll link see
Pat below to CPAP said it’s hard for him to to do keto on the road so he’s doing
Adkins both diets are arse well you know except
for with Adkins I think you need your fat I think that’s important and Adkins
would argue with me about that so that’s his opinion and my opinion I think
Atkins works though just cutting out carbs and sugars alone under 10 grams of
carbohydrates per day and day we get the most carbohydrates is
when we go somewhere with a salad or we get something from the TA and get a
salad so basically all of our carbs vegetable vegetable carbs yeah which is
fine so in any given day we’re gonna eat a salad from somewhere we’re gonna eat a
piece of meat preferably a hamburger because it means fat in it fish and some
stuff don’t have enough fat and when we another side of vegetables with that I
have my own version of bulletproof coffee or I’ll have tea and add heavy
whipping cream to it and then we have a caramel protein shake I’ll add a little
bit of so it tastes like good caramel yummy coffee and sometimes we eat twice
a day sometimes we eat one today for breakfast
you know before driving when we get up in the frigerator we’ve got boiled eggs
ham a piece of cheese I don’t think it’s hard to find food to eat it’s not hard
you can actually eat a double bacon cheeseburger without the bun so I mean
even at McDonald’s McDonald’s to me isn’t as good as Hardee’s parties
without the bun burgers are wonderful but any bacon cheese burger without the
bun we can eat any just plain chunk of meat but some seafood has some great
fats in it I mean the tilapia had like 46 grams of fat info that I surprised
that I had that much fat so it’s not hard to find food on either diet the
Atkins or the or the this one it’s just a matter of finding where where you want
to be at now I have had two days that I decided that I was starting there’s
totally starving and and the this little act has me set at 1350 calories on those
two days I went over and didn’t care one bit I still was eating the
the good stuff right yeah you didn’t go back to carbs you just ate more cheese
and me yeah vegetable I don’t know why I was starving those days I mean one of
those days I had been outside working on chains and banners and stuff so maybe
that was I burned up all my food you may have had this same thing to the first
week to week and a half bathroom the need to go to the bathroom came more
urgently and you had to go right then but now I go to the bathroom don’t know
it’s kind of went away as it went away for you so they say you can get a key
tofu you might get headaches fatigue all that stuff in which case you need to write and somebody mentioned the
Gatorades not good for you and I don’t like Gatorade I mean it’s not my choice
of pickle juice is better but right sometimes you gotta grease with you what
you got to use I could drink me some pickle juice without pickles were
terrible no never my dollar storage an aura just
dollar store Jen Dollar General Store pickles they were horrible we don’t like
my son yeah anything further to say a little
lady I don’t think so that’s it I guess if you have any questions
her comments I am small-fry said he started doing pedo and has lost what six
inches and what was it yeah yeah that’s really good small fry I’ll link him
below to all right everybody we will talk to you later
be safe be profitable be happy is supper hello to make

Randall Smitham