April 3, 2020
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Keto Beef Rendang

Good morning! Welcome to Everyday Noms. Today,
we’re making Keto Beef Rendang! This is one of the dishes I missed back home
and one time I was so homesick I decided to try making it. There were quite a few setbacks
as it didn’t really tasted right. The US also does not have some of the ingredients
needed to make rendang but after a while I learned to make do with what I have here and
this recipe turned out quite good! This is also a simplified version but it definitely
helped with my homesickness – and I have made it keto! It tastes so good with ketupat though
– but stick to your cauliflowers if you have to! Here are the list of ingredients, or you can
get it in my blog in the links below. First, we’d have to make the kerisik. Or
I guess I can call it a modified kerisik. All I am doing here is to heat up the shredded
coconut and toast it until it gets some color. To make a legit kerisik, one would have to
pound or grind this until the oil separates. I however, ain’t got no time for that, so
this will do. Once this gets to a nice golden brown, turn off the heat and set aside for
later. Next is the prep for the spice paste. Add
your soaked chillies, ginger, galangal, garlic, shallots and a little bit of water. Blend
until you get an even consistency. Alright, time to finally cook! Heat up the oil. Once hot, throw in your fantastic
four spices. Add the spice paste and lemongrass sticks. Fry until it gets aromatic. Add the beef and mix for a few minutes until
the meat is well blended with the paste. Then, add the coconut milk, coconut cream and about
½ cup of water. I added the water into the coconut cream packet so that I could get more
of cream out! Just the little tips I learned from nenek. Once it starts boiling, mixed in the modified
kerisik. I have added about a teaspoon of lime juice here to replace kaffir lime leaves.
But if you can find kaffir lime leaves in your Asian market, it is best to chop them
into fine pieces and use them instead! Add a tablespoon of monk fruit sweetener and salt
to taste. And the hard part is over! Now all you gotta
do is turn the heat down to medium low and simmer this for about 1-2 hours. Sometimes
it will take longer, so use your eyes instead of time. Keep stirring from now and then to
avoid burning the bottom. You would want most of the liquid to boil off and the dish to
look a little darker like this. You will also know that it is ready when the oil has separated
and it is frying the spice paste again. Here’s an audio queue of not ready: Here’s an audio queue of ready: Also, don’t forget to taste it along the
way to be sure that the flavor is well balanced with enough sweetener and salt. I hope you like this recipe! If you enjoyed
this video, don’t forget to leave a like – And now – a special message from everyday
noms! Sudah 6 tahun belum balik kampung untuk raya!
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Randall Smitham