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KETO Beef Stew | Thrive Market

I don’t want my veggies to cook any
longer. I don’t want them to break down… I’m talking. She is so like in my biz. You done? Okay! Hey I’m Megan Mitchell, and I’m here in
the Thrive Market Test Kitchen, and today I’m gonna show you a super easy instapot
recipe, and it’s Whole30 and Keto beef stew. I can’t wait to show you how easy and delicious this recipe is, but before I start please comment, like, subscribe and
if you’re wondering what Thrive Market is, it’s an online market where you can
find organic and non-gmo products and frozen meat and seafood. This beef is
from Thrive Market. Okay, step one, we’re gonna season the beef so when you look
for this on Thrive, it comes as a whole chuck roast and you can cut
it up however you want. So I cut this into two inch pieces. Alright let’s season this the salt and pepper liberally, and then I’m gonna sear
it. I have my instantpot up on saute. I have it on so when I’m ready to go I can
just *searing sizzle noises* That’s searing, I’m crazy good at sound
effects. I’m making this noise right crazy right? That’s me. I feel like beef stew usually takes three weeks to make; this will be done in 25 minutes. I’m gonna drizzle in some extra virgin olive oil.
So just working in batches, add your beef stew – your stew meat, you just want it to
get nice and caramelized and browned on all sides. You don’t want to overcrowd
the pan because you want it to saute and caramelize; you don’t want it to steam. If
they’re all super close to each other they’ll just steam and turn kind of gray
and not get that nice caramelization. So give them room to breathe; they’re like
humans, they need room to breathe. Alright the last of my meat has browned and caramelized beautifully. There’s all these delicious little brown bits at the
bottom of the pan, I’m gonna use that to my benefit. I’m gonna add a little bit
more extra virgin olive oil – if there’s, if your beef released a lot of fat you
don’t need to add this, but mine wasn’t too fatty. She was just perfect. I’m gonna add mushrooms. I have 8 ounces of cremini
mushrooms that I’ve quartered The thing with mushrooms, you add them to your pot or your pan and you don’t touch him for a little bit. You let them sit,
get a nice crust on the outside, and then stir them. That way they don’t steam and
they caramelize, and they get nice and brown – and also do not season them at
this point. Because adding salt will release some of their liquid, and then
they steam so just let them sit for a tick. While they sit I’m gonna
cut up a parsnips. I’m just cutting these into half-inch pieces. You’re doing keto you can omit this, but I’m doing slightly larger chunks of vegetables because I don’t
want them to break down too much in the pot, and another reason why I’m adding
parsnips is they really hold their shape. A potato or a sweet potato might fall
apart. Since I’m adding butternut squash and parsnips I omitted carrots; this kind
of has the flavor of a carrot, it kind of smells like a carrot. Alright I’m
gonna check on my mushrooms. My mushrooms are nice and carmelized. I’m gonna season them now with salt and pepper – just a little. I like to season everything along
the way; I season my beef, I season my mushrooms so I don’t have to dump a
bunch of salt at the end. But don’t be heavy-handed because you can always add more salt, you can’t take it away. You could see if there’s all these nice
brown bits at the bottom; what I’m gonna do – so I’m gonna deglaze the pan and
scrape up all those bits because that’s just flavor. Alright I got all the
little brown delicious bits off the bottom of the pot, so I’m going to turn
off my instapot, and to this I’m gonna add my beef back in and all of the
juices that were released, and then I’m gonna add a whole bunch of other stuff I
have 1, 28 ounce can of crushed tomatoes. I’m gonna add 1/4 of a cup of tomato
paste; it’s just super intense tomato flavor. Parsnips because they’re in front
of me – whole garlic cloves, these will just melt into the stew so you don’t
need to chop them or mince them or anything – just put them in whole.
Celery, my butternut squash, I like that it adds a little starch to my stew and
these cute little pearl onions. They come frozen and it’s a lot easier than buying
pearl onions in you know at the produce section and then peeling them because
it’s the worst. So they’re already ready for you, and if you can’t find them you
can just chop up an onion and add it red wine vinegar, this brightens up the dish
and to my dried herbs, so you could use fresh herbs but I feel like a stew or
soup or chili it lends itself well to dried herbs so if you have these in your
pantry why not use them – why not? So oregano; I like to crush it in my hand
before I add it, I feel like it releases some of the natural oils in the leaf
itself. So you know two to three bay leaves ;depends on how big they are. If they’re like this – okay maybe a little more. But if it’s this guy, maybe only two. Whole rosemary and it’s Fall, and I feel like falls
coming around it’s getting cool -not in LA because it’s never cold here. Nothing I
love more than when it’s a hundred degrees and I just tuck into a bowl of
stew, sit around my deck and I just – I sweat. Okay this is dried thyme, I don’t
know why I said that – this is dried thyme. Okay I’m gonna give this a little stir
carefully because I don’t want it splatter all over me. But I just want the seasonings to disperse and when I make stews or
chili’s or soups, I want to make a big batch. Alright this looks perfectly
stirred; really really great job. Alright I’m gonna add my my lid to my
instapot. It’s so pretty. It’s such a beautiful tune. Set your
valve to sealing and then I’m gonna hit meat stew, and I’m gonna turn it down to
25 minutes – I don’t want my veggies to get mushy or to break down anymore, so
after 25 minutes hit venting, and stand back.
See you in twenty five. Welcome back this has cooked for 25 minutes, I quick released it. Oh she bubbling. I want to reduce some of the liquid becuase it’s kind of a lot, so I’m
gonna hit saute and I’m gonna cook it down, I don’t know for a couple
minutes just until some of the liquid reduces. It’s nice and thick and stew-y.
This is reduced beautifully. I’m gonna chop up some parsley just to sprinkle on
top, and if you’re looking for a side dish to serve with this stew, I make a
mean keto, Whole30, vegan – that really makes sense here – but vegan and paleo
cauliflower mash. But I also make a cauliflower mac and cheese, which is so
good with this too! so keep an eye out for those. Hot me a bowl, really deep bowl
really ladle. Okay that’s how this works – deep bowl and a large ladle. It’s how I like to scoop up up my stew. If this isn’t comfort food I don’t know what is,
sprinkle parsley – there you go, so easy it’s beef stew in under 45 minutes from
start to finish. I hope you make it, I hope you try it, please let me know if
you do! Comment, like, subscribe. Thanks for watching and you can find all the
products that are used at Happy cooking! The nice cool, the cool nice thing, the LL Cool J thing about this beef is – that’s
for my mom, and for my mom back there, big fans of you! you

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