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– Hey, guys, today on
Low Carb With Jennifer I’m going to show you how I make
my Keto Brown Butter Pralines. It’s a delicious, caramel-y,
salty, sweet candy with some nuts in it. And they’re perfect for the holidays. Even people who do not follow
keto diet love them so much. Like, when you make a batch,
they’re going to be gone. So, let’s get started. (gentle music) Okay, our first step for our pralines is to melt our butter. We have a big pot here, and
I’ve got two sticks of butter, and we’re going to brown this butter. And that means that the
milk solids in the butter will brown, and you don’t
want it to go too far. You have to watch it, because then it will kind of taste kind of burnt. But as soon as everything’s brown, then we’re going to go
on to the next step. This will take about
five minutes or so, oops. But we’re just going to stir this up and keep it melting. And then we’ll add the rest of the stuff. The butter that I use for
this is salted butter. I mean, you could use unsalted butter. I am a big fan of salty and sweet. So, the more salt for me, the better. But since we’re going to put a little bit of salt on top of these, you might want to use unsalted butter. But really, it’s just your preference. Now, traditionally, pralines are, you need like a candy thermometer, and you have to cook it
to a certain temperature. And we kind of eliminate that step by using xanthan gum. And that helps bring everything together, because if you don’t get
the temperature right, it could split, and then all
the butter will just melt out of your pralines onto your baking sheet. But we’ll avoid that step
by using xanthan gum. I love this ingredient so much. It really helps bring everything together, it’s just like, it just emulsifies it and makes everything
perfect and smooth and thick and just works so perfectly. Our butter is completely
melted, it’s starting to bubble. And you’re going to see in a little bit, there’s going to be little
brown specks in there, and that is our butter starting to brown. Okay, our butter is brown. Look at that, look at
that brown swirl in there. So, I’m going to turn off the heat, and now we can add in our heavy cream. And that’s going to help
stop the butter from burning. And I’m also going to
add in the sweetener. This is Lakanto sweetener. It is a one-for-one substitute for sugar. You could also use Swerve. Okay, and now we’re going
to add in our xanthan gum. Okay. And that’s going to help
it all come together. (gentle music) It’s already starting to come together. I’m going to turn the heat back on and bring this up to a simmer, so that xanthan gum will
have some time to work. Okay, our mixture is
starting to get thick. That xanthan gum has really
emulsified everything together. So, now, I’m going to add
in our chopped pecans. Going to stir that in. And now we’re going to
turn the heat back off. And this is got to cool. It’s got to cool enough to
where you can scoop it up without it just melting. It’s got to hold its shape a little bit. ‘Cause when it cools,
we’re going to scoop it into little pralines on
our baking sheet here, and then they will harden,
and our candy will be ready. So, you probably want to
remove this from the heat and let it cool, set it
aside and let it cool. You could even put it in the
refrigerator, if you want to. And then, we can continue
with the next step. Okay, here’s our praline
mixture out of the freezer. I actually put it in the freezer, set up a little bit quicker. And it’s ready, it’s scoopable,
so we’re going to scoop it on our prepared sheet here. This is just a sheet pan with a parchment, or not, you can use parchment paper, this is silicone. So I’m just going to scoop
these out with my scoop, and then, we’re going to put
these back in the freezer to harden up completely. (gentle music) Okay, I’m also going to
sprinkle a little bit of this crunchy salt on here. This is Maldon Sea Salt,
this is totally optional, but it is so good. I love salty sweet. Okay, I’m going to put
these back in the freezer. Okay, here are our
pralines out of the oven. They look so good. Not the oven, out of the freezer. It’s delicious. Little bit salty. You’re going to love this recipe, it’s perfect for the coming holidays. You can find the full recipe
down in the description below. And I will see you, guys, later, bye. (gentle music)

Randall Smitham