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Keto Casserole Recipes! Easy Freezer Meal Prep!

(upbeat music) – Hey, munchies, welcome everyone, whether you’re new or have been around. Either way I am stoked you are here. I have had tons of requests
for freezer meal prep ideas and I know so many of
you are on the keto train which is awesome so I have
got three casserole ideas that can all be prepared and then frozen so you can keep them on hand
to bake fresh on busy nights. Or you can actually bake
them and then freeze them. Whatever works for you. It’s easier than you think and you’re gonna save a
lot of time and money. I’ve got a keto shepherd’s
pie, a taco casserole and a breakfast for dinner
casserole coming your way. This video was made
possible by ButcherBox. I got all of the meat I’m using
in these recipes from them. I can’t believe it’s
taken me this long to try, but I am not looking back. It’s an amazing company
that has grown like crazy with a great story. They send high quality meat
directly to your doorstep. You really won’t find the same quality at this price anywhere and I know most of you doing keto really value the quality of your food so I thought this would
be the perfect time to tell you about it. I will get into it a
little bit more later, but I do have a special
deal for you today. If you use my link in the description, you get ground beef for life. Say what? Seriously, they only run
this deal once a year and I’m lucky enough to offer it to you. That is two pounds of ground beef for free in every box for the lifetime
of your subscription, plus you’ll get 20 bucks
off your first order. It’s only available for a limited time so get over there now
if you want the deal. You will also get free
shipping and get this, there is no commitment
to purchase monthly. Okay, let’s start with
my keto shepherd’s pie. You are not gonna
believe how easy this is. (upbeat music) For the meat mixture I start by adding a bit of oil and onion to a saucepan and cooking until tender. Add garlic and celery next. Celery is a great keto option
because it’s lower in carbs. Let that cook another couple of minutes so the celery starts to soften
and then in goes the beef. I got the ground beef
for life deal by the way and I am using it here. It’s nice to cook with free meat. Once that’s cooked through
and no longer pink, I stir in some fire
roasted tomatoes for flavor and zucchini. A lot of people don’t
realize that tomatoes actually have less carbs per gram than broccoli or brussel sprouts so don’t feel like you
have to avoid them on keto. Let the veggies soften and season the entire mixture
to taste with salt and pepper. Then I add a little broth and fresh thyme and just simmer it for five
minutes or so to integrate. That is the bottom layer of the casserole. But what’s the top? Usually it’s potatoes. We are making a cauliflower mash that fools the eye and the taste buds. I add cauliflower to boiling water and cook until fork tender. Drain for five minutes or so and then add to a food
processor with milk of choice. Plant-based, heavy cream
or regular will work. Butter which is optional, but a great keto-friendly addition. A little garlic, rosemary, thyme or both and salt and pepper. Blend. You could add sour cream to this. I wanted to have one recipe that could be done easily without dairy, but sour cream in mashed potatoes is always a good choice
if it’s on your menu. Blend that until smooth. I usually prefer chunky mashed potatoes, but for shepherd’s pie
we really want it smooth on top of that casserole. Pour that on top in the
center over the meat mixture so it’s easy to smooth
out and cover the surface. It’s ready to bake. If you want to freeze
it, you can wrap that up. Plastic wrap or foil work
as well as beeswax wraps which I discussed in last week’s
plastic alternatives video. You can also often get a freezer safe lid for your casserole. When you’re ready to bake, thaw it out in the fridge the night before and then just cook as you would normally. Feel free to broil at the end to get the top a little bit brown. Oh, man, this actually tastes
legit like shepherd’s pie. You would not know that mash had no potatoes in it just by tasting. It tastes comforting and sort of indulgent like it shouldn’t be as healthy as it is. Would you believe there’s only five grams of net carbs per serving? This is one of my
favorite weeknight meals. So good and so satisfying. What really steals the show
is the quality of this meat. The beef is so good. It tastes great and my mind is at ease knowing that there’s no
antibiotics or hormones. It’s humanely raised, 100%
grass fed and finished and certified pasture raised. Remember if you’re doing
keto, you’re not eating grains so it’s important to also be eating meat that hasn’t eaten grains. Grass fed is so, so
important for our health and that’s really the case
whether you’re doing keto or not. Next I have got a keto taco casserole. This one uses the
ButcherBox chicken thighs which are free range
and certified organic. In case you’re wondering
I got the custom box so I could pick the exact cuts I wanted, but you can also do a
hand-selected mix box which contains an assortment. My favorite method for shredding chicken is adding the thighs to a saucepan or you could use breasts, but fat is going to
offer more tender flavor and it’s keto so fat is
definitely preferred. Along with an onion, some
crushed garlic, a bay leaf and a generous pinch of salt and pepper. Cover with water and turn
it to high heat and boil. Turn it down once it boils, but keep it warm enough to
keep the water simmering gently until the chicken is super
tender around 30 minutes. Then you can transfer to a cutting board and shred apart easily. (upbeat music) For the casserole I add
oil and onion to a pan and cook for a few minutes. Then I add canned diced tomatoes, some diced green chiles
and that shredded chicken which of course you can shred
with any method you prefer. With a little taco seasoning. Go for a homemade so that
you know what’s in it. Heat it through and then set it aside. The other component is our veggies. Heat some oil with onion and this time add some green bell pepper. Green bell pepper is lower
in carbs than other colors so it’s a better choice for keto. After a couple of minutes, add cauliflower rice and a
little bit of taco seasoning to this mixture as well. Once it’s tender, remove, but it’s gonna cook more
in the oven, remember, so it’s okay if it’s not
fully softened at this stage. Now we can layer our casserole. In terms of freezing, if you don’t have a ton of
casserole dishes to spare and leave in your freezer for
weeks or months, try this. You can cover the dish in foil with enough to cover over the top and fill the casserole in that way. (upbeat music) I add the cauliflower/pepper
mix at the bottom, followed by some black
olives, that chicken mixture and a nice helping of cheese on top. It’s ready to bake now,
but if you wanna freeze, just fold over the foil, pop
it in the freezer overnight and when it’s a frozen block you can remove the foil
chunk from the casserole dish and return the foil to the
freezer with your casserole in it so then you still have your dish to use. When you’re ready to cook it, put the foil chunk back
in the casserole dish and thaw overnight and then continue with the baking process. It is that easy. You can totally do this trick for the first recipe I shared too. There is so much taco flavor. I know we use a lot of canned items which keep this affordable and easy, but it actually tastes so fresh. The chicken is so tender and part of that is because we cooked it on the bone. It’s a taco in casserole
form and it’s low carb, only six grams of net carbs per serving. You could also use ground
beef or any other ground meat or protein in place of
chicken in this dish. It is super easy to modify. I have to say it makes
me feel good to know that I can trust ButcherBox
to do the homework for me in terms of making sure the
small farms they work with are meeting their high quality standards. It takes so much of the stress away, not only from choosing, but also delivering it to my house. Okay, the last meal of the day is the breakfast for dinner casserole. I’m using the ButcherBox
breakfast sausage and bacon. I love this breakfast sausage. It is one of the best I found honestly, but I especially love it
because it has no added sugar and that is hard to find. All of the ButcherBox
products, even the bacon, are Whole30 approved. They have no added sugar, no
nitrates, nitrites, hormones. It is the good stuff, seriously. I start by cooking up
that sausage in a pan. Then I can remove it and
add chopped bacon to cook, but feel free to keep
it slightly undercooked since it is getting
cooked again in the oven. Remove the bacon from the pan, but leave enough of the fat
to cover the bottom of the pan because it is going to give
so much flavor to the veggies. I add onion and mushrooms
and saute for a minute, followed by some chopped asparagus and cook for around five
minutes until tender, but the asparagus is still a tad crisp. Add back the sausage and bacon and it gets dumped into a casserole dish. With sausage and bacon we need eggs. I whisk some together with milk. Nut milk, regular or
heavy cream are all fine. Whatever is on your keto menu is great. Along with salt and pepper. And that gets poured over
the entire casserole. I would not recommend the
foil trick for this one because those eggs are likely
to seep through the foil if you use multiple pieces and that would be nasty to deal with. Sausage, bacon, egg. All that’s missing is cheese. On top it goes and it’s
ready for baking or freezing. Sure, this is delicious for breakfast, but why not dinner? It is so tasty and it’s
great any time of day. Savory, satisfying and great textures. I love it topped with
a little hot sauce too. All ButcherBox pork is heritage breed pork that is raised with
traditional and sustainable farming methods that
I can feel good about. This baby only has three grams
of net carbs per serving. I have to encourage you to go
use the link in my description and sign up before it is too late to get the ground beef for life deal. Remember, there is no
commitment to purchase monthly and you’ll get free shipping
and $20 off your first box. It’s seriously the best deal
they offer all year long and I am stoked that I
was able to partake now. This is a limited deal, only
for the first 100 purchases. You must click the link and put your email in
to get the deal applied. It’s open to the contiguous 48 states for a very limited time. I appreciate you being here. I appreciate ButcherBox for supporting me and making this video possible. I hope you let me know if you try out these casserole dishes. Feel free to get creative
and make them your own. They are all very forgiving. I will be back next week
with a brand new episode and remember, it’s all a
matter of mind over munch.

Randall Smitham



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