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Keto Chaffle Test Kitchen – a More Waffley Chaffle?

hey there it’s Steve from SeriousKeto.com and in this video we’re going
to be doing a little chaffle Test Kitchen
to see if we can create a better base
chaffle recipe but before we do that if
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new video if you watched my previous
chaffle video which I’ll link to up here
you know that I became a very rapid
converts to the chaffle the chapel is
pretty amazing and there are a ton of
videos out there that I’ve seen where
people are throwing all kinds of
additional stuff into a chaffle like to
make a cheeseburger chaffle or a pizza
trifle or a red velvet cake
chaffle to me that just shows the
versatility of the base chaffle recipe
but what I haven’t seen is people trying
to improve upon the base cha ‘full so I
thought I would give it a try
a couple weeks ago my daughter and I
made a couple of videos where we tested
out birch benders paleo birch benders
keto and carbquik to see what would
make the best waffle so I got the crazy
idea what would happen if you added a
tablespoon of any one of those to the
base chaffle recipe and that’s what
we’re gonna try out today first the base
let’s give it a taste what can you say
the base truffle is fantastic it still
just blows my mind it was just two
ingredients you can make something that
tastes so good but I have never been one
to leave well enough alone so let’s try
it out with birch benders Kido
so definitely denser chewier dryer and i
it doesn’t really bring anything of
value to the flavor in fact I definitely
prefer the base chaffle to this so that
is not a win next up we have birch
benders paleo and if you watched our
other videos which I’ll link to at the
end of this video you’ll see that this
was our winner
over both carb quick and birch benders
like the birch benders keto this is
chewier it’s denser but it actually has
a decent flavor it brings a little bit
of a sort of a cracker type of a flavor
to it so this is not too bad
it is however the Paleo version of birch
benders so it brings some carbs to the
party in fact a tablespoon of birch
benders paleo will add four carbs to the
recipe net or two net carbs
per chaffle I think I might like this
as far as a sandwich chaffle more than
the base chopped but you have to decide
if you want to add those additional
carbs or not finally we have the carb
quick chop this in terms of waffles carb
quick was our least favorite we really
didn’t care much for the taste or the
texture let’s see how it behaves in a
so like the birch benders carb quick
also makes for a denser truffle also 1
tablespoon of carb quick has less than
one gram of net carbs so very little
impact on your macros what’s surprising
to me is I thought I would like this the
least because I liked it the least in
terms of waffles yet I like it the most
here in the chaffle I feel like this
one will be the best one with some
butter and some syrup on it
yeah really this one to me is the most
waffley tasting waffle again it’s not
gonna give you that lightness that you
would get in a yeast based waffle but
this this would satisfy my waffle
craving if I had a waffle craving so to
summarize did we build a better chaffle
here depends on what you’re looking for
I think that the birch benders keto you
can pass on that I think if you’re
looking for more of a crackery flavor
perhaps something that might be good for
a sandwich that birch benders paleo
works out nicely
granted you are getting a few additional
grams of carbs I think if you’re looking
for the most waffley waffle and you
want something that you can put butter
and maple syrup on sugar free of course
carbquik works for you
but the base chaffle is still outstanding
and a great delivery mechanism for about
anything I mean it’s I stand by my
previous video this is truly a keto
game-changer I have a few ideas for
other variations on the chaffle base
recipe so look for those videos soon and
thanks for watching

Randall Smitham



  1. TeamDaveAndMon Posted on August 16, 2019 at 3:23 pm

    Those look amazing thanks for sharing 🙂