February 22, 2020
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Keto Chinese Food: 6 Simple Steps to Order Low Carb + Keto Menu Items

[Text: Keto Chinese Food: 6 Simple Steps to Order Low Carb] [Text: To help you stay keto at any Chinses restaurant,] [Text: We’ve created this step-by-step guide along with a list of the most common keto-friendly Chinese foods!] [Text: Step 1 – Opt for an authentic Chinese restaurant, avoid Americanized Chinese fast-food] [Text: Authentic Chinese “mom and pop” restaurants typically use recipes that have been passed down for generations,] [Text: Which rely more on quality seasonings and spices, versus sugar and cornstarch.] [Text: Step 2 – Look for the meat and vegetable-based dishes on the menu] [Text: Though the Chinese names of some of the meals can make it challenging to know exactly what the food is,] [Text: There are more obvious options like steamed chicken and vegetables, steamed shrimp and vegetables, and spare ribs.] [Text: Step 3 – Avoid hidden ingredients like cornstarch and sugar] [Text: Many Chinese foods contain hidden ingredients like cornstarch and sugar] [Text: to add flavor and texture, but too much of these ingredients will kick you out of ketosis!] [Text: Here are a few places cornstarch and sugar might be hiding:] [Text: Thick sauces: Including brown sauce, sweet and sour sauce, duck sauce, hoisin sauce, and oyster sauce.] [Text: Thick soups: Avoid soups like hot and sour, opt for egg drop soup instead.] [Text: Step 4 – Ask your server for nutritional info] [Text: Ask questions like: Is the nutrition information available for your menu? Is this dish low carb? Does this menu item contain sugar or cornstarch?] [Text: Step 5 – Get the sauce on the side] [Text: Your best bet is to skip the sauce entirely, but if you can’t live without it,] [Text: At least order it on the side so you can control how much is on your dish.] [Text: Step 6 – Substitute steamed veggies for rice (or skip it!)] [Text: At 45 grams of net carbs for each cup of rice,] [Text: This is one side that’s a total no-no on the keto diet.] [Text: For more, including keto Chinese menu items, check out the full guide! (Link in description) [Natural Force logo and text: Natural Force]

Randall Smitham