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hey guys Suz here welcome back to
another what’s for dinner on keto video today is a special keto Christmas dinner
idea meal prep so today we’ll be making a keto holiday glazed ham keto goat
cheese cauliflower mashed keto green bean casserole and keto dinner rolls so
if that sounds like something that you’re interested in seeing go ahead and
stick around let’s get into the video so first up we’re gonna get started on our
keto herbed goat cheese cauliflower mash this is a recipe as most of these
recipes are today that is inspired and adapted from Kyndra Holley’s from over at
peace love and low-carb love love love her so to start with I’m taking about
four cups of frozen cauliflower and just arranging it on a cookie sheet I do have
my oven preheated to 425 then I’m just gonna season it really well with some
sea salt and some ground black pepper and go ahead and like I said at 425 pop
this in the oven for half an hour once it comes out I did let it cool slightly
before I put it in the food processor just because it’s plastic even though
it’s hard plastic that’s a little questionable so I just stuffed all that
cauliflower into the food processor and to that I am going to go ahead and
add 1/4 of a cup butter which is just half of a regular stick and then I’m
gonna add four ounces of goat cheese I just kind of crumbled that a half a cup
of grated Parmesan cheese 1/4 a cup of sour cream and a half a cup of heavy cream two teaspoons of minced garlic and then
a seasoning blend of two tablespoons chives and I just use freeze-dried
chives 1/4 of a teaspoon plus a little extra of dried dill and about 1/8 of a
teaspoon red pepper flakes and then I’m just gonna blend this on up process it
I guess as it’s a food processor then when this is done this is the
consistency it looks like I just grabbed a glass loaf pan and I’m just gonna plop
this all out into it and then spread it evenly and go ahead and stick it to the
side to pop it in the oven to heat up later so next up we’re gonna get started
on our ham by going ahead and making our maple glaze for that so to start with I
just took a half a cup of butter and melted that in a small saucepan added to
that a cup of brown swerve and to this I’m going to add two tablespoons of the
Choc Zero maple syrup that’s to give it the maple flavor and in place of using
like a molasses and I’m adding two tablespoons of Dijon mustard to that along with two teaspoons of minced
garlic 1/2 a teaspoon of cinnamon and 1/4 of teaspoon of ground cloves and
then I’m just gonna whisk this together until all of that dissolves and it’s
thickened up just a little to make a nice and easily spreadable glaze
now getting started on the ham this is a spiral ham it is I think 8 to 10 pounds
watch out with this guys this one is cured with a tiny tiny bit of sugar the
carb count wasn’t too high on it for me to not go ahead and cook it after my
husband picked it up from the store as the spiralized hams are more expensive
but I would have preferred an uncured ham so you know to each their own make
your own decision on that so I just put it in a regular casserole dish I’m
adding 1/4 a cup of water to the bottom of it I almost forgot to take the
plastic part that covers the bone on the bottom so make sure you guys do that if
you cook a ham so there you go toss that in the trash I do have my oven preheated
to 350 and I’m just gonna go ahead and cover this with foil and go ahead and
bake it without any glaze for a half-hour before we start glazing and
basting while that is in the oven I’m gonna get started on my keto dinner rolls so
this is a questionable recipe that I’m not sure I can even find a link down
below but it did turn out well in the end but was kind of hard to come
together I did cut it in half so I’m adding a half a block of cream cheese
along with that one and a half cups of mozzarella to my saucepan over low heat
and we’re just melting and mixing those together just like you would any kind of
fathead dough once that’s melted I am just going to turn it out into a plastic
mixing dish I love the way that looks and to it add some dry ingredients so I’m
adding 4 excuse me 2 tablespoons of baking powder and bear with me this
sounds weird half a cup plus 2 tablespoons plus 2
teaspoons of almond flour which I ended up having to add more
and as usual I’m using my silicon spoon to just knead that together before I add
two eggs and again mixing it all together and once I have everything well
incorporated and mixed I’m gonna sit this down to the side and let it rest
for about 20 minutes and while it’s doing that it is time to pull my ham
out of the oven and go ahead and start basting it so I’m just gonna use a
silicone basting brush and we’re just gonna cover the whole outside and in
between the layers with the maple glaze that we just made so it doesn’t have to
be perfect I’m gonna repeat this process over and over again every 15 minutes for
about two to two-and-a-half hours total and your cooking time depending on how
cooked you want your ham it obviously starts out as a fully cooked ham and
you’re just basically trying to heat it all the way through and get that glaze
cooked in there I do like to try to get it in between
all of the layers just love spiral ham so much I wish I could find one that’s
all the way uncured and not like I’m sure it’s prob like a hundred dollars
right so then I’m just popping that in the oven like I said I did up the
temperature to 425 and while that’s going I am going to get started on
rolling out my dinner rolls now that my dough is set I did have to repeatedly
coat my hands in avocado oil and I did add 1/4 of a cup to a half a cup almond
flour to this to get it to the consistency I wanted but once I had them
rolled out I think I aimed for 12 here I just sat the whole plate in the fridge
and let them chill for about 20 minutes while those were chilling it’s time to
pull out our ham again and baste another time so now that the ham has gotten hot
most of the way through I am using a metal spatula to assist me in picking up
those layers and getting the glaze in between all of those and we’re gonna pop this back into the
oven for another 15 minutes and while that’s going I’m gonna get started on keto
green bean casserole by boiling up some cut green beans that I had in the
freezer it’s just a whole bag while those are boiling I’m taking a cast-iron
smaller Dutch oven and melting a couple tablespoons butter in the bottom of it
and pulling out my chilled dough balls and putting them in there to where they
touch I lowered the temperature on the oven to 400 and when I pull out the ham
to baste it again I’m popping these in for 20 to 25 minutes now working on the
green bean casserole again in this dish I have 1/2 a cup of almond flour and a
teaspoon of sea salt 1/2 a teaspoon black pepper and I just mixed that all
together I took a medium onion and sliced it
thinly and I’m just putting that in here to coat Kyndra Holley when she makes
this she of course adds mushrooms to her green bean casserole and she adds
shallots which are so tasty I just use onion but again the original recipe is
linked down below if you want to try how she does it
so put the onions in fully coated them over in a skillet on the stove
medium-high heat avocado oil slapped those onions in there
and started frying them up this made the whole house smell so
delicious you would have thought I was cooking the most carb laden food ever so next I’m gonna get started on the cream
sauce so I took a couple tablespoons of butter in a large saucepan added two
teaspoons of minced garlic and I’m just sauteing those together kind of let
those go a little longer than I normally would to that I’m adding a half a cup of
chicken stock and a half a cup of heavy cream and mixing that up I just brought
it to a boil and then simmer once it got a little thicker I added 1/4 of a cup of
grated Parmesan cheese and just whisk that all together until it gets to the
consistency that I like meanwhile took the rolls out this is what they look
like nothing to write home about but they did end up tasting so delicious and
here’s our ham all cooked up out of the oven ready to slap our sides in so
threw those green beans into the sauce fully coated them and then I’m just
going to add those to an 8×8 baking dish and then here’s our fried onions I’m
just gonna put those on the top so so delicious oh my gosh this was so
good I wasn’t as crazy about the garlic mash I thought it was a little too heavy
on the parm but my husband loved love loved it
but this green bean casserole was definitely a winner and the dinner rolls
as finicky as they were were definitely a winner
and obviously the ham was delicious alright so just popped that all in the
oven I topped my mash with a little parsley this is what they all look like when
they come out and here it is all plated up guys
yummy yummy yummy Keto holiday ham goat cheese cauliflower mash green bean
casserole keto dinner rolls oh my gosh this was so so good guys I hope this
gave you some inspiration for some items that you can cook for Christmas or any
of the other many holidays that everyone’s celebrating this time of year
if you like this video please give it a thumbs up comment down below what your
favorite thing is to cook over Christmas and just all the holidays in general and
make sure you’re subscribed to our channel so you never miss a what’s for
dinner on keto video we drop new ones every single Sunday till next time bye
guys music music music

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