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Keto coconut Fat Bomb | Bodyprocoach by Praveen & Maahek Nair | BodyProCoach Nutrition

The most frequently asked question when
it’s about dieting, when it’s about being on a strict lifestyle it’s about how do I
control my cravings and we’ve got the right answer for you and Maahek is going
to talk about it, so today we’re going to be making a keto coconut fat Bomb, that’s a
dessert and it’s really yum let’s see how do we go about with,
so you need a blender I have 1 cup of almonds with me, i wanna share one more
things with you guys that when you eat such kind of good food it releases
endorphins and they’re known as happy hormones yeah, so here I’ve got sunflower
seeds that’s about half a cup of sunflower seeds then I have got half a
cup of pumpkin seeds so these are really highly packed
with good amount of nutrients that’s what I’ve got is a shredded coconut
so that’s dried shredded coconut that’s about again half a cup then I have less
than half a cup of stevia that’s powdered sugar, so the good thing about stevia is that it still keeps you in ketosis at the same time it gives you a great taste
of sugar I have I’m gonna be putting a pinch of Himalayan salt, then we have coconut milk and my favorite that’s about one cup coconut milk and
there we have extra virgin coconut oil that’s again less than half of coconut
oil so the bottom line is that it is full of fats,
it’s full of nutrients so you wanna make sure that you don’t eat this whole you want to
share this with your friends and family and there we go we’re done so our keto coconut fat bomb is ready
yeah so it’s really amazing you all should try this and specially for the
festival for Indians Diwali or ganpathi all of you all should try making this what
happens is when you eat anything sweet your body and your brain sends a signal
and your body releases a substance called as serotonin
it takes care of your overall well-being so desserts are amazing to keep your
weight even balanced but yes if they are nutritive and highly concerned and made
with proper portion size there’s some interesting information given Maahek
there we go so they’re completely loaded with nutrients because we have pumpkin
seeds we have sunflower seeds, we have almonds we
have extra virgin coconut oil alright so what you need to do now is that you’re
gonna put it in the refrigerator for about four hours yeah and it’s good to serve
or probably good to eat all right guys so I’m gonna put there we go
and they’re done so our keto coconut fat bomb is done, thank you for
tuning in we’re looking forward to see you in the next video please do comment
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  1. raghav gupta Posted on September 20, 2018 at 12:41 pm

    That must be so satisfying to eat 👍