April 6, 2020
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Keto Corn Dog Recipe Review

hey guys my name is Ashley and today we
are going to be trying out a corn dog
recipe that was done by KetoFocus back
in 2018 and I know she was giving credit
to Keto.Copy from Instagram so I’ll go
ahead and link both of their YouTube’s
and instagrams on the description below
but I did want to try this corn dog
recipe it’s something that’s super fast
I usually I’m more prepared but I
thought this was super cool and I didn’t
want to try it out and I wanted you to
go ahead and join us while we try this
recipe out let’s get started alright so
in her recipe she did use a fat head
girl recipe for the corn dog she did use
the ten ounces of mozzarella cheese 1
egg 5 ounces of almond flour and 1
teaspoon of baking powder we are
supposed to combine the almond flour and
the baking powder in a small bowl so she
use this bowl right here so we’re going
to go ahead and put this with the baking
powder and now we’re gonna go ahead and
mix it
now she’s gonna mix it so now that we
have it mixed we’re gonna going to put
this to this side and then we’re going
to go ahead and put our mozzarella
cheese in the microwave for 60 seconds
and until it’s melted ready we keep
folding it and stuff and then when it
cools down a little bit more I’m gonna
go ahead and add the egg if you notice
it’s missing the cream cheese that’s
normally inside the front head dome okay
so now that we have completely mixed the
cheese we’re gonna go ahead and add the
egg you can go ahead and do with my hand
and mix it or if you have an electric
mixer even better so I’m gonna go ahead
and try to do it manually if not try the
electric mixer okay so I tried to mix it
by hand and so far it looks like this
okay so we’ve pretty much mix the egg
with the cheese so now we’re going to go
ahead and add some almond flour and we
decided to change it to an electrical
I mean now that our ingredients are
mixed I’m gonna go ahead and need to do
so go ahead and put some almond flour on
whatever so I fist that you’re gonna go
ahead and be kneading the dough um just
to help it to be less sticky and I’m
just going to use my counter and there
you go
okay so now that we’re done kneading the
dope we’re gonna go ahead and flatten it
out and then cover our weenies so now
that our dough is flat in the nice and
pretty we’re gonna go ahead and prepare
our weenies
so brand-new during this time while I’m
preparing the weenies I have already put
an olive oil in inside a pound which I’m
going to be using to fry the corn dogs
so now our weenies are ready you know
they look kind of funny but they’re
ready we’re going to go ahead and start
putting the dough around the weenies
and so now we’re going to go ahead and
fry our corn dog
and we’re done
all right facing we are pretty much done
I have one more that’s frying and this
is how they look like they look a little
bit crunchy they look pretty good they
smell pretty good so I’m gonna go ahead
and take him out with my family and I’m
gonna go ahead and see what they feed
alright guys so I finished making the
corn dogs I already ate one and a half I
went and a half corn dogs and I already
packed them in the freezer so I should
go ahead and eat for next time I’m so
I’m done with that I did have a little
bit of dill left and so what I’m gonna
go ahead and do I’m gonna go ahead and
make elephant ears like the second video
that KetoFocus did in her her channel
alright so let’s go ahead and get
started so for the recipe the topping of
the elephant ear is gonna call for 1/4 cup
of Swerve and then 1 teaspoon (Cinnamon) so in her
video she made like elephant looking
ears I’m just gonna cut pieces because I
don’t know what else to do
I made four pieces I think they’re
supposed to be thicker cuz in her video
they were a little bit thicker so we can
cut oh my god
okay failed attempt number one okay so
let’s just oh my gosh
fell the tip number two okay so I think
we need to make it a little bit thicker
so let’s try it again
they do not look like elephant ears but
that’s okay
we’ll work with it okay so it looks like
it’s gonna fall apart but there you go
okay so I went ahead and already mixed
my swear van my cinnamon don’t mind the
hard pieces of this work I just hadn’t
used this orb in a long time so it just
clumped up like that but we’re going to
go ahead and stick one of our elephant
so this is the results we got for funny
looking elephant ears um or they
actually look like bunuelos I don’t know
if it’s the same thing maybe because
they’re not … so they’re thicker
than a tortilla but that’s basically
what it is guys I’m already tired okay
guys so we are done using all of our
dough we’ve already made the the corn
dogs which we’re pretty good we’ve made
the elephant ears which are pretty good
also definitely recommend those recipes
and I do want to go ahead and thank
Keto.copy on Instagram and also Keto
Focus you can go ahead and just check
out their channels check out their
recipes and of course guys if you have
another recipe for corndogs that have a
lower carb count definitely share that
with me I want to go ahead and try it
out and try to say ketosis come find me
and ketosis after a long time and eating
crap because I’m into school but that is
no excuse right so go ahead and like
comment and subscribe to see more and
I’ll go ahead and try to make more
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