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Keto Crackers – Charlie Foundation | Keto Recipes

Welcome to keto meals and recipes dot com
Today I will be demonstrating how I adapted
an almond cracker recipe which I
found on the Charlie Foundation website
The Charlie Foundation is part of the famous US Mayo Clinic
and the Charlie Foundation is famous for its
ketogenic therapies to control
uncontrollable epilepsy,
cancer, and some other metabolic conditions
So if you have a moment, please do check them out
I’ll provide the link
to the original recipe in the description below
I made slight modification to the original recipe
and the result was a crispy and buttery cracker
And is a perfect cracker to serve with my cheeseball,
or dipping sauces
I’ll give you a few suggestions at the end. This recipe
made 48, one inch
or 2.5 centimeter crackers. I made them all uniform
so I could keep track of the macros
more easily, and the macro ratio
for each cracker is
5.2 to 1 with 0.4 grams of
total carbs, 0.3 grams of dietary fibre,
resulting in 0.1 gram of net carbs
per single one inch cracker. Now to start
These crackers are very easy to make, and
there are only six simple ingredients. And the first of
the things to do, is to dry roast the
whole macadamia nuts over medium heat
If you’re not familiar with the term “dry roasting”
all it means is you take a pan, you heat it up
you do not add any oil or butter or any lubricant
and roast them for a few minutes until they become nice a fragrant
this will bring out the natural oils, and
enhance the flavor of the nuts
I prefer to roast my own macadamia nuts because I know
the flavor will be the freshest
and the natural oils will be at their best as well
when the nuts are done, immediately remove them
from the heat, and place them into a cool bowl
to stop them from browning and developing any further
and its really important that you let the nuts cool completely before
proceeding. And when your nuts are completely cool,
grind them to a very fine flour texture. You can use
any device you have, such as a food processor,
bullet or spice grinder
as long as you get a very fine flour consistency
then set the flour aside for a moment
Now to make the cracker dough. Get a medium size mixing bowl
and to it, add your almond flour,
your macadamia nut flour, and whisk or stir well to combine the dry ingredients.
To the dry ingredients mixture, add the olive oil,
and the salt, and whisk or stir well
to combine all the ingredients thus far. Now add
the egg whites, and stir the egg whites into the rest
of the mixture. After the egg whites have been well-combined, add
the whole psyllium husk, not the powdered but the
whole psyllium husk. Stir well to combine
and work the ingredients into a smooth dough
then let the dough rest for about 15 to 30 minutes
This will allow the time for the egg whites to be
absorbed by the nut flours, and while you’re waiting,
preheat your oven to 325
degrees fahrenheit or 160 degrees
celsius, and prepare your
cookie sheet by lining it with a piece of parchment paper
The dough for these crackers is really sticky
When the dough has rested, remove the parchment from your
cookie sheet. Put it on your work surface,
and cover it with cling wrap
That’ll work better than a second layer of parchment paper
And then use a rolling pin to roll it out as thin as
you like. The thinner they are, the crispier
the crackers will be. If you leave them too thick,
they’ll still be delicious.
but they’ll be more like a biscuit than a cracker
So, again, please roll them out
as thin as you possibly can get them
and then just remove the cling wrap
also try to make the dough into as nice of a
rectangle as you possibly can.When I make these crackers,
I form them into an approximately 8 inch
by 6 inch, or approximately 20
by 15 centimeter rectangle, and then use a
ruler, or some way of measuring in such a way that
you can create your equally-sized crackers
While you’re measuring out, it’s also
a really good idea to score the dough right to the paper
because this will make it much easier to separate
the crackers once they’re baked. Then slide
the parchment and cookie dough back onto your baking sheet
and place in the middle position of your oven
and bake for 10 to 15 minutes, or until the crackers
are a light golden color. I’d also like to recommend
unless you have a really excellent oven
you should rotate the cookie sheet at about the 8 minute mark
just to make sure that all parts of your cookie sheet and your crackers
get baked evenly. By the way, this 8 to 10 minutes
is a guideline. If you like your crackers
a little bit more well-done, or your oven temperature isn’t
consistent, you made need to add a few minutes
to the baking time. Be careful.
Keep an eye them, because you really don’t want to burn them. They should be
very light in color.
Allow the crackers to cool on the pan before removing them.
When I know that my crackers have cooled to room temperature,
I transfer the crackers off the parchment and
onto a cooling rack. This will allow both the top
and the bottom to crisp up evenly. If you leave them on the
parchment, the bottom will stay soggier
And then just let them rest on your counter for
a few hours or overnight, until you need them.
It’s really important that you allow them to air dry for a little while
because the crackers will be very crumbly
and especially when they’re still warm and
that’s not the result I’m going after. And if you want a really
crisp, crunchy cracker with a nice snap
make them the night before you’re going to use them, and let them air dry overnight
However, if you’re making these ahead of time,
I store my crackers in a zip-lock baggie, or
air-tight container, and put that into my fridge
These crackers will store really well in your fridge for
about 3 days. Or, if you’re making several batches, for an occasional time to time treat, then these crackers can also be frozen. And they’ll keep in the freezer for
a couple months easily. If you do freeze them,
do allow the crackers to thaw on your counter, and
if the crackers seem too soft, just put them back
onto your parchment-lined baking sheet, and bake for a few minutes
in your preheated oven, but don’t forget: keep a
very close eye on them because they’ve already been baked once
All you’re trying to do is to take out the moisture of these
pre-frozen crackers. As I mentioned,
they’re a wonderful accompaniment for game night
or parties, and I really love
to serve these crackers with my cheese football
But, if you want a different taste profile,
I also use these crackers with my Authentic Mexican
Guacamole. And that comes in either
smooth or chunky version, so I hope you check out that
video as well, and with both the cheese
football, or the guacamole, you can prepare a platter of
veggies to go along with the crackers
Oh, one more thing: I also serve these crackers and
the veggies with my Roasted Red Pepper Sauce
or Ajvar Sauce
The buttery crackers and the red pepper sauce are
an amazing flavor combination. if you want
more chips than just one or
two batches of my crackers. I would highly
recommend you try my nacho chips. The link
for all of the recommendations will be posted in the description below
I hope you make these delicious, buttery crackers for your next superbowl party, game night
or get-together, or just because you want a snack
For whatever purpose you use them, I really hope you enjoy them as much as we do.
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Randall Smitham



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