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Good morning, y’all! So, right now I’m
actually warming my car up. I should
have did this earlier, but you know queen
of procrastination that’s me! Ummm… I am
going to go to the gym I don’t know what
I’m going to do probably going to decide
when I walk in there who knows and y’all
it’s so funny because I have on my Planet
Fitness shirt on right now but I’m going to
extreme fitness and they probably gonna be like what in
the world but you know it doesn’t matter
Well you guys, so I am here at GNC to get
some keto friendly snacks. Ummmm yeah, so let me show y’all
what I’m thinking about getting. Well, I
know I definitely am going to get the
Smart Sweets Plant-Based Sour Blast
Buddies because I’m literally addicted
like I need help because it’s so good (laughs)
Next, is the Smart Sweets Gummy Bears. This is the fruity kind love these so much as well!
The next item is Performix (laughs) that’s so hard to
say Performix Protein Bark it is the
Dark Chocolate Peanut I know my friend
Corliss recommended this so girl Imma
try it because you recommended it okay so
nutrition facts is 150 calories 10 grams
of fat 8 grams of carbs 7 grams of fiber
okay thank you to Corliss I see you
girl one gram of total sugars and 10
grams of protein. I’m in the car now
because I just don’t want to keep
recording in GNC so yeah I did get a
couple more items. I got the No Cow
Raspberry Truffle Bar. It was on sale for
$1.50. Ummm, every time… I always some type of
way end up digging my hand in the
little clearance area and buying
I also got two of the Bang Energy Drinks um I got the Bang Sour Heads… Of course! Because this one is
freakin’ delicious and I also got the
Bang Lemon Drop. I didn’t plan on getting
this one but she was like oh we got two
for $4 I was like oh girl well let me
get some she told me that it’s hard for
her to keep this one in stock so
hopefully y’all I found a new drink with
them cuz right now
my number one favorite is the Bang Sour Heads
this one is freaking delicious.
I don’t
know if y’all care but here is the proof
of the stuff I got and it ended up
being 15.60 now
y’all I’m about to go work out because
I’ve been prolonging my workouts today
so yeah I gotta workout!
Well, you guys, so I think I’m being pranked right because I don’t see anybody hereeeee… Aye Aye Ayeeee!
I’m here at the gym ummm I don’t know what I’m going
to do. My Upper Body is still sore. I just
don’t feel like doing my lower body and
I hate doing my non-existent abs soooo I don’t know what I’m going to do!
Workout Beginssssss!
Alright you guys, so I’m about to do just a little bit of cardio. I didn’t go like hard, hard today and that’s cool
every day is not gonna be like balls to the wall hardcore workout and today is
just not that day and I’m cool with it.
Well, you guys I am on like the little
bike machine or whatever because
the two ellipticals are making like
this noise… like a weird noise… and I’m
not trying to blow up on it so yeah (laughs)
Okay, y’all so I’m gonna stop when I hit 15
minutes but here is what my numbers are
looking like right now. I didn’t go fast
or nothing like that. I’m just sitting here
watching Keto Connect and just chilling.
Well, you guys I’m just sitting here in the
car waiting on my mother but I am going
to try this No Cow Raspberry Truffle Bar
hopefully it’s good… fingers crossed
because I don’t want it to be nasty I
really need something good in my
mouth. Here are the nutrition facts and
they are
vegan, non-gmo, soy free, gluten-free,
no sugar added, and non dairy.
Upon opening
this, it smells really good um just so y’all
can see what it looks like that’s cute
this does have like the little protein
taste but I really do like, like the bits
of raspberry in this. I really do like it
this is good! Now, that lemon meringue pie
that was not it for me, but this… This is good.
Honestly, I don’t know if I just like it
because like I’m hungry I haven’t eaten
but I can rock with this. Now, I’m about
to try the Bang Energy Lemon Drop flavor
hopefully it’s good y’all
smells really good smells very lemony… (Laughs)
that was so lame okay hmm
In my opinion, that flavor is cool or
whatever but still to me the
Bang Energy Sour Heads flavor is the best so far
because I’ve tried also the citrus twist
still again Sour Heads is number one.
When you just don’t care anything about
parking y’all haha
I got done with a nice
little workout and now I’m having my
first meal of the day I’m having two
pieces of bacon strips two eggs and
green beans and I put a whole lot of
salt and pepper in my eggs and green
beans and that literally makes my soul
happy right now I found this girl on
YouTube her name is TheBritainSnowEffect
and OMG she had this video and
she made some low-carb friendly nachos
and I was like whatttt and so yes I’m
gonna try to make it already put my
avocado oil plant-based butter in here
but I may also add a little bit of olive
oil as well and oh yeah let me tell
y’all the tortilla I use is from Mission Carb Balance and it is five grams net carbs
and it is their whole-wheat
tortillas just in case y’all want to
know what it looks like here it is and I
got mine at Walmart so yeah chop this up
and I don’t be buying them all though but
I’m just saying. These are five grams net carbs
and the bigger one is actually
eight grams net carbs so yeah for me I’m
just gonna use the Gardein beefless
ground you can just use
regular meat if you want to and I’m also
going to use my Vegan Dairy-Free Chao cheese slices this is the creamy
original kind.
Wow you guys so I am
literally shook right now like oh my
Alright you guys, so we are about to go
vote. I was like there’s no point of me
changing clothes because my mother says
that she wants to work out today too so
guess I’m gonna be doing two-a-days
today oh what fun
your girl just voted here’s my proof ayeeeee
Here at McDonald’s and I ordered the bacon ranch chicken salad
but I got no cheese in it and I’m not eating ranch dressing
so I got Italian dressing look
how cute it is y’all like I love how
they have it section like this
Thank You For Watching 🙂

Randall Smitham



  1. Gigi Hills Posted on December 18, 2018 at 8:56 pm

    That body is looking GUUD!!

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    Is it hard doing Keto and being dairy free?

  3. Taylor Smith Posted on December 18, 2018 at 11:16 pm

    You are motivating me to start going to the gym in 2019. I have to get all my cravings out of the way before then

  4. Kimberly Davis Posted on December 18, 2018 at 11:52 pm

    What is that workout at 3:01 it look so hard

  5. 20alphabet Posted on December 19, 2018 at 3:20 am

    Such a pretty smile. You should focus on blood pressure and heart rate more than trying to slim down. Many skinny folks aren't as happy and healthy as you.

  6. Keto4Deb Posted on December 19, 2018 at 10:18 am

    Cool video. Fun day. Great info. 👍😊

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    Great motivation my friend. Much respect. Keep it up!

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    You have natural hair just like me and you are doing KETO IM A NEW SUBBIE. I need to do dairy free keto because my stomach don’t act right with it