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Keto Day 13 Update | Protein Shakes Vs. Real Protein After Workout

we’re almost to two weeks
today is day 13 keto update and in
today’s vlog I’m gonna show you what
happened when I ate one day we’re at a
regular protein after my workout and
then on another day I a drink a protein
shake and I’m going to tell you which
one I felt better after and did it
affect my training or performance in the
following days so stay tuned for that I
have is that if you watch my vlog
yesterday you’ll see that I reduce the
amount of protein that I was eating and
I kept my that’s very high but yesterday
I took my carbs up to 20 total carbs but
I kept my protein low and I ate the
correct amount of fat and I’ll put my
macros right here
but guys guess what happened again this
morning check this out
rolling no bulletproof coffee nope
because I’m currently at 14 hours
fastest and going to Train what’s that
I’m a crazy person few more second tell
you this training fasted I my heart is
beating out of my chest there’s weird
signs of energy my endurance I just it
seems perfectly fine but Sam my heart is
beating out of my chest the dreaded
cardio see we’re doing the protein shake
today I just took my first step of it
it’s good but certainly not what I want
to be doing after a grueling workout
using the protein shake and I have to
tell you right off the bat that my
stomach it’s funny how you don’t notice
some things until you do something else
and then by comparison you notice it my
stomach feels so upset right now
like bloated and just kind of gross and
like I’m still hungry
day 2
okay guys I just wanted to tell you
about something kind of funny so you
know that little machine you’ll see it
behind me he’s doing it right there
where you’re doing Hyper’s and you’re
coming up so it was always until just
now it was always turned so that your
butt is facing like everybody in the gym
and I asked the girl that kind of runs
the gym like hey how come you all had to
turn that way and she said oh my god I
am always so self-conscious about that
too so she walked over there and spun it
around the correct way so now look what
we’re working with now it’s facing the
right way
you can do a full hyper and really
crunch that nasty cellulite together and
I forgot it so I’m gonna go over to the
gas station and grab – alright I just
ate the egg and cheese thing that you
guys and you know that wouldn’t really
have worked except that there is a gas
station right across the street from my
gym so it’s literally like 30 seconds
after I finished my workout I have to
tell you I really enjoy eating real food
after my workout like that is a much
better option to me I don’t know why
I’ve been drinking protein shakes and I
know that you know that foods not as
bioavailable you know cannot be as
readily digested and refill your muscles
and all of that but you know I don’t
really care so much about that that’s
not as big of a deal to me and just
getting food into my body and refueling
myself so I don’t feel bloated I don’t
feel hungry
I don’t feel shaky my stomach’s not
upset I feel satisfied and full and
happy so I guess the takeaway here is
I’m gonna start just eating two
hard-boiled eggs and some cheese and
maybe some almonds and maybe like one
slice of a carbohydrate I would
recommend absolutely trying this for
yourself and see how you feel because
first off protein shakes are not cheap I
know they’re convenient and I’m not
saying that I’ll never have another
protein shake because I will if I’m
traveling or whatever for sure but for
everyday just kind of going through my
day and that’s 25 grams of protein every
time I drink a protein shake
so what I’d rather have bad or too hard
Boateng I would definitely rather have
two hard-boiled eggs and hard-boiled
eggs are just as easy to you know cook
12 at a time throw them in Ziploc bag
and throw them in you know a little
cooler put it in your gym bag or stored
in your gym bag guys if you workout for
an hour even an hour to half and they’ll
be fine think about how long those
things is it out and like a brunch so
they’re totally fine to do that anyway I
just wanted to run this test for myself
and see what happen highly recommend it
and no for myself but if you’re enjoying
this journey I would love to have you
along for the ride I’d love to have you
consider subscribing or hitting the like
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suggestions in the comments below and
let me know what do you do do you drink
protein shakes to UE regular protein is
it something you would try let me know
in the comments down below and I will
see you guys tomorrow which is day 14
otherwise known as the 2 week update
see you guys then do not quit on
yourselves keep going see you tomorrow

Randall Smitham



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  2. Danton Resuta Posted on August 29, 2019 at 4:57 am

    Your journey is truly an inspiration. I've watched everyone of your videos since day 1. I was so inspired and excited that I started my own keto lifestyle 3 days ago. Down 6 pounds already (way way more to lose than you). Thank you so much for sharing your life and progress with us! Keep it up. ~Chris