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Keto Day 3 | What Are Macros?

hey guys welcome back to my day 3 Aikido
update what’s happening here and why am
I in front of my shoes it’s Sunday so it
is um laundry homework and fix yourself
day I even tried to be a little extra
for y’all and put on some lipstick um
but I have so much stuff to do today
that there was just absolutely no way I
was gonna have time to like get all cute
and I have a olaplex treatment in my
hair and that I have this thing and then
of course this beautiful face mask which
is a charcoal face mask and I live and
die by these things I love them they
hurt like a mother when you pull off but
they are so worth it I have just sort of
kind of made this commitment to myself
that like hey I’m not doing keto as part
of a group or part of a community so one
of the reasons why I’m doing the update
is because I feel like it will help me
to be accountable and plus so many of my
friends are already watching this and
people that you know follow me on social
media and they’re like oh my god I can’t
wait to see kind of what happens so it’s
more important to me to kind of just get
on camera hey sorry guys this is my life
this is me on Sundays this is how I look
for a good amount of the day so there
you go you’re gonna have to deal with
this situation but yeah so I did I guess
what I’m saying it’s just more important
to me to be just kind of Who I am and
get on camera and just give you the
information and then to be trippin about
you know if I look perfect that day this
is not a beauty channel y’all I wanted
to go through real quickly what I change
yesterday because in the first two days
I was kind of eating the way that I used
to eat which was like five to seven
meals a day I think I was eating five
meals a day and then yesterday I
switched to three meals a day you really
more like two because I counted that
bulletproof coffee as my first meal
which I had around like eight and then I
had a very big meal around one and then
at about 6:30 and that definitely
changed I think my energy level and
certainly my awareness of how hungry I
was so I just gobs of energy yesterday
like it was ridiculous off the charts
and then I was very very hungry
like right between I think noon and 1:00
and my daughter had a sleepover last
night I was like praise the Lord because
it was keeping me very distracted but
then right around 1:00 o’clock I sat
down I had this really big meal and I’m
gonna film a what I eat in a day video
next week so don’t forget to stay tuned
for that and then around 6:30 I had
again a pretty large meal but the
weirdest thing happened at the 6:30 meal
I this is gonna sound crazy to say that
you could only eat you milk I couldn’t
finish it I literally could not force
all that food down and I don’t I think
it’s probably because my body is used to
eating like smaller meals but I will say
this after I ate that meal which
probably 20% of it kind of went in the
trash and the 20% part was carbs from
vegetables but still I mean I would
never throw the protein or the fat part
way because you need that but um I I was
very shocked that I can get through that
meal and I wasn’t hungry the rest of the
night I was completely shocked and then
and I’ll talk about this in my day for
update but today is actually the top of
day for I expect you to get up and be
super hungry but I wasn’t so it’s just
so weird when you play with your body
like how your body responds differently
that’s why it’s so important to track
what you do and you know of course just
keep trying different things so in all
of my update videos I try to give you a
really quick like summary update and
again I took the supplements and I did
the the electrolyte drink that I talked
about in my quito day 2 video and um oh
that’s what I wanted to tackle today
because somebody asked me about macros
they’re like
these macros macros and here’s the thing
with any diet and I despise that word
but any way of eating any particular way
of eating macros are more important to
me than how you eat because if you don’t
understand your macros it first off it’s
not gonna be sustainable and second off
you’re probably not gonna reach your
goals because the average person and I
was the average person until a couple
years ago I didn’t know anything about
macros I never tracked anything I just
ate what I considered to be moderate or
normal portions and I was so off base so
off base like you just cannot believe
the amount of fat or calories or sugar
in certain things until you track it and
then you’re just like no get away from
me so going back to the macros I wanted
to give like a very quick explanation
about what macros are and you know guys
there are a gazillion people you can
watch on YouTube about if you need the
science about macros okay but if you’re
starting keto or even just learning
about macros you don’t need a book
report let me give you the short version
okay there’s three things fat carbs and
proteins and every diet lifestyle
however you want to call it focuses on
basically burning one of those as its
main source of fuel so they’ll see like
bodybuilding for example high levels of
protein right high carb diet cart most
diets operate under the you know burning
carbs for fuel that’s where most ways of
eating especially at the standard
American diet and keto are different
because Keo is all about burning fat and
I don’t know why I didn’t come to keto
sooner but keto diet is like hey we’re
just gonna go straight to burning fat so
it kind of makes more sense now that I
understand the way that it works it’s
not like hey let’s load up on carbs and
then once we burned through that let’s
hope to burn into you know to burn the
fat this is like hey just kidding let’s
stop using carbs as an energy source and
let’s move over to using fats as a
primary source of fuel for the body
which just makes so much more sense to
may not make sense to you but the macros
you know you can train like a beast in
the gym and you can eat as clean as you
want to eat I mean I’m talking about you
can overdo it some carbs just by eating
fruits and vegetables for sure so if
you’re really now I think you know maybe
trying to get deep into macros in that
first week or two week may be
overwhelming macros has been a part of
my life for a minute so I don’t you know
it’s not challenging to me and I know
that I will hit my goals faster kept on
checking my macros so I use an app and
I’m gonna include that in my video for
tomorrow for day for updates because
there were some really cool features on
this one I have never heard of this I’d
always used MyFitnessPal and actually
way prefer this other app I love my
fitness pal
but for keto I love this other app so so
stay tuned for tomorrow if you want to
see that it’s a great app and it has
this one resource for working out that I
hope anyway
blew my mind so ketogenic diet is
focused on having more fats than
anything else so the ratios and I don’t
know them exactly but it would be like
let’s say 75 percent fat 20 ish percent
protein and 5% carbs and those carbs
should be coming from something really
clean like you know cabbage asparagus
broccoli something like that very dense
green and you know guys you can look up
on on the internet you know what is a
low carb vegetable you can skip fruit
because that stuff’s just loaded with
carbs and then you know same thing for
proteins you want to keep it super lean
right like lean cuts of salmon or or at
least as clean as you can possibly keep
it and then with fats we’re not talking
about hey let me go to wendy’s and hit
up you know bag of fries because yeah
you’ll get the fat but there are loads
of carbs too so the facts in the keto
diet really focused on like coconut oil
olive oil butter and CT oil good clean
fats that your body knows exactly what
to do it because it is used to
processing them and i’ll you know touch
on that in future videos but
that’s it that’s what macros are so you
have to track your macros because
otherwise you know you might only be
eating two meals a day or three meals a
day but unless you’re a nutritionist
there’s just no way to eyeball it until
you start tracking it and then I would
say after six months to a year you have
a pretty clean idea of like oh I know
roughly how many carbs roughly have any
protein and approximately how much fat
and there’s just no way to succeed on
this diet or basically any other in my
opinion if you choose to call it a diet
if you know what your macros are and you
log them in an app there is almost no
possibility that you will not succeed
it’s almost impossible so if you want to
learn what your macros are on a keto
diet and I’ll put a link below to the
free calculator that I used you just you
know you want to type in like keto
calculator or whatever and it’ll give
you based on your height age body weight
and movement how much you move around on
the day it’ll tell you here’s what you
need to eat it’s not rocket science you
don’t need to hire a trainer or somebody
to prep your meals for you if nutrition
and fitness are gonna be a part of your
life that’s something you have to learn
it you know it’s just like driving a car
you know you need to know how to drive
on the highway and on the streets and
you need to know how to do all of that
for yourself so what was I gonna say I
was talking about the keto OS gonna tell
you my macros so my macros right now are
roughly like fifteen hundred and fifty
calories 124 grams of fats a hundred
grams of protein and 20 grams of carbs
so I’m starting at a very low carb ratio
because I don’t fancy carbs anyway I
never really have to like them so for me
that’s that’s the easy 86 I mean unless
we’re talking about like chips or french
fries but you’re not gonna be eating
that if you’re trying to lose weight
anyway so I want to push my body into
ketosis or a ketogenic state as quickly
as possible and reducing the number of
carbs so that my body can burn through
stored carbs so that it can move into
ketosis more quickly so I hope if you
had questions about macros that’s just
kind of like the 101 you know and maybe
I didn’t even explain it fully but you
just for easy okay a carb anything like
oranges asparagus broccoli chips french
fries carbs okay proteins salmon eggs
cottage cheese that also has a lot of
carbs in it those kinds of things
protein fat olive oil and CT oil coconut
oil butter all those things are in fat
good good healthy fats there’s loads of
other fats too like what do you call
that stuff oh that’s royal no but so you
need to learn what foods are in what
groups first off and then once you have
that and it’s super easy guys
you just learn it one time it’s not like
the food groups are it’s not like the
food is gonna jump between food groups
no it’s gonna stay where it is so once
you’ve committed it to memory you’re
good to go
then all you have to do is kind of dial
in like hey I was eating 20 grams of
carbs and this and this and and I didn’t
move you know or you know maybe your
body needs more carbs or maybe it needs
less carbs and there’s no way for you to
know that unless you’re tracking it
which is why that app is so so so
important so anyways guys that is it for
day three and then I will see you
tomorrow in day four if you have any
questions leave in the comments below
and if you want to follow me on this
journey again I’m gonna do daily updates
just go ahead and click Subscribe and
hit that little bell so you get notified
when I post new videos I’ll see you guys
tomorrow bye

Randall Smitham



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