March 28, 2020
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Keto Day Of Eating I Keto Krate Giveaway Winner + Fitness Vlog I Sips By Review!

Good Morning YouTube family so today we are doing a full day of eating keto video I’m about to go to the dentist but
before I go to the dentist the plan is to go to GNC and try to maybe grab a
keto friendly snack so I can have a snack before a workout or after our
workout right now it is 1048 I have my appointment for the dentist at 11:10
yeah I’m kind of pushing it right now but um yeah so when we started driving
either I’m going to go to GNC or I’m go to the dentist and then go to GNC but
we’ll just find out ok y’all so click update on in a minute fasting up and
doing it great for three days straight down so pride myself y’all so keto it in
a minute fasting they’re working hand in hand right now I’m going to start
showing y’all that was a bump in the road but yeah I’m gonna start showing
y’all like how long my fasting is and I think that would be like real great
because if I’m going to be accountable I got to be all the way accountable and I
also have to get another scale y’all because I really want to show y’all like
how much I’m laying but it will I will be getting that a little bit later on
may be the end of this month like that cuz I got to order it online um I just I
just want to be full-on committed to this like I really I know I can do it so
like it’s about time to actually do it it’s currently 1053 I’m like hitting
every single red light there is okay y’all so we are done with being in
Mississippi I saw the little bear that’s in there y’all it’s so funny I’m so much
in the south I mean what other dentist has a whole bear in the waiting room
like that’s it’s so cool to me so we are about to go to GNC because it is now 12
o’clock so I’m gonna break my fast by having something but I’m not gonna eat
the whole thing just have a little bit of it and yeah we’re about to head to
the gym after that so y’all I have literally walked in this mall I hope I
don’t get copyrighted I’ve literally walked into small three times the first
time I left my wallet the second time I realized credit card was not in my
wallet so waiting here for the third time let’s go into GNC yum yum yum
yeah I’m so proud look at this 3d by Christian Guzmán is literally right here
right Center in GNC plus it’s not me to back all the way up there but just want
to say like so many things are possible if you’re questioning starting your
YouTube channel go ahead and start it because you never know what type of
possibilities are available for you in the future so yeah I was closed to get
um one product from GNC that was a plan once we get in the car so you guys
I have been drinking water I’ve been filling this water up a lot today but
when I got in GNC y’all I first got the 3D energy drink this is the orange
one I got toda this is from Christian guzmán
he has a YouTube channel here and he’s like very like motivational
inspirational and like his whole little like group of friends and his girlfriend
like yeah those are like some of my favorite youtubers or watch so y’all
nutrition facts on here it is 15 calories or grams of fat 6 grams of
carbs 2 grams of sugar alcohol and 0 grams of protein so that is four grams
net carbs y’all this isn’t something I drink like every
day but I think I’ll be drinking it like you know every once in a while maybe
before like I go work out or maybe before a Zumba class or doing Zumba
class y’all know cuz they be trying to kill me a Zumba class so I feel like
this would be great second drink I have is the Bang Sour Head Energy Drink y’all
know this is my favorite one so far that I’ve tried from them I out of all the
ones I’ve had this is like the cream of the crop like this is just so good if
you’ve never tried bang energy drinks all you need to try them they’re zero
everything so like this is a great keto friendly drink as well y’all I really
wanted to get the No Cow Energy Bars but they didn’t have them there yo and I
was just so hard so I’m gonna have one of their own No Cow Protein Bars Blue
Cobbler Bar I really prefer their energy bars over
their bars like this y’all because energy bars just taste so good
and of course y’all we had to get some SmartSweets y’all of course so we have
the fruity gummy bears one and we also have these SmartSweets Peach Rings
which are so good and they taste like actual peach rings that’s what I got
from GNC y’all so before I go to the gym I’m gonna have a little bit of this
no cow blue cobbler bar this a little bit and they’re gonna kill this work out
yeah breaking my fast at 12:34 p.m. alright y’all so we are done working out
so ready to get home and get some actual food y’all let me lock this door because
there’s crazies in the world you know even though you want to be positive
vibes and all this but you gotta be realistic y’all everyone does not have
the same mindset as you do you guys I received my Sips By Tea this is the October
2019 Edition and yeah oh my gosh as you see y’all I just love the fact
that it says your name at the top so it says made for Bobbie Unique that’s me
Wow okay so let me show you all what I got real quick so I have four of the
stash organic gold cup chai tea this is caffeine free tea and then y’all
we have the Republic of tea blueberry green tea um I’m pretty interested in
this y’all I’ve never had blueberry tea in my life yeah it has blueberries in it
that’s cool I’m gonna taste next I got oh I know I’m gonna like this this is
the electric lemonade bright tart and energizing tea this is low caffeine it’s
just from the company called David’s tea up next y’all we have the Savoy Tea this
is frosted orange roll interesting yo I don’t know how I feel about that like I
don’t know if I’m gonna like it hey guys I got I’m gonna like everything that’s
in here y’all and of course y’all every month you are gonna receive a disposable
tea bag and it’s reusable but yeah I’m gonna show y’all what was in there I
think we’re gonna have some tea while my food is cooking okay y’all so let’s see
which one will be my first victim y’all I really wanted to try this Organic
blueberry super fruit green tea so that’s what I’m gonna try hopefully it’s
good yeah like I said I’ve never had blueberry tea so I’m pretty excited for
it so y’all while we are waiting on our
food to finish cooking we are gonna have sugar add it sweet gherkins so good but
we gotta watch how much we eat don’t eat the whole jar Bobbie okay okay yeah I
know this is blueberry tea but I wasn’t expecting it to be like heavily scented
blueberry and it is and it smells so good y’all like oh my gosh this smells
delicious hey y’all so first actual meal of the
day so I’m having some good old nig bones
yo my southern side coming out right now extra hard I love me some neck bones
y’all then I have to scramble eggs some cauliflower and then I have three
strawberries and to drink I’m just gonna have some diet root beer some water and
just finish drinking my blueberry tea which is just so good just oh my god
mmm-hmm I started eating and I was like I’m missing something you have to have
hot sauce with your neck bones no if ands or buts about that at all
so YouTube family we’re in this thing like swimwear we’re ready for Zumba
class we got a water we have the blue 3d drink as well oh this is one I got today
but y’all I’m really excited to try it though so excited try it so yeah this is
a little 3D taste test or is the test taste it has to be taste test that would
make more sense whatever okay so let’s try yes so good oh yes okay I’m ready
for Zumba class we are finally finally finally done with
the Zumba class whoo y’all ain’t even trying to tell y’all this but like for
real I have more energy today in Zumba class than normally I don’t know if it’s
because of the energy drinks that I haven’t had energy drinks in a while or
if it’s because I’ve been in a minute fasting plus been more accountable on
keto I don’t know maybe all that is working together you know for the
betterment of me find you y’all I’ve only been consistent for a couple of
days with everything but I don’t know like I’m feeling really great
I will TMI y’all oh I’m sorry this is TMI are like big-time the
bathroom experience has been very so for dinner tonight your girl does not know
what she’s gonna have because I have yet to meal prep but um I don’t know
honestly y’all have no idea what we’re gonna have for dinner but hopefully it’s
something good of course let me say y’all something about seven people the
top five important things us do not play what I believe sidenote if that person
does choose to believe in whoever or whatever they believe in do not play
with our food do not play with our friends do not play with our family and
do not to not play with our man and that’s all we were like the happiest go
lucky people ever you know southern hospitality we are happier than ever but
just don’t mess with those five things so you guys breakfast for dinner we have
two eggs some smoked sausage that I’ve just put in the oven and it’s just so
good and then I have one who avocado sprinkled some pink Himalayan sea salt
on top of that I’m just gonna finish drinking my 3d energy drink y’all hey
YouTube family so my food was delicious I am about to take a nice hot long bath
just enjoy it because Zuma killed me as always you know you know it underneath a
yacht to get on y’all job because listen not supposed to be waiting this long to
announce the Keto Krate Giveaway Winner and I did go so yeah how many piata
getting y’all job get on top of it remind me because you know I’m getting a
little bit older I can’t remember things so the October 2019 Keto Krate Giveaway
winner is Claudia Denise so girl I’m about to hop in your DMS on Instagram
get all your contact information that way your Keto Krate will be sent out
ASAP and I really and truly do hope you enjoy it I really truly want to
compliment y’all on the fact that when we have a winner
other people like congratulate them and I just love that so much y’all like
really want to make sure my YouTube channel is like positive and just good
vibes and I really love seeing that y’all like that is really touching my
heart like I will cry in a second and that like really touches me there was a
post on Twitter y’all that I saw and I’m gonna post it either right here some
like that but it says I’m to the fact of one of the greatest secrets of life is
what you give to others you actually give to yourself and it says on my John
Lennon called it Instant Karma and y’all like y’all giving out those positive
vibes and just being nice to other people even just on my youtube channel
yo you get that so bad and like you get blessings upon blessings upon blessings
from that and I really truly love that but anywho my love so if you are new to
the channel welcome to the fam I’m over here documenting my Kido weight-loss
journey your girl is sharing everything we are
combining streak you know and lazy keto so join me by clicking that subscribe
button plus the notification bell as well so you won’t miss out on any future
uploads here I do upload three videos a week so you can’t expect a video from me
on Mondays Wednesdays and Fridays and we have not missed an upload yet to my
unique amazing wonderful fantastic YouTube family thank you so so so much
for watching this video as always if you don’t hear it from anyone else I love
you so stay blessed and I will see you in the next video which will be Monday
alright you guys I really and truly do hope you have a great and safe remember
always be safe weekend and yeah I will see you on
Monday love y’all byeeee : )

Randall Smitham