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Keto Diet Before and After – 500 Days!

hey and welcome back to my channel my name is Joanna also known as KetoinCanada.
Make sure to follow me on
Instagram my username is @KetoinCanada
I post daily pictures and videos
there. Stay tuned for both a video and a
picture comparison of where I started to
where I am now. I am incredibly happy
because today marks 500 days on the
ketogenic diet. 500. Now what does that
mean to me so that means to me that I’ve
been following keto for that many days. I
have kept my net carbs between 20 and 30 net carbs for 498 of those days. I had
two days where I was around 35 net carbs but otherwise I haven’t had any cheat
meals. I haven’t strayed from the
ketogenic lifestyle. 500 days
without crackers, bread, pizza, sugary
desserts – did I add no potatoes? From a
former potato addict to not have french
fries or potato chips mashed potatoes
and gravy ahhh. 500 days without them and you know what?
I’m feeling amazing! I wanted to remind
you where I started so let’s check that
out right now. So this is what you get.
This is me, pretty overweight right now
as you can see, with this and this
but you know there’s a lot going on here
if we look at my back which I can’t see
now Oh
oh yeah there we go there’s some nice
back they might be having back pain my
body’s just hurts all the time so there
we go that was my starting place I was
203.5 lbs
43.5% body fat
and you know what I was miserable
I wasn’t happy at all and I decided to
wake up one day and start the ketogenic
diet after doing about a month and a
half worth of research when I decided to
start. My macros were 1400 calories, 20-30 net carbs, 75 grams of
protein, and 110 grams
of fat. Let’s check out how I look today
This is me after five hundred days
following the ketogenic diet. I have also
been working out with the trainer now
for four and a half months three times a
week it’s more I’m kind of bruised from
it actually. It’s more a crossfit style
training, like I said three times a week
and occasional yoga class. So this is how
I look this way and from the side I am
starting to get ads I feel like I’m
getting like thick, thicker from the
middle but not in a fat way but more
just like a strong way. Let me show you
my back the same way I did before is
that possible to do this? Alright cool
so that’s my back um I’m starting to get
sort of a align in through there if you
can see that like, my I work out my abs a
lot so anyways that’s that I mean this
is never gonna go away
okay with that but yeah my body is
getting a heck of a lot stronger and no
plans to stop keto anytime soon
This is my newfound muscle and I
find that maybe from that angle you
can see it better and I don’t know.
I don’t know where I’m going to be in
another 500 days but I’m willing to
push and find out where I can get you so
yeah there you go there you have it so
that is how I look today I’m definitely
feeling a heck of a lot better I lost 60
pounds in my first year of keto so I
would have been the first 365 days I
haven’t been weighing myself recently
but I haven’t really changed in my
weight at all that’s because when I hit
one year of keto I also changed my
macros I decided that losing fat was not
a priority to me anymore. My priority had switched to
building muscle so at the advice of my
trainer I started eating 400 calories
more so my macros changed to 1,800
calories 20 to 30 net carbs still 100
grams of protein in a hundred and thirty
seven grams of fat so I wasn’t expecting
to lose any weight because I am trying
to build muscle I will go and do a body
pod scan at my six-month mark to make
sure that I actually am building muscle
or if I need to start making any
additional adjustments that I’ll do so
here is the picture comparison that
you’ve been waiting for
I can honestly say that starting the
ketogenic diet was one of the best
decisions I have made in recent years I
have completely turned my life back in
the direction I was looking to do and
even more so because I was never into
fitness before and I have never
challenged myself the way I have been
recently anyways if you are thinking of
starting the ketogenic diet make sure to
check out my website www.iamketoincanada.com where I have a beginner’s guide you
can purchase if you are looking to save
time and need some support along the way
thanks so much for watching my video
make sure to give it a thumbs up and
subscribe to my channel have a great day

Randall Smitham



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