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Keto Diet Before and After | Body Composition | Patient Profiles | Lori | Week 2 (Case Study)

– Today on The Fittest
Doc, we have a new patient,
Lori, to work with.
We will explore her goals,
her body composition goals,
and obviously delve into her history
and kinda her ambitions
and aspirations coming up.
Stay tuned.
(upbeat music)
Welcome back.
So this is an entirely
new Patient Profiles
with a new patient that
we will be following.
Her name is Lori, nice to meet you, Lori.
– You, too.
(both laugh)
– So for anyone who doesn’t know,
this is Patient Profiles,
where we essentially check in
with someone who’s on a weight loss
or body composition change journey,
and we inquire into their aspirations,
their moments of success,
their challenges,
and we’re all only human, right?
So their failures, like today,
as I stated earlier, we’re profiling Lori,
who I’ve known for some time now.
Very happy to have you here, Lori,
and obviously we wanna get into your goals
and kinda things that we’ve done
since we started working together.
But I think that I would like it
and the viewers would like it a lot
if you kinda gave us a little
bit of background on yourself.
– Okay, I will.
So I am actually in I
guess what you would call
the fitness industry.
I am a coach.
I started as a powerlifting coach
and then I moved to coaching
Olympic lifting only,
and then recently, the most
recent addition to that
is coaching CrossFit.
So I kind of straddle all of those worlds
for adult coaching and kid’s coaching.
So that’s been my profession for the last
mm, six years?
– She’s all about the fitness.
– Six years. (laughs)
Six years.
So in terms of my background in food,
I’m not completely
unfamiliar with food tracking
or any, you know, staying
within a calorie variation
in terms of up or down,
to lose or gain weight,
or change body composition.
I did not experiment at
all with a keto diet,
which is kind of why I
sought your expertise out.
So I have experience with
tightly tracking food
to obtain a certain weight goal,
body mass goal, whatever it is,
but my actually drive to
try something like this
is to change body composition,
so weight not so much, but
body fat or the way you look,
also to experiment or just see
so I can be able to
speak as a resource, too,
to eating a keto diet.
And I actually think it
might be good for me,
given some other health
issues that I have,
so I think a keto diet
might be good for me.
– Like what?
– So I have, oh gosh,
it’s been for 10 years
I was diagnosed with an
under-active thyroid.
So that’s hypothyroidism.
And I’ve been medicated
for that for those years.
I have often thought that the medication
doesn’t really do anything,
it doesn’t really help me
feel any better, I don’t know that,
I haven’t done the scientific
study to determine that,
but I don’t feel better.
And so I am trying to see
if changing my diet to this
will actually help with that.
So in terms of energy level and alertness
and things like that, so that’s kind of
a driving factor in this, too.
– Okay, awesome.
So you mention Olympic lifting,
powerlifting, CrossFit, any like,
physique or like, bodybuilding stuff?
– I have not.
I’m not unfamiliar with that world
because the woman that owned the gym
where I worked out, that is
what she was involved in.
So she, her expertise lies
in tracking macros tightly
to obtain a competitive
physique for stuff like that.
So that’s where my knowledge
comes from on that.
– Okay.
You’re a mother, correct?
– I am a mom.
I am a mom of, so whereas
some of the other patients
might be different, so
I am a mom of three.
I have three kids spanning
10 years old to 15 years old.
So a mom of three, so I have
a family to take care of
and cook for, too. (laughs)
– Yeah, right.
Super busy.
(Lori laughs)
Tell us a little bit about your goals
and what you’re kinda seeking
beyond kinda the nebulous in general.
Like, what are your
specific goals with this?
– Okay, so with this, a
number of different things.
One, just plain and simple,
like do I feel better?
Do I have more energy because
I have switched my diet
to a more keto regimen, does
it, in terms of alertness,
being lethargic in the
afternoon, things like that.
So just to see if that would help.
Secondary, but not any less important,
would also be just composition.
There have been times in my life
when I have been down to a very,
very low body fat percentage by doing
a macro tracking system, but
I didn’t feel really well.
Like, I didn’t feel good, I wasn’t strong.
I didn’t feel like I could exercise
and I just didn’t feel well.
So I’m trying to see if I
can mesh those two worlds
with the lower body fat,
but also tracking food
and feeling good and still
being able to work out
or lift, either one.
– So would you say, it sounds
like a priority for you
is maintaining your strength.
– Yes. (laughs)
– Yeah.
So in the past, with other
kind of diet restrictions, would you note
that you’ve actually lost strength?
– Oh, absolutely.
So that brings up a larger point,
I guess I’m trying to see if
I can mesh those two worlds.
So can the diet be such that
the body fat is lower, right,
but the strength stays the same
and that stays the same and no injury.
Like, injury prevention
is important to me,
but that is what happened.
Body fat, the system works
and body fat went down,
weight went down and everything.
I did not feel good, I was injured,
and I was not strong. (laughs)
– Yeah, it’s not ideal.
– No.
– Not ideal at all.
Okay, so with that being said,
I’ve been working with
Lori now for two weeks.
So we established a baseline
in terms of body composition.
We sat down, discussed her goals,
figured out the form of kind of diet
and restrictions otherwise
that best suit her life.
So with that being said,
why don’t you tell us
a little bit about the first two weeks
and just all-encompassing first two weeks.
– Okay, so tracking food, whereas I know
when some people start, is difficult
because they’ve not
done it before, I have.
So that is not foreign
or new to me or anything.
Not difficult at all.
– And what are we using for that?
– MyFitnessPal. (laughs)
– ‘Kay.
– So that part or that
component is not difficult.
This is a switch in terms of what
the macronutrient breakdown is for me.
So focusing on having a
higher fat percentage,
it’s a little trickier for me,
but I’m actually, as a person,
like, I’m usually pretty good
at figuring those things out.
In other words what to
eat to achieve that,
but also keep the other carb
and protein numbers in check.
So maybe like a day or two I
was a little stymied by that,
but then I feel like after
the first couple of days,
it was fine.
Like, I recognized what I needed to eat
and to do that.
So that is not difficult at all.
In terms of tracking, I’ve done it before,
so that’s pretty easy for me.
Like, I don’t, it’s habitual.
It’s habitual, it’s fine.
– Did you find it easy, have
you cheated at all since?
– Yes, I have, yeah.
I’ll be honest.
So, and I’m sure you would say this, too,
so when I am like, it’s
the day-to-day routine
and it’s the day-to-day schedule
and that is all the same, it’s
not difficult for me at all,
right, because the routine is the same.
It’s when you go out of routine.
So it was a day I was not at home.
I was at my sister’s
and we slept over there.
It’s just different.
It’s not impossible, but
you find yourself, right,
like, you know, okay, I’m gonna go here
and then I’m gonna eat something different
and then the day is already, you’re like,
huh, well I’m not gonna
hit those for today.
So that was, it’s not an excuse,
it’s just hard when you’re
out of your day-to-day routine
and your environment to do that, so.
– Okay, okay.
So one thing that I did not ask
and I should’ve asked
this first and foremost
is so what are your current
kinda dietary guidelines
that we’ve set up for the first two weeks?
– Okay, so we set up, it’s
around 1,900, 1,915 calories.
It is about 30 carbs, 154 grams of fat,
and a like, low-100, it’s
103 grams of protein.
And once I figured out what
to eat to achieve that,
it was actually fine.
Hitting that number is not hard.
You know, the trick in the beginning
is keeping the carb number lower.
And keep in mind, I might
be a little bit different
than other people only because almost,
almost all of my carbs prior to this
were from fruits and vegetables.
They really were not from
other sources of carbohydrates.
So those were the initial
carbs we’ve set up.
In terms of energy, I feel really good.
Yeah, I don’t, I mean I do feel better.
So we’ll see.
Sometimes I’ve gone into things before
and I’ve felt better right
away and then you know,
even with the medicine.
You know, I felt better and
then that kind of trails off.
So, so far I feel really good.
Like, yeah.
– So really quickly, in the
context of the medicine,
whereas she’s, or wherein, rather,
she is implying Synthroid,
which is a thyroid
hormone replacement drug
that we use for people who have
any form of hypothyroidism.
She, one thing that I verified with her
and I do think it’s very important
for anybody with
hypothyroidism to verify this
before starting keto or any diet
is that you need to go to your doctor
and they need to essentially verify
that you are at a good level,
that something called your TSH
or thyroid-stimulating hormone,
is at a level that it should be.
Have you had a completely functioning
and completely normal thyroid?
So just make sure that’s normal.
Just go, go to your doctor,
just make sure before you start anything,
make sure your thyroid function
is at a normal level,
and hers definitely was
before we started working together,
and I will do my best to
verify that it stays that way.
So okay.
So I’m glad that obviously you,
from what you’re telling me,
it sounds like your energy level is
right where you want it to be.
– So far.
– And I’m very happy about that.
So I guess before we
go into the next topic,
have you noticed any downsides?
Like what, I’m sure there
are some downside, right?
So what do you think is a downside?
– I guess for me a downside, I
know some people crave sweets
and those carby-type things.
That really isn’t issue for me.
If I’m ever indulging or,
I won’t say overeating,
but eating more, it would be with food
that is not necessarily sweets.
It would just be eating
too much of something
that might involve not
even even a bread product,
I’m not even that big of
a bread-eater, you know?
But other sources of carbs
besides just your fruits
and vegetables, right,
so overeating those.
But it really, it doesn’t bother me
to not have those other things.
– So what was your cheat
then, the other day?
– We had, I think it was like pizza.
You know, there was pizza
or like maybe nachos
or whatever she had made,
I’m trying to think.
There was, oh I know.
There was like, she made a
really good like beef stew,
but then again it’s got potatoes,
you know, there’s probably potatoes.
So those kinds of things,
which they are not bad for you,
but it’s just a different
way of eating, so.
– Right.
And I’m sure you’re able to pick this up
by yourself and infer as much,
but it sounds like, so she was aware,
she’s cognizant of the fact
that she fell off the wagon,
but when you fall off the wagon,
I mean, we’re all only human, right?
You get back on.
You don’t first of all use that
as an excuse to stay off
the wagon, (chuckles)
which it sounds like she did not do.
You figure out a way to get back on
and kinda keep the bus
rolling, so to speak.
So I definitely congratulate you
on being able to do that and you know,
making it work for you.
So with that being said, why don’t we talk
about the gym, since a large
part of your work is there.
How have your experiences
within the first two weeks
of being on this diet been,
both with kinda strength and movement,
and you already mentioned your
general energy level was up,
did that kind of continue into the gym?
– Yeah, I think strange, or
strength, strength at best
has been no change, or I
don’t dare to say more.
That is primarily what I do.
I’m more of a lifter than I am, but I do,
I do try to get into CrossFit WODs week,
and those have been fine.
Prior to even starting
this, I’m not super,
you know what I mean?
There’s been no change, I’m not,
I haven’t regressed in terms of speed.
– But I think, so you’re implying
that your priority in your
mind, so strength, right?
– Yes.
– So what, like what kinda movements?
– Okay, so I’ll use Friday as an example.
The workout included a
three-rep max deadlift,
which I would always do, and that was,
I would say that was a win.
It was a high number for
me and it was something
I maybe would not have gotten in the past.
So maybe a little bit of
a notch up strength-wise.
There was also a workout during
the first week we started
that involved a clean complex,
a heavy five-rep max clean.
Again, the number I got on that was,
that was higher than I would’ve expect,
you know what I mean?
So I don’t think that, I thinK personally
what will come out of this is that
my body likes to use fat as a source
and it likes intermittent fasting
and the way this all works,
given the strength results
that I see, so I don’t see any difference.
– Okay, awesome, awesome.
Alright, so now we are at results.
Specifically, her two-week results.
So within the first two
weeks of working together,
Lori has lost 2.7 pounds of body weight,
2.2 pounds of that being fat mass.
She has lost 0.7% body
fat since two weeks ago.
She didn’t lose any inches off her waist,
but she did lose .2 inches off her stomach
and .1 inches off of her hips
since her baseline scan two weeks ago.
So, high five.
(Lori laughs)
Great job.
So with that being
said, I would encourage,
this is like I said, a new patient,
so I would encourage any
questions that you have for Lori
that you would like us to
address in further videos,
just leave them in the comments
and we will read them
and we will try our best
to both respond and even
make separate videos
addressing those points.
Otherwise, please like, share this video
with friends and family who
are on their own journey
to lose weight, and we will be right back
with another video for
you in the next two weeks.
Until then, take care.
– Thanks!
(static sound effect)

Randall Smitham



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