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– Welcome to today’s patient profile. It’s been a month since we
have met up with this woman. And, she has still achieved
considerable gains, or losses, and we’ll go with losses. – I say both. – (laughs) We’ll see where she’s at. Stay tuned. (upbeat music) Welcome back to today’s patient profile. So as I stated earlier, it’s been quite a while
since we’ve seen this one. Four weeks to be exact. This is Week 12. So we have a lot to talk about, a lot to go over. You know, she has made
considerable progress, despite the time away, which is a good thing in my mind, because that means she
is self-motivated, right? And whether or not we
are working together, I’ve hopefully started something that she can keep the momentum going on. So, with that being said, let’s find out how things
have been since Week Eight. So TT, in general, you know essentially, you know I have you on a
mix of the ketogenic diet and intermittent fasting. So, you know in that regard, specifically as it relates to the diet, over the last four weeks since week eight, how have things been? – They have been pretty good, I can’t complain. I dibble-dabbled in some
non-ketogenic foods. Just planned they were planned. So, I knew what to do, whatever. Regroup, which isn’t hard. People ask me all the time, “How is it going? “Is it hard?” No, it’s not. It’s actually pretty easy. Ketogenic diet is pretty easy for me. ‘Cause once you get in the mode, just keep doing what you’re doing. You find what foods you like, and if you don’t like them, like what I did, I switched it up. ‘Cause I was tired of the
crock-potted style foods, so the casseroles, or whatever the shredded meats. – So I don’t remember
what week she said it, but keep in mind that she
said quite a while back that she is the type of person who’s
okay with monotonous foods every single day. Which I’m not, and I’m sure you’re not, many people may not be. But she was okay with that. So, she did manage to stick
at it for quite a while. – I did. I did. This month, maybe it was like maybe
the past two weeks, I switched to doing wraps. So like lettuce wraps. I made a buffalo chicken, I was making buffalo chicken sandwiches. I found a recipe on keto bread, which is pretty good. – [Dr. Nick] What is the
kind of base for that? – Um, pretty much it is, – [Dr. Nick] Almond flour? – Almond flour. – [Dr. Nick] Okay. – And mozzarella cheese, cream cheese, and that might be it. There’s, it’s probably
like one more ingredient. Super simple. – [Dr. Nick] So where are
you finding your diets? – Pinterest. Yes. And I only use the ones
that has the macros with it. So if I don’t know, what, how many,
– I like that. – Carbs or whatever is in it.
– I like that, yeah. – I don’t use it.
– You’re like, “Nope.” – No, ’cause I need to know.
– Yeah. – I don’t need a guessing game. – [Dr. Nick] Right. – And it turns out the bread, the keto bread, was about two or three carbs, net carbs, per serving. So, that was like nothing. – Yep. – And then I have all the
fixings on the sandwich. Which comes out to like no carbs. Maybe one carb altogether. ‘Cause it’s so little of everything. So I was doing, I’ve been
doing that for a while, then I would do like a
turkey club lettuce wrap. That was good. That’s been my biggest
thing that I’ve been doing. Because it’s so simple. I just carry all of my stuff. I lug my big, blue, lunchbox
with me everywhere I go. And just, keep it at that. And I’ve pretty much been under, if I’m not mistaken, maybe besides the past couple days, under 20 carbs, when I’m doing everything correct. When I cook everything. But, other than that, it’s been easy. – So you said something earlier
I kind of want to focus on, or not focus on, but you that you’ve had planned breaks? – [TT] Mm-hmm – Where you’re essentially cheating. – So it’s like planned,
– Yeah – cheat days.
– Yep. – So tell us (clears throat), tell us a little bit more about kind of the circumstances
surrounding those, and kind of what you’ve done. You know, have you felt any
difference on those cheat days? Or the day after? Kind of going back into
a state of ketosis, have you noticed any difficult, just kind of, you know, all of that. – So, I decided to plan, this was last month, this was January when I was like okay, I want to go to a Crusade Burger, which their known for their shakes. – [Dr. Nick] Yeah. – And burgers, but more-so the big shakes that are ridiculous. So, I was like, we’re gonna do it. February 17th. Did we go Sunday? We did go Sunday. And, it was really good. And I ate the burger, I ate the fries, and the, almost the whole milkshake. And, I did feel a difference. It was more so after the milkshake, then the burgers, ’cause there was a little
bit of time in between. So my milkshake, had a whole slice of cheesecake, a big ass piece of brownie, like the brownie was this big, and that was the base
on top of the milkshake. So you have the mason jar, you have that brownie, then you have like, everything else is kind of stuck in there. So the brownie was dense, the cheesecake was dense, there was a chocolate chip cookie, there was three chocolate
covered strawberries, a scoop of chocolate ice cream, which I did not eat the
chocolate ice cream. I don’t like chocolate ice cream, it’s kind of weird. There was some kind um, straw that you can eat. Like a wafer type of thing. what else? And then obviously like
whipped cream and stuff. So, that took me about 15 minutes to eat, just a tad. Then took me another 15 minutes to eat the actual milkshake, which had brownie pieces inside of it too. So I probably had about
this much milkshake left before I finished, and, I was sitting there like, “Whew. Okay.” I’m like, “Ugh, I am
not feeling too good.” I felt it was a really big difference, and I haven’t felt that
way in a really long time. – Yeah. – I’ve not eaten, – That carb heavy. – In, it was probably since, no, not even Thanksgiving, or Christmas. I wasn’t eating that much. Of course I had macaroni, but between the burger, the fries, and the shake, no. It’s been a really long time since I’ve, that was like, that was almost like glutton. I feel like I was being real greedy. It was like all this sins (mumbles) – Right, right. – It was so good though. – Yeah – But then, prior to that, I had been fasting for 22 hours. So, the night before, I think I stopped eating at 9:00 p.m. And we didn’t get to our food until, we didn’t get our food
until a little after seven. So, it had probably been
a little over 22 hours. But, whew, that was hard. I was hungry. I wanted to eat some pork rinds, or something. I was like, “I need food!” But I didn’t. – So, you broke the 22-hour fast with, – Mm-hmm – All that food, And you still
almost couldn’t eat it all. Isn’t that kind of amazing? – Yeah, well, I ate most of it. It was just the shake. I ate all the fries. – Yeah. – I ate the burger. – Yeah. – I don’t feel guilty though. Because that was the
first thing I had eaten. – Right, right. – So. – And you planned for it. – Right. – Beforehand, by fasting so long. – Yes, so no, I do not feel guilty at all. I did feel a little weird. Just from all of the sugar. I’m pretty, I know it’s all of the sugar. – Let’s talk about the next day though. How’d you feel, – The next day, I didn’t feel, – Any different? – I didn’t feel that much different. – Okay. – So, I’m pretty sure, ’cause I do wanna go back
again and try another shake, I’m a just have to do the same thing. Or, with anything, if I want to go balls to the wall, I’m a have to make sure
I prep myself for it. Just plain and simple. Um, yeah. – There is another strategy, that I have used, that I will teach TT about, and we’ll see how it works for her. And we’ll report back to you, but there’s another
strategy when you’re kind of gonna dive into something carb heavy. So, yeah, we’ll talk
about that in the future. – Okay, it was good. – Yeah, okay. – That’s all I’m a say. – Okay. – But hopping back onto
the ketogenic diet, ketogenic diet, was like going back to my nine to five. Nothing changed. Everything was still ready for me, so. – Yeah, because you meal prep. – Yeah.
– Yeah. – And that’s a major difference. – Absolutely. – It makes a big difference. – So, how many over the last four weeks, how many days would you
say that you cheated? – Probably like three, three or four.
– Okay. – And it was probably like once a week. – Okay. – So it’d, maybe three. I don’t think it’s been that many. Or that much. That one day, and then yesterday. There might’ve been days
where I had under eaten, on my off, my non-workout days, which would effect it too, but there might’ve just
been those two days. – Okay.
– Yeah. – So, really quickly, because it’s been so long, let’s recap to everyone what you’re eating and fasting windows are, what your water intake goal is, and what your calories and macros are. Or what they have been rather
for the last four weeks. – Yeah. My eating window has been, 16 hours fasting, eight hours eating. But for some reason, I’ve been doing more than that. I’ve been fasting for like
17 sometimes 18, and– – Totally going to interrupt there, so she’s doing more than that, even without me telling her, I’m sure because you are
now finding that your comfortable at those times. – Yeah. – As compared to in the past, whenever you pushed to that, you probably feel uncomfortable, but probably start to feel hungry. – Yeah.
– The reason why that’s happening, is because she’s
literally on a cellular level developing the metabolic machinery, specifically the enzymes necessary, to preferentially metabolize triglycerides for energy, so she’s finding it easier
to stay away from food for longer, because her body is literally
learning to consume it’s own storage of energy more efficiently. So, you know, yes. In as much as I would
start someone on 16 and 8, you can absolutely push the limits, as long as you’re feeling comfortable, and you’re not one of
these people who are like, “Oh, I’m going to start
intermittent fasting, “and just start with a 20 hour window.” That’s bad. I’m sorry for interrupting,
– Uh-uh. – I just really wanted to, – No, you’re good. – So go ahead with the rest of them. – My water is still about 140 plus, maybe 150, what am I thinking about? 150, ounces. That’s what I wouldn’t think of. – Right. – But I’ve been drinking more water. I think I was. So, I was just getting off
my period this past week, I was feeling dehydrated, even though I probably know I wasn’t, but I could’ve been. So I was probably drinking
like upward to like 160 ounces or more of water. – [Dr. Nick] Wow. – Just cause, I just felt like I was thirsty. And then, my fat is at 195 grams. protein is at 145. – Okay. – And then my carbs are 30. – Right.
– Obviously. – Okay.
– But I haven’t been hitting 30 often as well. – That’s impressive.
– Yeah. – Okay, so in the last, it’s been a lot of time right? But in as much as you can, can you summarize the last four weeks of kind of lifting, and the gym, and exercise, and? – Yes. Workouts, this past week and a half
I’ve been pushing myself ’cause it’s been getting closer to the CrossFit Games open. Which is where anybody who wants to, pretty much, can join in this competition to see who’s the top. The goal for the athletes, that are trying to get to the games, to be in the top however many. But for regular people, like me, it’s just to push yourself in something. And if you push yourself
in the workouts everyday, but it’s different when you have a judge that has to count every rep. You have people cheering for you. And whatever gym you’re in, their environment is different. It’s like, you competing with you, I was competing with
myself the other night. I was competing with other people. It’s just, a big difference. And, up until that point, I been really working on a bunch of Hanson stuff, some walking, pushups,
strength handstand pushups. Which I’m super close to getting one. – [Dr. Nick] Yeah. – Super close. And then when I say super close, I have to compensate for my hair. So if I forget my hair touch, I have to go a little lower
because this is just fluff. – And remember that we talked about that, for her the handstand pushups, like week one or week two I believe, so. – [TT] Yeah. – She, this is a new skill, that she hasn’t even had for that long. And she’s about to be
able to knock out strict handstand pushups at her current weight. When many women can’t do it
100 pounds lighter than her. So. – Yeah. I’m also working on pull ups. ‘Cause I want, as I’m still in my big but small body, I wanna be able to do a bar muscle up. So I think it’d be really cool
to have somebody as heavy, and not that I’m heavy, as heavy as I was, but to be where I’m at, you don’t see that often. From a woman.
– Yeah. – Men, of course they can just
throw themselves up, if they have the strength. Women, it’s a little different. So I’ve been working on strength pull ups, different type of grips, or whatever. I mean, just trying to make myself better. – Okay.
– Every little day. – Okay. – We had a workout that was 21, and it’s three rounds. Wait, was it three rounds? Yes. Three roounds. 21, 15, and 9 reps of burpees. 21 burpees. 15 toes to bar, or hanging knee raises. So you can hang from the bar. Your toes are supposed to touch, right? – Mm-hmm.
– Okay. And, then nine squat snatches. So you all the way down in your squat, hold, and stand it up. And, I started out doing
toes to bar in that workout, until my abs said no more. I couldn’t get my feet to touch it. I was like, “Ugh!” So my first round, I was was all Rx, so whatever it was prescribed. And then I did hanging knee raises. But, I can say, that was the fastest I’ve done burpees, in a long time.
– Yeah. – Bar facing burpees at that.
– Yeah. – So you got a burpee, two feet, on the floor, jump over,
and land on two feet. – [Dr. Nick] Yeah. – And then two feet back at the same time. – [Dr. Nick] So you felt
good? I mean you felt light– – I did feel good. – You felt lighter. – I was like, “Oh.” Even though I dread burpees everyday. – Yeah.
– If I see a burpee, in the workout.
– Yeah. – I’m just like, I’m the first person, just, “Ugh!” – Yeah.
– Just kill me now. – Yeah. – But I know I’ve gotten better at them, it’s just, they’re just not fun, a fun movement.
– Yeah – So, I can say that was probably my, that was the moment after I
seen how what time I finished. Because you have a 15-minute time cap to finish three rounds. I finished in 14:26. And, my goal was to finish, before like, either at
the time or maybe before. And all of a sudden, I was flying through those burpees, I was just really surprised at myself. I took breaks. And I was just like, “Man, you was really
bumping on those burpees” So it just made me feel good. Because the last open, that was one workout. It was 18.2 or 18.3, where you had front, like dumbbell, front squats I’m guessing. – Yeah. – And then you had bar facing burpees. And I had to finish all 10 of my burpees, in the last, what. So it was, one squat, one bar facing burpees, two squats, two bar facing burpees. Until you get to 10. Then, you had to do a max clean. – Max clean. I remember that. – So, I was excited, you know. I started at 175 on the bar, didn’t even make it. So I was pissed off. But this time, I should redo that one of these days. Just to see if I can make it again. But, at that point, barbells was not. It was just no. It’s a no for Tam. – Yeah. – And that’s what I always go back to. Anytime I do burpees, I’m just like, “Uhh.” It could be in that workout
’cause I like to lift, so I couldn’t get to the lift. It pissed me off. – Right. – But, (mumbles “I don’t know”). It’s just different. This time around, this open is much different than last open. Last open, I was new. I had only been doing this for six months. And, the, my whole perspective is different. I wasn’t competing with nobody, I was like they made me do it. Whatever. I guess. And then, this time around, I’m like, “Yeah, let’s see
where I can get to this time.” – Yeah
– You know? – Yeah. – I’m excited to see the different between this year and last year. – And you can check
your ranking last year. – Yes. – As compared to this year.
– Yes. – Yeah. – And, just to see where I land, between my counterparts. Like my friends, who are much fitter than I am. Granted, I’m strong. That’s my strong suit. The endurance, the cardio part, is all where I struggle with. That I’ve been trying to work better on, or get better with. So this last, or 18, just kidding 19.1, was 19 wall balls, and
19 carries on the row. On the rower. And, my goal was five rounds, and I end up getting six rounds, six full rounds, and then 12 into the seventh. So, I can say that was pretty good. – [Dr. Nick] Nice. – It was pretty good for me, I almost died a little bit, you know,
– Oh yeah. – I couldn’t breathe.
– Yeah. – ‘Cause my pants were a little tight. – Yeah. – [Dr. Nick] But they
were new pants though. – They were new pants. White pants. That I’ve been wanting
for such a long time. Finally found some. – [Dr. Nick] How’d you
feel after the workout? – It took me while to recover from that. – Yeah.
– So you push, you push yourself so
hard during the opening, which I wanted to give
up at the end of it, and you have this person
right here in my ear, telling me to get to the wall balls. I was like, “Ugh!”
– Yeah. – [TT] I’s just like, oh,
okay, let me go, let me go. – Yeah, and that gym floor–
– You just, yes. – [Dr. Nick] People encouraging you. – Yes, you have everybody
cheering for you. People watching whether
they not cheering for you, They still keeping their
eye on you, you know. Like, let’s see what they’re gonna do. So let’s see if I can beat them. – [Dr. Nick] So true. – I think that way too, whether
I like the person or not. If y’all go beast mode, you go beast mode. You can’t deny somebody’s ability. And all that energy, I feed off of it. I probably wouldn’t have
went as hard as I would, or as hard as I did, if it wasn’t for doing it at that time, with all the people there. But yeah, I can say that I was close to some of my counterparts
who I look up to. And, that makes me feel
like I did something right. – Good. – ‘Cause, I have, there’s
a few people at the gym, that you like okay, I’m right there, I see you. And I’m close. – Yeah. – And these people are
much smaller than me, and I’m keeping up just a little bit. You know, so, it just
makes me feel really good. – Yeah. – Yeah.
– Yeah. – And then I’m goin’ in
the right direction too. – Mm-hmm, and you’re not even
close to your goal, you know? – Right. – So. – It’s a lot happening. – And I think the other
thing that’s terrifying, that I’ve brought up with TT before is, given that she’s sticking to the numbers that I give her really well. She’s losing next to nothing of muscle. So, she’s essentially losing all this fat. Keeping all her muscle. That’s terrifying. Like, in due time, when she hits her goal, like yeah. Power output. – Straight beast mode.
– Work capacity. Will be on another level. So, over the last month, do you feel like your
strength has maintained, or even gotten stronger? – Yeah.
– Okay. – Oh yeah, that’s another
thing I want to talk about. We did a bunch of front squats. – Mm-hmm. – The one week, I went lighter than I should’ve, ’cause I just didn’t
feel like going heavy, ’cause my numbers. It was, 80, 75 or 80%, of your warmup max, which would’ve been about 265, 255. Uh, 265 pounds. That I was supposed to do. My one rep max is 325 for a front squat. And I was like, “Oh, I don’t know if I feel
like doing that today.” Well, I didn’t do it, and I felt bad, because who I was doing it
with, they went over theirs. And, I mean he did, stayed with it the whole time. So I couldn’t be mad, but, I felt bad. I was like, “I could’ve,” you know. Coulda went a little heavier. Well, the next week that
that came back around, I did go heavier. And it was pretty heavy. I think went, I think I did 245 or 255 for
however many reps it was. I forget. And, I felt it. And I was like, ugh, I probably should’ve did this last week, and maybe did a little more this week. Just because I’m not, I’m not hitting the numbers
that I’m supposed to, just because I know my body, and I listen to it. And we haven’t front squatted, just in our programming in a long time. I rather not injure myself. Let me just work my way up to it. But that’s the, front squats are like, “He he he.” Either I like them or I don’t. But I’ve felt great doing them, the 245 or 255, that I actually did, at that moment, I thought I could’ve
went a little heavier. So, just, listening to my body. It’s been feeling good. – Good. – Any lifts that we’ve been doing, they’ve been looking good, and I try to make sure I stick
to my form as much as I can. Helps you go heavier. And, no injuries. – Very true.
– So. – Very true. – I’m probably, I think I’m a
good student in that aspect. ‘Cause I’m not trying to
get injured whatsoever. – Yeah, yeah, It’s not worth it. Alright, so, with that being said, it’s time for week 12 results. So, since last seeing me four weeks ago, TT is down .3% body fat. She has lost 1.7 pounds in total, with 1.4 pounds of that being fat mass. Her waist to hip ratio has improved from 1.09 to 1.05. She’s lost 1.2 inches off of her waist, one inch off of her stomach, and has gained 0.4 inches on her hips. Since we started working
together 12 weeks ago, TT is down 4.3% body fat. She has lost 22.3 pounds in total, with 20.7 pounds of that being fat mass. Her waist to hip ratio has
improved from 1.06 to 1.05. In total, she has lost 3.3
inches off of her waist, 2.7 inches off of her stomach, and 2.4 inches off of her hips. – Sweet. Sweet (high fives) – Good Job. – It’s just gonna keep going. – Until you hit your goals. – Yeah.
– Yep. – Is there gonna be a time where we can talk about excess skin? Because I know people are wondering. – Yeah, yeah we’ll talk
about that absolutely. But, you know in my opinion, let’s achieve the goals and get there. – I know.
– Okay. So, with that being said, you know I hope you enjoyed this video, and that you got something
out of it for your journey. I’m sorry I can’t coach everybody, but I’m hoping that through these videos, your managing to pick up on
the points that TT makes, and the points that I make. And you’re managing to help yourself. So, you know, with that being said, if you have any questions for TT, any questions for me, please leave them in the
comments of this video. She checks the YouTube channel, I check it, so we’ll get back to you. – And you guys can follow me on Instagram “@tt2strong”. – You know, this is Week 12. Our next time that we’re
gonna meet is Week 14. So, until then, like, subscribe. Join the channel. Join the fit tribe. And we’ll see you in week 14. Until then, remember, choose health. (static) (screeches)

Randall Smitham