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Keto Diet Food Chart For Calculating Macros ☔FREE ☔We Got You Covered

hi everybody today we’re going to talk
about the one week new chart that I designed for using with the keto diet other health issues um I created this B
chart because I was having trouble getting the macros the way that I wanted
them in that apps that are out there that I will say some people that I know
are using My Fitness Pal and it’s working for them I’m just gonna use that
secret and this spreadsheet that I created on Google sheets to keep track
of my macros and other information that I want to track so today is day 2 of
this week so I’m gonna enter the date there to begin with it’s nine seven and
then I like to record my glucose in the morning and then I want to record the
exercise that I did and then for breakfast because I’m doing intermittent
fasting along with all of this I don’t actually have a meal until 11:00 in the
morning and then I stop eating around 6:00 I had coffee for breakfast with
cream so I’m just gonna do ctrl C and copy that information and put it right
down there and then control V so it’ll copy the the macros from above I also
had a half a tablespoon of butter for breakfast and so I don’t have that macro
right here so I’m going to go over to that secret which I have up in a
different window and we’re gonna do better we only had a half a tablespoon
so we’re gonna divide all of these in half so calories would be 51 and then that would be 11.52 divide to enter and then we’re looking for protein
because I put these backwards and it’s point zero six and then there’s really
no carbs and so to speak so we’re just gonna put zero there I also had apple
cider vinegar this morning I started incorporating that into my morning
regime so I’m just gonna record that here I’m not gonna really count any of
the carbs or anything in that because I don’t think it’s really necessary didn’t
have that much of anything so I had like one teaspoon of apple cider vinegar CV I
had one teaspoon of lemon juice maybe I kind of squeezed some of the lemon that
I had on this like my fresh lemons and I just squeezed it as I knead it off of
the half of the lemon I like to have it in my pillow Grigio sparkling water at
night because it makes me feel special anyway so lemon juice and then I put
some also some grated fresh ginger I keep my
ginger root in the freezer so you can grate it and it it works just fine and I
mixed all of that in some warm water like a half a cup of warm water then
heat it on the stove and it tasted really good um some people put like a
teaspoon of real cranberry juice not the kind with the sugar or the other stuff
added to it so you have to be real careful about that if you decide to do
that that I I just love the taste of ginger and the really the ginger just
overwhelms the apple cider vinegar vinegary this of the drink so you might
want to try that too apparently it’s supposed to be really good for you
we’re gonna go down here to lunch and I had a keto cabbage stir-fry last night I
got the recipe off of a diet doctor calm but they don’t break out the information
on there so I went through and used fat secret and kind of tried to record most
of the calories for the whole thing and then I broke it down into the six
servings that it worked out to be I think the carb count might be a little
high on this but I’m just gonna go with it we’re gonna go control-c and we’re
gonna go over here and we’re gonna type keto cabbage control V and then we have
to come over here and click on this little thing and put paste values in
here I also had a cup of lettuce okay so it was a handful that we’re just gonna
call it a cup and so we’re gonna go over here to fat secret type in and it’s eight calories and point zero
eight point five and one six three and I had a cucumber it’s a homegrown cucumber and I did that
let it get very big so it’s probably like a half a cup if it was all chopped
up into a little measuring cup I like to peel on because it’s nice and sweet and
it has eight calories and point zero six five eight zero six and I put on it sorry my cat decided not
sure what he’s doing Mayo Mayo with a little squeeze of lemon
juice is like my very favorite salad dressing it’s just my rescue cat she and
her siblings my son found at work he apparently accidentally killed their mom
so they were like a few days old and he brought them home all four of them in
the palm of his hand and we bottle fed them my daughter and I and they’re just
like the most loving kittens they’re cats now but all right back to the food
chart mayonnaise I use best food manis 100 calories okay
so there’s these are my total calories these are the grams of fat grams of
protein and grams of carbs these are the percentages of the calories that each
one of these things are and these are the number of calories like fat has nine
calories per gram the carbs and protein only have four so there you go I’ll
record my dinner and all will be well that
about it for how to do this I put the link below to the Google spreadsheet the
Google sheets spreadsheet so what I do is I just have I have the mean one but I
make copies of it each week and so I have different
different sheets for different weeks and I can go back through and look at my
progress sometimes if I weigh myself I’ll put my weight in here and if I do
different things like I’m doing this apple cider vinegar thing in the morning
I will try to keep track of how it’s affecting me like I realized that I I
need to not eat carbs at night like tomatoes things that are heavier carbs
because it makes my glucose level go up higher like I ate the cabbage last night
I had the keto cabbage for dinner and my glucose level was 98 this morning versus
the night before it was 80 and I only have like nuts for dinner that night I I
just had a be craving to have a bunch of not good a Mia nut so I just called it a
meal and went hog-wild I do actually count my calories I’m trying to keep
around 1,500 calories a day no more and like I said I am intermittent fasting so
I don’t eat before 11:00 coffee and apple cider vinegar don’t count as food
so I lunch around 11 ish and dinner around 5:30 six ish and then I don’t eat
anything after that I’ll have a water and a glass of Pellegrino with lemon
juice in it nice and it it just makes me feel all special and stuff so there you
go how to use this when we chart you can follow along in our thyroid treatment
for women group on Facebook I’ll put the link for that down below and ask any
questions you have there or here don’t forget to subscribe like this

Randall Smitham