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KETO DIET | KETO-licious BREAKFAST MUFFINS! BEST Keto Recipes to Make for Meal Prep and On the Go!

hey guys thank you for joining the 50k
hobby chick as I make my kETO delicious
breakfast muffins let’s get started
quickly first you’ll need garlic salt
olive oil black pepper butter onions as
well as a nice fatty meat in this case
you can see I did not use that we have a
non pork eater so this is turkey sausage
but with keto you definitely want to get
a nice good fatty meat like beef or real
I have already chopped up some onion
added it in to get good flavoring going
and now I’m ready to get started with my
egg mixture alright I have my whisk I
have a nice Mexican cheese I have my
chili powder as well as onion powder and
I’ve used seven eggs this is for a
family of four I will tell you by the
end it only yielded about ten muffins
which was still really great for us so
they enjoyed it I’m adding in all my
seasonings into the eggs and lastly my
garlic salt which I don’t think I showed
but I also added that in to give a nice
good flavor and now time to whisk make
sure you get it mixed really well and
just keep going you want to get all
lumps out make sure your eggs are nice
smooth and get them ready so the muffins
taste absolutely delicious alright I’m
going to add in a green pepper
I miss my pampered chef I used to have
this awesome
chopper wink wink to pampered chef if
you want to send me one I would love to
use it again I lost it when we moved into our
new home but here you go a hand chopped
it so the pieces are a little bit bigger
than I like but it still came out
tasting great I’ve added my cheese in
and so I’ve decided at this point I
think I want to add just a little bit
more seasoning alright as I mix it in um
so you’ll see that I’ll add just a
little bit more of the chilli powder I
just want it add a really kick up of
flavor I’m going to add in a little bit
more onion powder
and garlic salt before we add in the
meat mixture so again you want to get it
mixed in really good
make sure your peppers are in good and
then again the mixture is just really
thorough so here comes my meat and I
guess actually I put the seasoning in
right at the end and so I’ve just kind
of added in and you know little
spoonfuls or spatula fulls just to make
sure it’s going to go in and coat really
well and again to me beef, I would love
to try it I’m probably gonna do it again
and see how that tastes are a real pork
sausage just to get that good fat
because that’s the beauty of keto you
want to eat really strong and good fats
because it’s really like tricking the
body into believing you have enough fat
in your system so it releases it so now
I’ve folded my meat into the mixture
really well now I’ve added in the
seasoning that I was talking about and
then finally at the end I have gone on
and buttered the muffin pans I was out
of the little muffin or cupcake paper I
do think that method is a lot easier
I’ve made it that way before and you’ll
see some photos at the end from when
I’ve made it I love it with the paper
because they pop out of the pan really
easily and you can just take them on the
gum but in this case I will say without
the paper it makes them a lot bigger
they spread a lot wider so you just feel
like you’re getting a little bit more
and so I’m using my camera to try to get
you a nice close-up shot of my ladle as
I pour this in and yes I’m actually make
it a little bit of a mess so I decided
to put the camera down and I have gone
on and filled it you can see it fills
them really well again there’s like 10th
circle back there you don’t see
but there were 10 made and now as I pop
them in the oven I’m gonna start
cleaning up they came out amazing they
went into the oven on about 350 for
about 25 minutes you can just kind of
watch them you know as they start
bubbling over and they get that nice
golden color you know that they’re ready
and without the paper you know went
on and had to kind of go around them
either with a knife or a spatula which
really with like a little metal one
just to kind of get them lifted before
you serve them but they really came out
very very tasty and the family
absolutely loved them I probably only
managed to get one down to me they’re
actually pretty heavy believe it or not
and now this is the picture with the
paper I love this way because you put
the meat mixture in the paper first and
then you add the egg on and then this
one I was able to yield 12 totals and
look at that they just pop out so if you
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and follow and thank you for watching

Randall Smitham



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    I am definitely going to try these, Keto or not. I need easy meal prep recipes. Awesome!

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    It’s early Sunday morning and this video makes me hungry 😋! My daughter is vegan 🌱 and make similar food.

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    Im loving the prep. It looks delicious. I like when people know how to maje keto fun and the muffins are a great idea. Full watch. 😃