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Keto Diet SUCCESS Tips Everything You Need to Know

Hi guys, welcome to my channel watch autumn Kido, my name is autumn and I’ve been on the keto diet since September of 2017
Over the past year and a half
I have lost around 80 pounds with keto and so I just wanted to make this video today to give you
Four of my tips and tricks for starting and or staying on the keto diet tip number one is do your research
I feel like a lot of people just jump into the keto diet and if you don’t really take some time to look into it
You just think oh butter bacon eggs, boom, that’s it. And
you attempt to do that for a week and it might even work but then you start to feel burned out and
Restricted and then you’re like, oh the keto diet didn’t work for me and it’s not that the keto diet didn’t work for you
It’s just that enough research wasn’t done to
Understand how to make the diet sustainable for you. It’s a part of that
I would also say be prepared to know what you’re going to eat every day for the first two to four weeks
Having a plan, especially when you’re starting a new diet
It gives you something to be accountable to if you’re anything like me
Whenever you’re given the option or whenever you’re given a food choice, you make the wrong choice. So the easiest way to
Not even have to worry about that is to have a meal plan a 30-day plan of this is what I plan to eat
every day for the first 30 days to keep me on track and keep going and keep
Planning ahead so that you don’t find yourself in situations. Where?
You’re out stranded and you don’t have any food and it Cinnabons looking real tempting and you didn’t prepare yourself
So preparation is key tip number two, and this was something that I really had to learn the hard way
Start with food that you actually like so when you look up ketogenic recipes
There’s gonna be a bunch of stuff like MCT oil and psyllium husk and xanthan gum and just all these weird
Ingredients that you probably have never heard of and that’s okay because that stuff is totally optional
There are plenty of lists on the internet of foods that are acceptable on the keto diet get that list
Circle the foods that you already
Like and start with those I can tell you from my own personal experience the weekend before I decided to start the keto diet
I went to Sam’s Club and I bought
worth of
Food that I had never even thought about eating in the years prior just because I knew you could have it on the ketogenic diet
secret Kido confession
I don’t really like avocado and that’s okay, but I knew the avocados were a staple of the diet
So here I go buying all these avocados and guess what? They went bad. I bought a joke of MCT oil
For what guess what it is literally still sitting in my pantry unopened a year and a half later
I bought chicken meatballs just a bunch of things that didn’t make sense for me to eat when I know for a fact
That I already love butter. I already love eggs. I already love bacon
I already love broccoli and cauliflower and olive oil and that’s exactly what I ended up eating the first few weeks
So all that stuff was just sitting in my pantry going bad
Because I went right out the gate trying something new the ketogenic diet is gonna be new enough
You don’t need to be introducing new foods while you’re just trying to get acclimated to the diet
tip number three no cheats for at least the first 90 days
One of the things that the keto diet has taught me was that there’s just no way around it
to lose weight and to get healthier you just have to
consistently eat
Properly that’s it in
regular diet culture
We’ve gotten so used to I can eat well during the week and then go on a two-day binge on the weekend and then Monday
I started all over again and by Friday and Saturday or Saturday and Sunday
I’m going crazy. Like there’s no way around it
If you want to be successful, you’ve got to follow the plan for more than just a week
You’re never gonna be successful if you don’t have two key things
Consistency, that’s all it takes to be successful at anything. So when you’re thinking about that in terms of your diet be
Disciplined just eat the food. That’s part of your foot plan
Consistently for at least 90 days and my thought process is in factor ninety days
You want a cheat meal or a cheat day or something?
I’m personally okay with those that is something that you’re gonna have to reconcile when you do your research
and figure out what kind of keto diet you want to do in the longer than 90 days if you can just go on the
Diet and not cheat ever more power to you
That’s even better that is optimal. Best case scenario
But if in order to make the diet sustainable, you do need a cheat meal or a cheat day
I am a huge proponent of those
I have participated in many a cheat day and I’m still successful on the diet because
More times than not I’m eating on plan
And so I know so many people that will start the diet and maybe the first week they lose eight pounds and the next week
They lose six pounds and then the third week maybe they lose one pound and then the fourth week
Maybe they don’t lose any weight and by the fourth week. It’s like oh no the diet has stopped working for me
Let me quit and that is not the case your body needs time to adjust
And it’s gonna take longer than four weeks for me personally the first month
I was on keto I lost eight pounds the second month. I was on keto I lost eight pounds the third month
I was on keto I lost 15 pounds
And if I would have looked at eight pounds and thought oh, that’s not enough this day
I’m not losing quickly enough this diets not working for me
I might have given up and not really push through to that threshold that really made me realize that oh wow
Keto works if you stick with it
And if you’re truly disciplined and I’m really proud of myself because I was one of those five on two off type people my entire
Dieting life but I made a plan
That’s why it’s important to make a plan and I wrote down everything
I was going to eat and I prepared it so that when Saturday came when the first Saturday of the
Ketogenic diet came I had to actually mentally trick myself and pretend I was still at work
Because that’s how we gauge when it’s time to eat. It’s okay
Normally if it’s 8:30, I’ll be having a coffee and then by 11:30
I’d be having lunch and so I would gauge when I was supposed to eat on the weekend for when I
Normally ate at work during the week and that first Saturday and Sunday that I made it through
on plan on the diet like that was
revolutionary for me because I had just never done it before and
That gives you the confidence to go right back into Monday and you know
Monday through Friday is a breeze we can do that and then the next Saturday and Sunday
you already know that you’ve done it once before and you can do it again and you can keep doing it and
I did it for 90 days straight and it shows you that you’re not a slave to food
You’re not a slave to your craving. You can make a plan. You can stick to a plan
You can eat delicious food and you can not feel deprived
All right
And my last and final tip tip number four
Find a keto community if that’s on YouTube on Instagram on Facebook
When people you know in real life
that’s one of the most surefire ways to remain accountable and
Really understand that you’re not alone in your struggles
I’ll tell you one thing you are alone in making sure that you’re doing the work no one’s gonna force-feed
You keto food you have actually got to make the choice to put the correct food in your body every day
No one else can do that for you. And in that you are completely alone, but in your struggles and your
Temptations and your desire for new recipes and your desire to vent
There are tons of people out there going through the exact same thing
That you are and to find that and to read that and to really realize that you’re not alone or something’s not wrong with you
Because for 30 days in a row you’re doing great and for day 31
you just want to flip a table because you have such a bad craving to realize that that’s normal and everybody feels it and just
To work your way through it and to let the community know your struggles and it’s also a place for great information
people are always sharing information recipe tips on fasting tips for
exercising there’s so much information out there and it’s so much more meaningful when it comes from a
Person that you know is going through the same things that you’re going through
so you’re already on your way with step four if you’re watching this video because you’re already part of my community and I really
really love that and I’m glad you’re here and I want you to know that if I was successful if I
the person that tried so many diets Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig
juicing vegan
everything I’ve tried
Everything if I can find something that works for me and make up my mind because that’s all it takes
You got to make up your mind if I can finally get to the point where I made up my mind
That I was gonna be disciplined and consistent with this diet if I can do that
Anyone can because I know exactly how it feels to feel hopeless to feel well
I guess I’m just a fat person forever
You know, I guess this is my life now
but to really truly know that that’s not the life you want but to
Honestly believe that you don’t have the power to change it. I’m a slave to Donuts. I’m a slave to Doritos
They all taste too good. I can’t do it
I’m here to tell you
You can do it you can
But you have to make up your mind and you have to be disciplined and you have to put it into action
Alright, that’s enough of me rambling. Thank you so much for watching this video
I hope that these tips helped you if you’re just wanting to start the diet
Or if maybe you’ve done the diet for a little bit and you’ve fallen off
Hopefully you can start to re-implement some of these tips. That’ll help you be successful this time around
Thank you so much for watching this video
If you liked it
Don’t forget to give it a thumbs up and subscribe to my channel watch autumn keto I make weekly meal preps weekly what I eat
Wednesdays monthly weigh-ins and monthly keto Craig reviews. You can also find me on instagram at watch autumn pedo
Thanks, and I’ll talk to you later

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