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hey guys welcome to my channel and
welcome to day 10 of 30 days Keto summer transformation i can’t even
believe that the 3rd of the challenge is already behind us it’s about 2 o’clock
so i’m ready to break my fast and start the day with some good lunch I’m gonna
just heat up this one leg of the bread first wing growth yesterday I’m gonna
pan-fry one egg I’m gonna have a couple of cherry tomatoes and about 1 cup of
the spinach baby kale a mix so this is my lunch today and I’m gonna use some
little of the horseradish mustard to go with it and that’s it ok hey guys
welcome to day 10 of our 30 day keto challenge I just wanted to show you what
I’m having for lunch today we’re having kind of a fun lunch today we’re actually
grilling here at work so what I have we grilled turkey burgers so I just wrapped
mine and some lettuce and stayed away from the buns turkey burgers with cheese
lettuce tomato gonna use that like a lettuce wrap a lettuce bun and I also
have some keto bread with some sliced chicken breasts some avocado lettuce
tomato and cheese and then one of my co-workers is also doing the keto diet
she brought in some it looks like potato salad but this is made with cauliflower
and this looks really delicious I can’t wait to dive into that the raining again that the mountain
season here in Florida and I can’t tell you how much boring this matter is I so
wanted to take out the kayak tomorrow and go again on that the river to get
some workout in and you know swim a little bit and have some fun but if the
better is gonna be like this well that really sucks don’t take me wrong I like
playing video games editing videos and reading some good book from time to time
but not every day I wanna get out I’m an outdoor girl
please stop raining right Casey tell that you also wanted to stop raining so
we can go for a walk yeah even Casey gets angry when there is raining outside
very angry I hit my coffee and now I’m gonna make myself apple cider vinegar
water apple cider vinegar is well known for its amazing benefits helping
lowering blood sugar levels cholesterol also helping bit appetite it helps clear
skin it has a many many benefits so I’m trying to drink it daily I’m using
organic one and what’s important is when you buy one it has to be with mother
measuring one tablespoon and I like to add a good amount of lemon as well and
cheers to the health if you don’t like it sour you can also use some sweetener
you can use a liquid stevia powder stevia whatever sweetened are you prefer
because normally you would use a raw honey but we’re low carb so no honey for
us I’m taking a break to have some snack this is what I’m gonna have today I’m
having a hundred grams of black forest ham and two pickles I have to say I did
have mild headaches for a couple of days but I did incorporate a lot of pickles
and pickle juice and I can say that no more headaches for me now so I’m gonna
snack that then I’m gonna do some workout and
I’ll check with you back around dinner we were run quickly into the grocery
store to pick up a couple of stuff we need for the next week so I’m gonna
quickly show you what we got I got one more pack of spinach I have some
coleslaw some iceberg lettuce a bunch of broccoli then we get this marinated
piece of pork it’s in herbs and garlic which I’m gonna put today on the grill
then I found finally this sugar free barbecue sauce this one has only two
carbohydrates into two tablespoons so I’m excited about that I don’t usually
eat barbecue sauce but I do use it for marinating my meat then I got some
cherry tomatoes some black forest ham and finally we found the Lily’s
chocolate so we excited to try that one out I’m just gonna shred it onto my
avocado chocolate mousse and then I got another dozen of eggs so as a side dish
I’m gonna make some asparagus so I’m using about tablespoon of Kerrygold
butter which I placed over the asparagus now I’m just gonna use a little bit of
salt little pepper and I like to place a couple of lemons over the asparagus so
when they cook the sauce goes the juices go all down there we just like it that
way better than just only squeezed from both sides and I’m gonna wait until the
pork is almost done because asparagus is cooked very quickly it’s gonna take
about five minutes on the grill I made a little coleslaw with mayor and
salt and pepper just to go with it how’s your day it was good I ate a lot
of food lunch though it was good we bought a nice good ball today guys the dinner was really good this
marinated pork is a good to go when you do not have so much time to get your
dinner ready it was the over 1/2 pound piece of meat
so we’re gonna have another two portions for tomorrow tomorrow it’s our day off
so we’re gonna enjoy today’s night we might even have a glass of wine or a
little drink us if it fits your macros you know you don’t have to relish trust
about it just count your calories and you’re still gonna keep losing weight
just remember every single time we drink some alcohol the burning fat part goes
on like a second line so your weight loss will be a little stall but guys
sometimes we just have to live a little so little endorsment it’s never bad so
don’t beat yourself up for that and just go for it I can’t really believe that
the third of this challenge is already behind us so let’s just do the thing we
need to do every night day 10 of our third days Kyo summer transformation
challenge is over thank you guys so much for watching this video let me know in
the comments down below if you also do love grilling season and what’s your
favorite dish to grill and I’m gonna see you tomorrow for day 11 good night

Randall Smitham



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    lol angry viscious dog!

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    LOL your angry minidog. 🙂 Good job you guys for sticking to the challenge the pork looked delicious!

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    Do I hear a Czech accent??❤️😂 love your videos and subscribing !🌸

  5. Iva Scelfo Posted on July 25, 2018 at 2:51 pm

    1/3 of the Keto Diet challenge is behind me! It goes by really fast. Can't wait for the results! xoxo Iva 😘