April 4, 2020
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hey guys welcome to my channel and
welcome today 20 of my 30 days keto diet summer transformation challenge my
channel is all about healthy lifestyle keto and low carb recipes ideas and tips
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it’s 1 o’clock so I’m ready to break my fast and I’m gonna throw together some
easy quick lunch so I’ve got some romaine lettuce some avocados some
cherry tomatoes the grilled chicken from previous night and some red onion gonna
eat this for ginger and this is my salad guys I added 1/2 of ounce of goat cheese
and some walnuts and also a little bit of Thousand Island dressing and I’m
gonna go dig in hey guys it’s Rob I just clocked out for lunch and I just wanted
to show you what I brought with me I’m actually really excited about today’s
lunch wait do you see this so I got my salad here we got some chicken that we
barbecued the other day so we cut up some chicken barbecue chicken in here
with some avocado grape tomato I got a hard-boiled egg there’s some
flax seeds in here to add some more fiber spinach leaves some red onion and
some chopped cucumber I have a sun-dried tomato salad dressing that’s organic
by simply nature I love that dressing and we have the 90-second keto bread
with some ham and cheese and some mayo I have my quest bar this bar has less
than 4 grams net carbs but it has 16 grams of fiber so I really got it for
the fiber content when you cut out things like wheat bread and whole wheat
pasta we used to eat that a lot but now on the keto diet we had to really cut
all that stuff out so we had to figure out ways to add fiber to our diet this
is what’s for lunch it’s 5 o’clock so I’m feeling a little hungry so I’m gonna
grab some snack today I pick this turkey snack sausages so one of them is 45
calories 3 fat and less than a 1 gram of total cards so I’m gonna have three of
those we pick them up at all these yesterday if you want to see that
grocery haul you can go watch my yesterday’s blog I’m gonna link it in
the end of this video and in the description down below so you can go
check that out these are really great to just take them with you to work or
on-the-go you just put them in a ziplock and throw
them in your bag and they really always come handy yes I’m getting my daily
dosage of love for my little cutest ever Bonnie I’m still a little hungry so I’m
gonna make myself a snack number to you today we bought yesterday taste fresh
marinated mozzarella this one it’s in herbs and some red peppers it has a
little kick to it so it is a little spicy but absolutely delicious so I’m
gonna have one ounce of that and I’m probably gonna defrost some salmon and
make some string beans with it for dinner this is how my key do mini fridge
looks like we went food shopping yesterday so I made this keto whole
video as a part of my vlog so if you didn’t see it go watch the vlog day and
19 and you will see all stuff we got but this is pretty full doesn’t it look
amazing look how many days you and I have
already been through together here I have to say it’s been a little
challenging to film every day and most of it to edit every day a new video for
you so you can follow along on this journey me and my husband are taking but
it’s rewarding as I’m getting a lots of nice encouraging comments on my
Instagram and on YouTube so really thank you guys so much for watching and for
supporting us it really does mean a word to us I don’t know if you guys know but
a little bit of my dieting background me and my husband we actually previous keto
we’ve been almost two years on vegan lifestyle so this switch was a pretty
harsh as you know incorporating again dairy and meat was a little harsh from
the beginning but now we’re getting a used to it a little more and we have a
little constipation problems here and there we need to up our fiber we’re
gonna make a separate video about this topic we are testing some new keto fiber
supplements so we’re gonna let you know how that worked I’m also planning on to
making a video about me being vegan and why I quit being vegan and also
comparing the vegan diet to a keto diet and which I think it’s better or more
sustainable so you may want to consider subscribing to my channel so you don’t
miss those videos and hit the bell button so you get notified when I upload
it almost eight o’clock so it’s time to
start the dinner so I’m having my string beans I cut them into smaller pieces and
I’m gonna steam them first and I get a two fillets of salmon I’m just gonna put
some salt and pepper and lemon and I’m gonna cook them up in the butter my
string beans are done so I’m gonna drain the water and put them back in the pot
I’m gonna put half of a tablespoon in a pot and I’m gonna use about a quarter
cup of almonds and I’m gonna fry them up a little bit then I’m taking again a
half of a tablespoon of butter and we’ll put it in my frying pan and I’m gonna
start frying up the salmon and here it is fried salmon with some
battery 11 almond stream beans it was amazing satisfying dinner I did
really love the combo of the pattern of lime and almonds in my stream beans
obviously did the fish wasn’t the best under the Sun because it was previously
frozen but it still was good and it took me altogether like 10 minutes top I
think it too grew up a longer time to do the dishes that mean they’re cooking how
do you feel about that we bought some fresh strawberries and blueberries
yesterday so I’m gonna take them again and put some whipped cream on it and
some chocolate and that’s gonna be today’s dessert so I brewed myself some
tea and those are my berries already are ready to be topped with some whipping
cream so let’s wrap up this video and cross the day of the list day 20 of our
30 days keto diet summer transformation challenge is over
thank you guys so much for watching today’s video I hoped you liked it if
you did give it a thumbs up and thank you for your support and I’m gonna see
you again tomorrow good night

Randall Smitham



  1. Aziza K Posted on August 4, 2018 at 11:40 am

    Hello Iva and Rob! You're one week ahead of me as today is day 13 for me. I'll be ketoing for the next 47 days as I'm trying to do a 60 day challenge. Will you be taking a break after 30 days? Btw thank YOU for your support and ideas. They keep me motivated and inspired like you wouldn't know!! And also there are loads of keto vegetarians online. All the best!!

  2. NurtraBaby Posted on August 4, 2018 at 3:05 pm

    Love watching your videos! Looks like you guys are going strong and keto shredding like crazy.

  3. Ronda Townsend Posted on August 4, 2018 at 9:25 pm

    I love your videos. I don't comment on videos usually, but had to say hi and let you know your meals always looks delicious. I love both you and your hubby is supporting each other in Keto…way to go.

  4. J.Jones True Posted on August 5, 2018 at 12:08 am

    I struggle so hard with fasting that late in the day. That salad looks amazing!!

  5. m99 Posted on August 7, 2018 at 8:13 pm

    You guys have the best lunches. Your mini-fridge looks like it's going to have a maxi-explosion. 🙂 When you make that vegan video get your troll spray ready you might need it. LOL! I am catching up on your videos now that my sick computer is out of the hospital. Good job you guys I appreciate your dedication.