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KETO DIET!  WHAT? did i get myself into.

Hi everyone, this is Shay and today just happens to be Monday Day one of my Kido planned that I’m starting for the month of June and For some reason this morning. I’m not excited about starting this plan and that’s a bit weird because before I started I was excited and So I just wanted to say that even someone like myself. Ah Gets to a place where sometimes you don’t want to do anything, but you know after doing my meditations this morning, and I grounded I Like still for a while and I said shit, you know what this is really Not about how you feel. This is about what you’re committed to and this is what you have to do Not only that I have myself on this plan, but I also have seven other individuals and hopefully they will be recording their weight and Following the keto plan now this ketogenic ìdo Genesis which we say Aikido Is a plan really to help your body go into ketosis and reverse Where the body source of energy comes from which is usually glucose With this particular diet it is going to come from the store at five now This is one of those diets that are kind of scary for the average person when I share what the diet is about and when I talk about what the diet is about because the diet is 75 percent fat and of course, these are healthy and good fats for you. And then there’s a 20 to 15 percent ratio protein in This diet and then there’s a 10 to 5 percent carbs Which really should come from a vegetable source of of car So first, let me say this well, let me apologize for the way I looked this morning because yeah today like I said the feeling is like I don’t want to do this, but I know that I’m committed to doing this and so um Yeah, this is saying I guess no makeup Kind of any day hair day, so Yeah, but today is day one. Um yupi And I am I’m committed to this planned. I Not as excited as I’d like to be today but I am committed to this plan it will happen I am doing it and the rest of other us are doing it. I sent my weight. I’m hoping that I can Take a full body picture today because this particular plan really is geared more towards People that are are and this is just my opinion in terms of where I think the plan is geared tomorrow towards people that are Not necessarily Extremely overweight but have some weight issues and want to shape and redefine and sculpt their bodies Because Kido really it actually when you look at your weight Which comes to Kido it is? actually Kind of reaching for the store body fat and using that as energy and so melting that away helping the body to reshape and making the muscles more defined and A more sculpt looking so I think it’s perfect really for someone that is older I’m a true a woman that is looking not necessarily to look thinner But to look more fit and to look more sculpt and to look more shapely and more proportion And also to if you want really nice long lean looking legs you want to wear some you know hot shots Of course your swimsuit This is summer about to approach us and so you want to look better overall and in terms of your physique Kido will definitely be a plan for you now. So we’re doing a 21 day plan. And yes, I am training with my Trina Felice hi Felicia, I Don’t know if I can say that she is a part of this plan or not, but I just said it so nonetheless But We are training right now. I’m training two days a week, and she does want me to train Additionally another two days which I have to kind of pull out of the air So I’m working on that, but I just wanted to say hi to everyone to say that this is day one. I’m Kind of excited. Yeah to start this plant and to get my mind in the game Well, because I said mine. Let me say this I Usually tell my clients that when you’re starting a program Any program for that matter, you know? You have to start with getting your mind in the game. And this just this morning actually speaks to How I literally feel in terms of I’m feeling you know a little bit lethargic and slow moving this morning And I don’t feel like I want to do it However, because I prepared and got my mind in the game. I mentally prepared talked to myself I know I was about to start showing forth For me even though the feeling in my body was like, I don’t know if I want to do this I was prepared and so I started very early After doing my grounding and meditation I weighed myself I prepared my breakfast and I’m started I decided to do this video Yeah, just to kind of to get everybody encouraged and starting this keto there is I think seven seven or eight of us that are doing this keto and We are definitely going to share the beginning and the ending of our story, but I am committed to doing a video every day Sharing a little bit more of my experience and and having you watched my transformation live because I am one of those Wellness Coaches that believe in complete transparency in terms of if you’re asking a client to do it It’s important that you are doing it with them or have done it to be able to share this experience. And so This is day one people On my Kido 21 day diet plan and listen if you’re interested in becoming a part of our keto group Or if you just want to wait and see what’s my results and some of my clients results Are going to be at the end of this keto 21 days. I am gonna go and tell the entire month of June so Stay tuned. But if you’d like to just find a little bit more about keto go to my Day one of my Kido plan again. I just wanted to share that information with you but if for any reason any of you want to be a part of this plan just go on to My website I have several 21-day challenges and my 21-day challenges is really all about getting you to challenge yourself mentally and physically for 21 days, I have my 21 day Kido, of course my 21 day cleanse that I have been doing for 17 years And I’m not sure about the next date. I know it’s coming up really soon. And I’m also a part of get fit 21 so you you want to check out my 21-day challenges on my website. It’s WWE just charlene t comm Also on instagram as just charlene t and my facebook page just charlene 21 day for any of my 21-day challenges again. This is my personal journey And challenge for myself, which is day one, so please just know that I love you guys and I hope you’re rooting for me because this for me really is all about a Mental challenge as well for me and staying disciplined, um staying disciplined through this 21-day challenge But guess what, you know as I continue to Encourage you to eat emotionally. Well for me, I know that I am I can and I will Yeah day one

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  1. LAMAR THOMPSON Posted on June 5, 2018 at 10:36 am

    Wow just started mine as well

  2. Bonnie On Keto Posted on June 5, 2018 at 11:32 am

    Tips for starting out: If you're doing this for weight loss, measure yourself! Wrap a string around your waist and cut it size, then tape it to your closet wall, then re-measure a few weeks later (or when you have a stall) so you can SEE your progress. First week, pounds will fly off. Don't get used to it. Its water weight. When to get happy is when the weight loss slows to 1-3 lbs a week because that's actual fat loss. If you get headaches, cramps, or fatigue drink pickle or olive juice like its going out of style! This is due to lack of electrolytes. To replenish electrolytes, avocados or the no salt salt substitute are best for potassium, avocados or leafy greens for magnesium (or you can get the pill form but veggies are best), and sodium is obviously pink salt. Urine strips are only good for a few weeks if you've already bought them, if you haven't, I wouldn't but its up to you. They only test excess ketones and at the beginning your body will be flushing a lot of ketones out as it doesn't know what to do with them so you'll see a bunch of great color answers on the test but its not really accurate. When your body starts to figure out what to do with the ketones and works them effectively, it will flush them out less so you will only see trace amounts of ketones on the strip and you will become disappointed. By this point, its only reading a yes or no answer to whether you have ketones or not, not how many you have in your system because your system isn't flushing them out. Hope this helps!

  3. Los Hustle Posted on June 7, 2018 at 4:02 pm

    You got yourself into a great lifestyle! Let's chat keto and all that jazz some time.