February 27, 2020
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Keto Diet: What it does and why you need Carbs

Hi I’m Paul with Iron Orr Fitness.
Okay so we’re talking today about the Keto
Something I’m sure you guys all heard about
very popular right now.
Uhhh I’m gonna talk about just kind of a little
bit abut what it actually is just kind of
the background of how it reacts with like
your body.
Ummm why it kinda is popular I would say now
and then kind of pros and cons and maybe you
know you see if it’s the right fit for you.
So when we’re talking about the keto diet
essentially what you’re doing is you’re switching
your body from carbohydrate based fuels to
fat base for fuel right?
So the body prefers carbohydrates just because
it’s the easiest source of energy.
It’s the easiest way for your body to convert
food into blood sugar which it goes to our
brain it goes to our muscles everything like
When we deprive the body of carbohydrates,
it’s gonna be resilient in survival so it’s
gonna find a way to kinda make its own blood
sugar from that.
So we store carbohydrates in our muscles as
glycogen also in our liver.
So if you eat a regular you know diet, your
body already has stuff stored in there as
When you go off of carbs, your body will essentially
deplete the rest of that and when that happens
glycogen is stored with like two parts of
So initially when you get on the keto diet,
you’ll shed a bunch of water weight and you’re
like oh you know, I’m losing weight this is
awesome right?
So what that is is water weight.
You haven’t really started to lose any fat
So when the body starts to go into making
ketone bodies.
It’s taking fatty acids in your body, in your
liver, it’s producing basically taking that
breaking it down and then it’s making a ketone
So those ketone bodies essentially are now
working as that blood sugar that you would’ve
got from glucose, that you would’ve got from
carbohydrates right?
So essentially from there, your body should
be a fat burning machine.
So you’re on the keto diet, you’re eating
primarily fats should be good fats but I know
some people are eating butter and bacon things
like that.
Ummm a little bit of protein, very minimal
amount of carbohydrates and it should be coming
from like vegetables.
Now this diet will work for people initially
right because you’re gonna lose a lot of water
and then your body’s gonna start burning fat.
The problem that I see with that is as soon
as you go back to eating regular food-carbohydrate
based food-that’s usually where people have
the issues with you know, cookies and things
like that, especially on the holidays your
body now switches out of that ketosis mode
and now it’s using that glycogen again as
umm as energy.
So when that happens, it’s going to store
the water immediately and you’re gonna notice
a big spike in just like in weight and again
it’s weight because we lost the water we gained
the water back.
So the problem that I see just with the diet
overall is it might not be sustainable.
The best type of diet is one you can stick
to all the time, right?
So if there is one that you can only eat certain
types of food, and you go off of it and you
have one type of thing right?
Your diet is now off track for now a few days
you have to get back on it.
So ummm the next thing that I see is kind
of kind of a con with that is we don’t really
have that many studies on what the long term
effects are with this type of diet.
Ummm if you’re eating a lot of fat, every
single day, no one knows what that’s going
to be 10 years from now.
They just haven’t done the studies and it
might be that it’s nothing but there just
hasn’t been enough time.
It’s very knew to just really give us some
good scientific date on is this healthy or
is this not healthy?
The last thing is athletes.
Now someone who needs readily available energy
and they need it quickly…ketone bodies are
not going to do that for you.
It’s not it’s not the quickest way.
So if you’re an athlete, if you’re someone
who endurance wise needs a lot of energy,
carbohydrates should still be your primary
fuel source.
Umm now again some people react differently
with like carbs and stuff, you can try to
go low carb but I think the difference between
a low carb diet, which is balanced and a high
fat very low carb diet is that again you’re
not getting enough carbs for like your workouts
and everything like that.
So if performance is something that you’re
really concerned about, probably stay away
from the Keto DIet.
If you are kind of a sanitary person, don’t
get a whole lot of exercise it might be a
good diet for you as long as you can stick
to it.
So again, I encourage you to do your own research.
Ummm kind of play around with different things,
find what is best for you, what you can stick
with 365 days out of the year and if you have
any questions, you come find us in the gym.

Randall Smitham



  1. Bid Now Posted on July 25, 2019 at 4:18 pm

    Pretty close.

    0:28 Carbs are your body's preferred source of fuel when you eat carbs. Once you switch to keto and become keto-adapted and fat adapted, your metabolism then favors fat and ketones as its energy substrate.

    1:05 Glycogen is stored with either 3 or 4 parts of water, so I just estimate at 3.5.

     1:45 Butter and bacon are actually "good fats" should you care to do more research. "Bad fats" are Trans Fats and Seed Oil fats with a much higher W-6 inflammatory lipid profile. These include vegetable oil, corn oil, soybean oil, sunflower oil, safflower oil, and the like. Basically, cheap oils used in restaurants and commercial junk foods, sauces, and dressings.

     2:15 Once you go off off keto, you regain that muscle/liver glycogen and its attached water weight. True. In fact, you will regain a bit more than normal through a process called super saturation, as your body will retain even more glycogen than it had when you started keto because it thinks you have just come from a period of famine. You will shed this bonus glycogen/water weight in a few weeks as your body gets re-aclimated to glucose burning mode. I have never understood how regaining weight when you are not on keto has any bearing on when you are actually in ketosis.

    2:35 Your "not sustainable" comment is common and also shows a lack of research on your part. I find it highly sustainable and preferable to my prior Standard American Diet (SAD).

     2:55 True. There are not that many studies on the diet's long term effects. There is the https://www.virtahealth.com/research study which has published its one year results. Its second year's findings will be available in a few months or so.

    3:00 Not exactly true. Lots of people have been on the ketogenic diet for longer than 10 years, and they are available to answer questions at places like reddit/keto and FB groups and other YT channels. While there are not any RCTs for a 10 year study of a ketogenic diet vs. other diet protocols, I will not be surprised to see one or two over the next few decades.

    3:30 Not exactly true. I agree that quick response athletic events like sprinting, etc. very much favors glycoiysis and higher carb intake. However, ultra endurance athletes and perhaps even weight lifting events tend to favor ketosis.

    4:15 "If you have any questions, you come find us in the gym." Yea, that is one option. I think that more people would benefit from focusing on their blood glucose and HbA1c levels as well as their lipid profile and inflammatory markers at their Doctor's office. With over one half of the adults in health conscious California now classified as Diabetic or Pre-Diabetic, perhaps the advice to eat carbs and exercise it off is not that smart.

    I too was a college athlete but gained a lot of weight from stress eating. At 6'0" and 192 pounds, I lost 160 pounds over 34 months and and am back at my 10th grade playing weight. I've now held that weight pretty effortlessly for four years since. My Doctor says that I have the blood work of a 27 year old, which I'll take since I am now 63…