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Keto Essentials (What are our keto pantry staples?)

today I’ll give you a quick rundown of
how to stock your pantry with some of my top keto essentials to be honest before
starting keto myself I had no idea where to begin which is why now that I have a
notch or two in my keto belt I’m excited to help you stock your pantry without
any of the guess work Elisa here head chef at where eating and exercising well is the name of our game you see before
starting keto I have all of these questions are you allowed to eat sweets
on keto? the answer is yes by the way and what foods do you need on hand to be
prepared luckily I had some guidance which is why I want to pay it forward
and show you how to stock up on your keto essentials and answer a few of
those other questions along the way so let’s do it ok I say we cut right to
the chase and take a look at what the heck is in my keto pantry brace
yourselves because all the goods are right here I’m telling you there’s so
much goodness in here sometimes that happens love it ok so I don’t totally
bore you going item by item I figured we could start off by having a little fun
remember how I mentioned that eating sweets on keto is totally doable well if
you’re anything like me and you have a sweet tooth this is the thing I needed
to know most before committing to a new way of eating so even though we usually
save dessert for last today we’re starting there here’s what you’ll need
in your pantry to make sure the sweet stuff is taken care of first for all
your baking needs it’s good to have a few low carb flowers on hand like almond
and coconut flours and as thickening agents try example gum and arrowroot
powder a lot of keto desserts call for these items so they’re a good place to
begin some of my family favorite and keto friendly recipes to whip up with
some of these ingredients are snickerdoodles and peanut butter cookies
and because keto is low carb these cookies don’t have any refined sugars on
them so we all get to avoid drastic sugar highs and crashes
which brings us to keto friendly sweeteners I’ll put a link in our video
that goes even deeper into this topic below but for now just note that monk
fruit, liquid stevia, and erythritol are friends on keto I also like to have some
sugar-free chocolate chips on hand as well oh and for baking as well as
smoothies and other recipes I love to have chia seeds and unsweetened coconut
shavings around to they add great texture and flavor to certain recipes
just make sure there are no added fillers or sugars in any of these items
keep it pure and simple alright another important area to stock
up on are your morning and post-exercise protein shakes fun fact I’m actually
known in the Warrior Made kitchen for my shake moves I get so excited
each morning because I love a good protein shake and when it comes to
protein powders here is the one I always have on hand
it’s a grass-fed collagen protein which you can click the second link
below to learn more about and to accompany my protein powder I usually
add unsweetened coconut or almond milk to the mix alright moving on to snacks I
have two growing boys under the age of 10
so snacks are a must in my house I make sure that most of the snacks I eat are
kid-friendly too that’s why I always keep a bunch around always go organic
here and when possible get nut butters that are raw and cold-pressed this will
ensure they aren’t chemically processed now other easy snacks are pouched
or canned tuna and jerky just make sure the tuna is wild and sustainably caught
and with jerky I make sure to buy ones that are sugar and nitrate free ok we’re
in the home stretch now last up in my pantry oils and spices
the three main oils I use are olive, avocado, and coconut I personally use
avocado oil a lot for cooking because it has a high smoke point which means it
won’t burn or become toxic while cooking Olive Oil has a lower smoke point so I
usually use it for cold dressings and coconut oil has become my best friend
when it comes to baking it adds a rich texture and believe it or not doesn’t
leave every sweet treat you make tasting like coconut you can definitely use it
for stir frys too whatever floats your boat sorry
sometimes you need a good visual pun moving on to spice my meals up a bit
more I always have dried herbs and spices in the pantry I actually dried
these myself from my own indoor herb garden but there’s no problem buying
dried herbs from the store when you do just be sure that there are no additives
like sugars or starches in the meat rubs or other spices you pick up oh and one
last thing I also keep some extra condiments on hand that I pop into the
fridge once opened a great brand is primal kitchen
they make dressings and avocado mayo that are both keto friendly ok pantry
people I hope this gives you a head start on keto if you have questions
about the keto essentials we talked about today or any other questions
across your mind leave them in the comments below if this video was helpful
click the subscribe button and then the little bell to be notified each time a
new one comes out also check out the links in the description for more info
on keto friendly sweeteners, collagen protein powder, and oils and as always be
sure to share this with a friend or family member who may also be looking
into jump-starting their keto journey thanks for watching and I’ll see you in
the next video

Randall Smitham



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