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Keto Explained| Low carb Diet| Vlogistani Indian | Vlog#9

HI brothers and hello friends welcome back to the channel I am Manish Shankpal and you are watching my channel vlogistani Indian on youtube so there was nothing to do today i am stuck in home it is raining a lot whole day could not do whole day anywhere outside is flooded no place to keep feet so i am stuck at home last three to four days now continuously and thought what to do ? so i had some queries some known people asked me to explain Keto diet and some don’t know what is carbohydrates it is quiet common thing well if they dont know then i will try to explain in my language may be it can be understood so lets continue today’s video on Ketogenic Diet and what are carbs lets discuss Ketogenic diet so the word keto actually when our liver when low on insulin level or blood sugar drops liver produces energy from the fat within our body liver creates ketons from fat so that our body can take energy from ketons our brain works on insulin energy or ketons energy brain do not take energy from fat it takes energy from Insulin or from ketons so when insulin level is low or sugar level is low brain takes energy from ketons and keton is produced by our liver when it makes? it makes when we dont take insulin or high carb diet high carbohydrate if we do not take then our liver converts energy from fats and produces ketons it is small and simple funda hope you understood now when insulin is low in our body insulin will be low when we will take low insulin diet which is called low sugar diet or low
carbohydrate diet for example people with diabetic they take same diet which is low in sugar rice, potatoes lot many things things grown below soil that got carbohydrate on higher side so to get into ketogenic state we have to reduce carbohydrate diet low by fasting you can go into ketogenic quickly but there is no need to get into fasting in Ketogenic diet you can eat a lot and no need to fast and still you can induce fat loss because ketons energy is coming from body fat which is stored in our body so we are getting continuous energy and body is working brain is working and you can do everything and your fat is also cutting down 24 hours 7 days your fat is cutting down provided you are in ketogenic process if you take carbohydrate if insulin is taken from external source and sugar level rises then again you will switch over on insulin energy so we have to strictly follow this mostly you get into habit if you are getting weight loss and results you too want to look good and look fit so you will continue this to start this is a problem usually it takes two to three days to start ketogenic process if you decide to start today so from tomorrow you will reduce your carbs intake two to three days you will feel uneasy may feel dizzy and low on energy but this is not so your brain is playing with you and saying eat something or you may fall down it is not so you have to eat good things which is low on carbohydrate for example Non vegetarian food Non vegetarian does not have carbohydrate eggs don’t have leafy vegetables cabbage, broccoli, avocado these are low on carbohydrate lots of green vegetables are low on carbohydrate you can eat that for those who are vegetarian this way you will go into ketogenic and when you get into it your fat energy will be consumed and you will be continuously in fat loss irrespective what is your life style but yes you don’t have to starve don’t be hungry yes you have to avoid sugar and high carb things i will try to find detail so i will put here so you can go and have a look for your reference you can have a look i will put here in this video…….so this is a small example of ketogenic ketogenic is not something very impossible thing our liver gets into process which makes small molecules when it don’t get insuline called ketons and this keton energy is taken from fat and keton is created and then keton gives energy to our body in every possible way so that we can be healthy and do all types of work and can do all type of activities 24x 7 we are getting energy so nothing to be worried about yes who all can do ketogenic diet this is a matter of debate actually who got blood sugar, Diabetic or those who got blood pressure issues they should not do it feeding mothers don’t do it because you need carbs so if you want weight loss easily so you can try ketogenic diet in this continuously your body is taking energy from stored fat because you are not providing energy from external source so continuously taking energy from body fat so your stored fat is reducing your waist line will reduce your fat portion will starts to reduce slowely if you do for longer it will give better results i don not promote it that you do it if you can do it then try it but first contact your physician or doctor that you don’t have any medical side effects or problems so that you can take their consultation that can you do this after that you try this…..because what i am telling you is in normal scenario for healthy person..i have tried myself i was benefited results were good that’s why who is healthy and fit they can try this those who have complications and health issues they can consult their doctor and ask that can you do ketogenic diet or not and what can be problem or no problem they will guide you better now what we should eat in ketogenic? as i said you can take natural fats because in ketogenic diet fat is a very good thing that you can take if you take natural fat like cheese, Ghee,olive oil,coconut oil which are zero in carbohydrate these natural fats if you consume and you don’t stay hungry you wont feel you are hungry and along with you can take non vegetarian sea food ,eggs these can be taken cheese, eggs, meat broccoli, capsicum, cabbage, cauliflower asparagus, all these things they are green take them things grown below ground like potatoes sweet potato don’t take that do not take rice,refined flour and in fruits, Banana it is high on carbohydrate citrus fruits can be taken don’t take highly sweet fruits whose fructose level is high don’t take those pepsi coca cola, juice do not take these Beer switch to red wine instead of beer candies, donuts, chocolates, bread…brown bread brown bread is nothing but got little portion of wheat added to call it brown bread and got refined flour so avoid all these things what you have to eat? we can discuss later on then you will ask what shall we eat? eat air you want to get slim eat Non vegetarian eat good eat eggs eat green vegetables eat nicely eat as much you want nothing will happen but if you eat wrong things ate a chocolate then your ketogenic diet is finished then again you have to wait to get back into ketogenic process in your body so take it strictly if you want weight loss and want healthy lifestyle in a study it has been found ketogenic diet can reverse type 2 diabetic so if it can reverse diabetic and benefits can be seen so you can try so now lets talk about carbohydrate what is carbohydrate? well now we talk about carbohydrate carbohydrate’s hindi word i do not know if any one of you know then write in comment below i will also know and people will also know what is carbohydrate in Hindi well carbohydrate is that when we consume it carbohydrate is like i told you in rice potato,banana in many things in sugar in sweets in chocolate sweets are higher in carbohydrate when we consume it it increases our body’s insulin level it spikes up the insulin in our body because we have taken it from external source body already had……in morning you are something sweet then again in evening you too sweet already your insulin level was high and you topped it up with more so it got more shooted up and if you have not burn this extra energy it will convert into fat and store it in your body for example if you go to office from home in your vehicle you need 1 liter of fuel for example so going and coming back requires 1 liter morning you went to office evening you came back you needed 1 liter petrol so tank is empty you filled it with 1 liter you went to office evening you came back 1 liter got finished tomorrow you need to go again you need to fill 1 liter but tomorrow you fill it with 2 liter you went to office and came back 1 liter is remaining so carbohydrate is like this if our requirement is little and we provide it extra so that extra will be converted into fat and been stored for later use but again it wont be used because tomorrow we will do the same and will eat more carbs it will again take that extra energy and again store it in our body as a fat so this is how we get fat not by eating fat we get fat by eating excess carbohydrate by excess carb rich diet we have to take low carb diet low carb diet is same what i am telling you things which are low in carbohydrate or got minimum carbs we have to take such diet and this diet is called Ketogenic Diet right? because if we are not taking insulin then again the same process will start your liver will take energy from fat through ketosis process will generate ketons and body will get energy from ketons and your body fat will reduce….it is simple logic hope you understood and what you have to avoid is carrot,onion yes onion also got carbohydrate on higher side beetroot is also higher on carbohydrate and radish also grows below ground sweet potato is also high in carbs so avoid all these things now some people will say we eat fruits still fat so fruits are also high in carbohydrates for example banana if you compare its has 20 grms. of carb. pineapple also got carbs higher side mango too apple also got 12 grams of carbohydrate so all things have carbs but these are bit natural easily digestible they are consume them but not too much but if you wan to be in ketogenic diet and want to keep our carbohydrate intake low then avoid these then you will say how it will work out so to make it work out there are many things available but yes for taste there may not be many options but yes if you are non vegetarian then there are many things available for you you can cook non veg very nicely and eat but cannot eat bread or rice with it eat as much you want it wont be a problem you will feel good you will be full prepare with natural fats so these are the things so for your reference i will provide you photographs you will get an idea those towards red will be high in carbs those towards greener side will be low in carbs it be will easily understood easily you will understand it now you will ask if you should do ketogenic diet or not now this depends on you to what extent you want to be slim to what extent you want to keep your self prefect so you decide what is best for you either you go to gym do good exercise burn your extra energy if you can burn double the energy you consumed very good if you cannot do it then try ketogenic definately i do not recommend it but if you think you can do it if you want to try , try it nothing bad will happen to you because you are eating in this you are not hungry you do not have to starve no fasting don’t be empty stomach you have to keep on eating something eat fats eat low carb food……lot of options are there well if you are not getting to eat your favorite that can be a problem for you you may have craving for such things so for that what you can do after every ten days keep a cheat day on that day you can eat a nice diet what you want to have but i dont think you would like to eat on that day too because i have tried, we don’t feel that hungry yes you will eat little sweet or something else in cheat meal like burger pizza etc. but that’s it you also wont feel like eating a lot so after ten days again you start ketogenic and continue it again you will get results and with results you yourself will feel motivated and you will feel good ……..so this is the whole scenario about carbohydrate low carb diet and ketogenic process i hope you understand it i don’t know other easy way i know mostly English words i can speak those only, in Hindi i am not very fluent with these words never read also , studied English so i know English words you can check this in other places too lot other people are making content on this lot of videos are made on this content you can go there too no recommended site and for your reference i will put photographs you can take screen shot and can use as reference so guys this was video on ketogenic and low carbohydrate diet i am not a master of this not a trainer or a professor the knowledge i got i am sharing with you it is a detail subject needs reading and to understand after that if i had video then it would have been more better but its ok you will understand if you don’t understand comment here i will write back to you and what ever your queries i would like to reply all the queries well guys this was my today’s video hope you will like so like it share it and subscribe it and keep watching vlogistani Indian on youtube and press that bell icon so when i post new videos you get notification so guys cheers!

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