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KETO Fat Bombs (Vegan) | Thrive Market

Pop them out whenever you need some energy or a sweet bite. Done with that. Hey guys, I’m Megan Mitchell here in the Thrive Market Test kitchen. Today I’m gonna show you a Keto Fat Bomb recipe. It’s chocolate and vanilla. I put it together and it looks like a black and white cookie – but it’s keto, and it’s a fat bomb. And it’s so easy to make, I’m going to show you how – but first, be sure to like, comment, subscribe. If you’re wondering what Thrive Market is, it’s an online market that sells organic and non-gmo products straight to your door. Let’s get it started! 3 cups of slivered almonds, is how this recipe begins. And I’m gonna add unsweetened shredded coconut. Sometimes it says coconut flakes, shredded coconut. Either way you want it to be unsweetened., and half a cup of coconut oil. And then add a cup of melted coconut butter. These are so easy to make; obviously everything goes into a food processor. I’m gonna gonna put them in these little muffin tins lined with liners. And then I pop them in my freezer or my fridge, and whenever I need a quick boost of energy or a sweet bite, I have them ready to go. 4 tablespoons of swerve. 2 tablespoons of vanilla extract. Also a pinch of salt. Why add salt to your sweet, it just enhances your flavor. Let’s blend this up and then I’m gonna remove half, and then make the other half chocolatey. If you need to go in and scrape down the sides go ahead. If it looks a little dry add some more coconut butter, or coconut oil. If it looks too loose you can add a cup or more of chopped nuts or even shredded coconut. Alright so this is my vanilla portion So I want to scoop out half of this mixture, and then I’m gonna add 1/4 cup cacao powder. and that’s my chocolate and vanilla. Blend it up. Okay, okay – that’s look great. Let me show you how to make those. Mini muffin tin. Liner Gonna really make some space here. Vanilla, chocolate. Grab a spoon. Just scoop some of it out, and then put it on one side. You know when you see black and white cookies, half is black and half is white. Half is chocolate, half is vanilla. That’s kind of what I’m mimicking here. And then half of the chocolate. Now to go make 35 more. Alright my keto fat bombs have chilled, they are nice and frozen. So I’m gonna show you how I like to store them if I can get them out. I love that right, they do look like a black and white cookie. So I just got back from camping. I had all my worms in here. I took them out, and I was like – what can I use this again for – keto fat bombs. No you can use any container – glass container, pop them in your freezer, and then pop them out whenever you need energy or a sweet bite. For all my keto people out there, and all my keto vegans, this one’s for you. Please like, comment, subscribe – please tell me if you make this. And all the products I used today you can find at thrivemarket.com/prepschool. When you have those two measuring stuff back there, you never know what you’re gonna get. Mckenzie’s not here, did she measure this recipe? Ya, that’s why she’s not here anymore. I hear her in the back going “Huh, who me?” You’re fired Mckenzie.

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  1. Linda Ferrell Posted on October 10, 2019 at 10:12 pm

    Could you use monk fruit powder instead of swerve and if yes, how much?

  2. Elvira Rasuk Posted on October 11, 2019 at 2:07 am

    Puerto Rico needs this store !! Please!! ☀️