March 29, 2020
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so I feel like I’ve been on this journey like I said before a long time and a few years ago I found Trim Healthy Mama I’m sure y’all heard of it maybe haven’t I don’t know but they take a lot of almost the same information as keto and but they kind of have like where you can pick and choose when you’re going to eat a fat fueled meal when you’re going to eat a what do you call it oh, an energy meal and so they break things down I didn’t I say I’m not going to lunch I’m healthy mama plan because it’s I mean it’s a great plan it works for most people it works really well because I’ve learned a lot more I feel like it has its place but you have to do it a certain way whereas keto is pretty easy you know you just once you learn the food you can eat you eat that and once you learn the food you can’t, you don’t need to be eaten don’t eat that so it’s pretty easy but if y’all have the cookbook or if you want to look online for some of their recipes and once you get into I’ll make another video on the different profiles like if some of you may end up eating carbs a couple times a week and that’s completely okay so you can have those carbs I would say stay away from the grains the wheat pasta I would definitely stay away from that but maybe like potatoes and maybe some rice trying to think some of the maybe some quinoa some things like that and you might want to do that’s where I was just going to say this trim healthy mama cookbook but you can also find some recipes online I like how they have things separated out because their “S” meals those that are satisfying meals are basically a keto meal like full fat full protein or a moderate amount of protein and very low carb so there s meals or “satisfying”meals are very Ketogenic when they have their energizing meals which again and the profiles we’ll talk about later in the keto diet there are some meals that you can have at night that’s the key at night because during the day you are in fat burning mode when you wake up and say if you want to stay in fat-burning mode all day and then maybe have some carbs at night because your carbs will process differently at night than they will if you’re if you’re eating it all day and that’s when you can have those energy meals and they are low fat they have some carbs in it and just a moderate amount of protein so that is something to think about if you’re wanting to do what Leanne calls in her book carb ups so I’ll talk about that again another day or maybe today later just a different fat profiles or Keto profiles that you can do and really you just need to figure out your body and your carb tolerance and your mindset like okay I’m going to have to have carbs I can’t go go and that’s completely fine it just depends on why you’re doing it what you need how you need the diet to work for you and again this is something for myself personally that I looking to do long term can i sustain this way of eating can i sustain and this for my life that’s always what I’m thinking about when I start an eating plan I rarely will start something that was just going to be like that just I’m just not going to do that through my journey I feel like I’ve landed on a perfect way of eating for me because I’m not killing myself in the gym killing myself running but I’m aiming to be well and healthy and I feel good and my mind is clear and energy and so I feel like it’s really really good and I feel like its something I can do for the rest of my life so am I going to be perfect? No. I do believe that you just for some of your hormones in your body you probably do you need to break out of ketosis some people disagree with that and that’s fine its their opinion but I do feel like just mentally its probably it’s good to have some times out of ketosis but Leanne says and I completely get this that really if you’re going to do carb ups and that kind of thing that you should do them after you’ve been eating a ketogenic diet for about three weeks like get all the carbs and I like gunk and toxic stuff out of your system first and just allow your body to switch over to burning fat instead of sugar for fuel our bodies are super smart and once you put sugar back in it’s going to want to use that because it doesn’t know I say its smart but sometimes I don’t it because your body does not realize that you’re going to get to eat again and say once it uses up and gobbles up all that sugar it’s you’re going to feel like you’re starving again because that your body wants to know when it’s going to be fit again so it’s good to get yourself into a fat-burning mode first and then if you want to start introducing I don’t want to call it a cheat day because I when you call something a cheat day it’s more like okay I had to be really strict and how do all this and now I have my free day I don’t think that’s a healthy mindset because you have to realize what am I do in this for why am i eating this way is it so that I get to a certain point or is it I can be healthy person or get off medication and so I wouldn’t consider it a cheat I’m not saying you’ll never have a cupcake you’ll never eat at birthday party and you’re never eat ice cream but I think that we have to look at it differently our mindset needs to be different this is a way of eating and there are some circumstances just because of our culture and how social it is around food that yes there may be some choices that I might indulge in that aren’t good but what is that going to do to you what is that going to do to your health so I think that’s important to think about what’s your goal why am I doing this and how can I reach that goal and what do I need to do to make sure I can keep doing it so that’s why I thought really liked this book because most of the other books that I’ve read on the ketogenic lifestyle are very hardcore like no flexibility this is the way you have to eat the rest of your life and that’s not necessarily true like if you can find a way once you get your body where you want it so you indulge every now and then then you can sustain this and they just hop right back into eating Keto if you can say it’s not it’s not something that’s not doable so I just wanted to talk to you a little bit about that and let you know that there’s a food list I did post a food list but sometimes it’s just good to hear somebody saying it or hear it and see it and touch it and feel it so that all the senses of your body can help you absorb the information and I hope you are enjoying these videos this is new to me but I think it’s really good that we get our bodies healed so that we can be here for our grandkids and our great grandkids and you know it’s just important so that’s what I’m doing this for thank you for watching and have a great day thanks

Randall Smitham