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Keto Friendliness Review – Milk Street Magazine – July / August 2019

hey there it’s Steve from and in this video we are
going to do a keto friendliness review
of the July and August milk Street
magazine but before we get going
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milk Street Magazine I was a fan of
Chris Kimball’s back on America’s Test
Kitchen when he started that what I love
about milk Street magazine is even
though it’s only 33 pages long for one
issue there is not a single
advertisement in this whole thing it is
nothing but content the other thing I
really like about milk Street Magazine
is it has a very international flavor no
pun intended to it and as a result that
means we tend to find a lot more in the
way of low carb dishes with the
exception of Italy so if you watched the
previous video I did with food wine
magazine you know that I am putting the
recipes into one of four categories
there’s keto ready these are dishes that
require no modifications at all they are
good to go
next we have keto easy these are recipes
that only require one or two little
substitutions and it’s generally
something you probably have in your keto
pantry the third category is keto
challenging keto challenging recipes
typically require three or more
substitutions and may include
ingredients that the typical person
doesn’t stock in their pantries so it
may require a special order the final
recipe category that we have is our
no-goes these are dishes where it would
require so many substitutions that it
would fundamentally change the recipe or
the primary ingredient is a high carb
ingredient and there’s just no getting
around it
so let’s hop right into this issue July
and August the very first recipe
is gonna be a no-go it is spiced mango
and unfortunately we don’t have the
substitute for that next up we have a
Sardinian marmalade and I’m gonna
categorize this as keto challenging but
this is one that really intrigues me
it’s made with artichoke arts orange
marmalade lemon juice ground black
pepper and it’s typically served with
cheeses breads and roasted meats so if
you were to put together sort of a keto
charcuterie type of a plate this could
be very interesting I’m intrigued by
this I want to I want to figure out a
way to make this happen next grilled
garlic herb shrimp that is keto ready
chicken cutlets with garlic chilies and
peanuts that is keto ready Indian spiced
pork burgers I’m gonna call this keto
easy because all we need to do is
substitute out some panko breadcrumbs
for some pork rind breadcrumbs and
either go without a bun or use a keto
friendly bun coriander orange skirt
steak with arugula keto ready pearl
couscous and zucchini salad with tomato
vinaigrette because this couscous I’m
gonna have to call this a no-go but I’m
looking at some of the ingredients in
this between the garlic and tomato and
lemon cherry tomatoes zucchini fresh
mint feta cheese this might be worth
trying with some rice cauliflower so you
know maybe we categorize this as keto
easy pasta with fried capers pasta sorry
that’s a no-go until I find a really
worthy keto pasta we’re gonna keep
calling those no goes roasted
cauliflower with tahini and lemon this
looks wonderful and it has 2 teaspoons
of cornstarch in it but spread across
four servings
that’s negligible it’s a carb or two you
could probably substitute out the
cornstarch but honestly I don’t I don’t
think it’s gonna have a huge effect for
you because it’s in such a small amount
then we have nasi
Lahm which is a malaysian jasmine rice
and herb salad with shrimp and this
provided we don’t use rice we use rice
cauliflower we are talking keto easy
perfectly poached shrimp keto ready
grill smoked pork chops with cider
vinegar gastrique I’m gonna call this
keto easy it has 1 cup of brown sugar I
would recommend substituting out 1/2 cup
for Sukhram gold and 1/2 cup for swerve
brown sugar I find that when I blend
those two together I get more of a brown
sugary taste than if I use either by
themselves Sherazi salad this is a
Persian tomato and cucumber salad and it
is keto ready
lemon lime lacquered grilled chicken
also known as any ha mnemonic I hope I’m
pronouncing that correctly
it’s Filipino this is keto easy it calls
for a can of 7up just substitute that
out for a diet lemon lime soda and
you’re good to go
mock show with andouille sausage sadly
one of the primary ingredients in Mokpo
is corn and that’s not gonna work for us
so that is a no-go bucatini with cherry
tomato sauce and fresh sage again until
I find a really good keto pasta either
recipe or something that’s commercially
available I’m gonna have to call that a
no-go if you are aware of a really good
keto pasta let me know something that
would work as a fettuccine or spaghetti
put that down in the comments I’d love
to hear about it next up we have
Southeast Asian chicken salad with
cashews and coconut and that is keto
ready Sicilian caponata ketoready
Spanish chilled tomato and bread soup
gotta call this a no-go not only is it
the bread but also there is a
significant quantity of tomatoes in this
and it’s my belief that by the time you
reduce down two pounds of tomatoes to
serve for people that the sugars in that
are gonna be enough to probably make
this a no-go then we have a mock which
is a cambodian white pepper coconut
curry chicken i’m gonna call this keto
easy we need to make two substitutions
one is to get rid of the sweet potatoes
maybe use something like parsnips and
for the rice we would want to substitute
in rice to cauliflower stir-fried black
pepper chicken with green beans that
Eschete already we then have four
vinaigrettes a lemon olive oil
vinaigrette keto ready orange garlic and
olive vinaigrette hoo boy
this is iffy it’s got a quarter cup of
orange juice which I suppose once you
spread it around a couple of salads is
not a tremendous amount I would I would
call this keto ready if if you’re
relatively low on your carbs throughout
the day feta herb vinaigrette keto ready
lemon anise vinaigrette keto ready and
honey mustard and ginger vinaigrette
unfortunately because of the honey we’re
gonna call this a no-go here’s another
place I could use your help if you’re
aware of a really good honey substitute
for keto please leave it down in the
comments I would love to hear about that
as well
Barbados grilled fish and bhajan hot
pepper sauce the Barbados grilled fish
is keto easy just substitute out the
brown sugar for su Crenn or swerve and
the bhajan hot pepper sauce same story
just substitute out the brown sugar for
Sucre or swerve and you’ve got keto easy
oven perfect strip steak with
chimichurri that is a keto easy both the
skirt steak itself and the chimichurri
then we get into the dessert section of
the magazine and usually that’s all know
goes we have a corn pudding mmm no go eh
almond biscotti or Catalan biscotti that
is also a no-go so base
on my back of the napkin math we are
looking at a solid 13 keto ready
recipes in this issue of milk Street at
least seven keto easy one keto
challenging and nine no goes so over
two-thirds of the recipes in the July
and August milk Street magazine are
keto friendly so I give that a big
thumbs up I’ll include a couple of milk
Street links down below in the
description in case you’d like to check
them out a little bit more and if
there’s any of those recipes that I
listed off that you would like to see me
cook as part of a keto cooking video
put it down in the comments I’ll see
what I can do thanks for watching

Randall Smitham



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