April 2, 2020
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So today is Monday which means it’s my
cardio day you know we just love doing some cardio. (fake laugh) I’m gonna be on the
elliptical I’ve noticed that more of my back fat is like leaving once I started
incorporating the elliptical into my workouts basically I do like three days
of upper body workouts I feel like when I added the elliptical machine to my
workouts that was like a really great decision like I’m just really seeing
better improvement in my back fat I’m not like a professional y’all like I’m
just your good sis over here just sharing my keto weight loss journey
but um I would maybe recommend that if you want to like I guess maybe see some
improvements in your back fat maybe add in the elliptical machine all right you guys so today we are going
to try to do 45 minutes on the elliptical and possibly burn 300
calories let’s see if we can do it ending today’s workout burning 323
calories well you guys this is what my stomach is
looking like it has improved a lot I still have a lot more to go you know I
just wanted to show you Oh, back fat trying to leave me. Thank you God! well you guys um that workout was literally everything I needed and more
like I feel better mm-hmm as my voice is going out but like
I literally feel better my throat is not sore or anything to that nature like I
feel like this is what I needed any of y’all are feeling sick or
anything to that nature go to the gym have a nice little cardio session like I
did and you gonna feel better you are gonna feel better you can’t tell me
you’re not gonna feel better I’m not like sick sick like I was before like
when my eyes was watering and sooo like I feel so much better
you guys let me put some lip gloss on because my lips are chapped right now I really need I need some more lip gloss
you know is this what it’s like to be like a beauty influencer oh my gosh like
I feel so nervous like putting this lipgloss on it never takes me this long
put on lip gloss I’m going to make a tuna salad because that’s what my mom
wanted me to make she has been begging and begging me to make her some tuna
salad so you know what that’s what I’m gonna do so I have three keto pancakes they are
all different sizes a little bit of sugar-free syrup really that’s not a
little bit but you know we’ll just go with that then I have one scrambled up
egg one sausage patty and two bacon strips and to drink I’m currently
sipping on some Coke Zero oh gosh y’all I thought I was going to do
two videos today actually no change of plans the P.O. doesn’t have my
Keto Krate yet even though it says it’s here
they’re like they don’t see it yet go figure so I mean I guess it works out
for me though your girl is gonna try this No Cow Energy Bar and this flavor
is the Chocolate Sea Salt I did try there peanut butter one and
that was good as well so I really do hope this one is good just in case you
guys didn’t know No Cow is non dairy, gluten free, no sugar added, non-gmo, soy free, and vegan so yay let’s get it down to the nutrition facts
alright so for one bar it is 190 calories 8 grams of fat 26 grams of
carbs 8 grams of fiber and one gram of total sugars 9 grams of sugar alcohol
and 12 grams of protein I’m going to link this product down in the
description box just in case you guys are interested like I said this is the
no cow chocolate sea salt energy bar y’all so this looks really good oh my
gosh…. ahhhh… alright you guys so let’s go ahead and do a taste test I like this it’s not too sweet mmm
look at this y’all this is what it looks like on the inside I’m literally over
here trying to figure out what I’ve had before that tastes like this y’all mmm
I can… I can rock with this y’all l slick wanna eat this whole thing right
now but I’m gonna try to save it try to save it until tonight Y’all… Mmm-hmmm okay y’all I’m gonna have one more bite
and I’m gonna stop okay all right one more okay for real that’s my last bite so far
I have to say that I like the no cow energy bars better than I like the no
cow protein bars like that is like a drastic difference like wow it don’t even seem like it’s from the same company right now like am I being pranked a few
moments later you guys you guys I don’t know what
happened Whew chile! I stay coming here go I need
to stop they’re so beautiful just beautiful although my fiance would
not agree that I’m really a person that looks out for the budget or whatever but
I did actually save money by getting my drink at Sonic I went to Sonic and got
me a large drink and it was like a dollar in something so look at me I’m
basically a budget queen now I know this may sound a little weird y’all but I
literally love water like I crave it it’s so good to me for example you know
like how some people they like alcohol or they try to get drunk y’all that’s
not something that I personally have ever wanted to do like I remember in
undergrad we talked about water intoxication y’all I gotta be careful cuz I
literally could drink so much water and I’m not trying to do that to myself and
for like some rare cases you can die from that I really don’t know why I felt
the need to share that with y’all but yeah I did so you’re welcome so you guys
have come to the realization that I love working out but the only real reason why
I work out is so I could eat more and that’s just the truth I literally got a
message saying that I make losing weight seemed so easy clearly they haven’t been
watching my youtube videos my starting weight was at 212 to 214 I ended up
losing a little over forty some pounds and that put me at like what the 160s and
then y’all guess what life happened and the love of food happened and I ended up
being back at 190 when I got on that scale and realized I was at 190 cuz I
knew my clothes wasn’t fitting right or nothing like that but you know you know
how you try to fool yourself like it’s okay you just bloated an all that stuff when
really you’ve been eating way too much food and drinking way too much soda even
my face was bloated and I was just trying to justify everything but when I
got on that scale and that scale said 190 I was like hold up! we will not hit the 200s again no sir no
ma’am it’s not gonna happen so since I’ve restarted my keto weight loss journey I’m down 12 pounds I’m at 178 Thank You God but I’m trying
my best to hit the 160s before this month is over yes food is life but you
need to make smart decisions like there’s just one girl that I literally
love on YouTube she had started her weight-loss journey at two hundred some
pounds y’all don’t you know she’s at 551 pounds
right now not trying to throw any type of shade at
all to her but literally when I just don’t feel like going to the gym I mean
I already watch our videos in a ways but when I don’t feel like going to the gym
I use her videos as motivation because I don’t want to be that person I don’t
want to get to that place like I’m not sure but dang it I’m not tall and then
200 pounds that’s a lot on my body like I should be able to go up stairs and not
be out of breath that should not be the case and I’m so happy that I’m taking my
health seriously now but y’all it’s also funny because I’m trying to lose weight
on my keto weight loss journey and my mother and she’s trying to gain weight
on her high carb journey so go figure I said all that basically to say weight
loss is different for everyone for me it’s not easy at all like of course
I’m gonna highlight you know when I’m feeling great and everything but I also
highlight my low points and not every day I want to go to the gym but finding
different alternatives and not making your diet just a diet but make it more
of like a lifestyle change it’s easy like I make keto pancakes or keto
brownies and stuff like that like I love that now you can’t tell me I can’t make
home keto our pancakes or keto brownies they’re good but like a year and a half ago y’all I
would have never tried cauliflower rice cauliflower rice is so good me y’all
like I literally love it! And then some avocados oh my gosh put some salt in
your avocados that is so good you know what I think my how that’s a
snack right now last meal of the day I’m having some keto friendly tuna and then
I have my raspberries that are literally stuck together like I guess they love
each other then I have my natural uncured beef hot dogs and they’re so
good oh my gosh, y’all!

Randall Smitham