April 5, 2020
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hey guys Suz here I figured I would
show you the face a little bit more than I have been I usually just stick to my
weekly what’s for dinner keto recipes make sure you’re subscribed so you can
catch it every Sunday I usually cover four recipes I have been doing keto for
I think this week will be my year anniversary have lost approximately 50
pounds not counting about an extra 15 pounds that I lost just postpartum
weight loss in general before I started keto I thought I would take you guys
along today for a full day of eating not really gonna vlog very much but just
kind of show you what I’m eating so just start with for breakfast this morning I
chugged about a 16 ounce bottle of water I really struggle with my water intake and I really really really really really need to get better at that when I
make myself exercise which I was doing very well doing I do a really good job
at getting like over the amount of water I should in a day but if not then I’m
like Coke Zero bulletproof coffee so for my coffee this
morning that’s what I’m having for breakfast
I do not fast like all the way fast I fast with fats so that I say satiated
and you know don’t have all of those cravings yesterday I didn’t have coffee
I don’t know what happened the day got away from me
and so I didn’t have those those fats that I’m accustomed to and I was just
like I feel like I was just binge eating keto food so I never stray off of
keto but my calorie intake yesterday was definitely way higher than I would have
liked so for this coffee I put in a tablespoon of heavy whipping cream a
tablespoon of Kerrygold salted butter a tablespoon of torani sugar-free syrup
it does have sucralose in it but that does not the studies on that and on me
personally that doesn’t spike my blood sugar like other sugar alcohols and
stuff do so and then the flavor of coffee I’m drinking at the moment is
donuts connection I think donut connection
and I think my husband finds it at Target I have seen boxes of it for sale
and other places but not the chocolate variety I haven’t found that one
anywhere okay so that’s what I’m having for breakfast apologize about the
bumpiness of this footage right now I don’t have you guys on a mount I’m just
holding you because I’m in the passenger seat and my husband is driving he did
reschedule some appointments today so that he could go with me and take these
babies to the dentist so lots of traffic to get to the dentist office and lots of
busy stuff to keep me going this morning I probably will have a piece of
sugar-free gum I still can’t find any gun that doesn’t have all the bad stuff
in it so I was doing extra occasionally and I know like chewing you know once
you start chewing it also makes you want to keep snacking but for me a lot of
times I just I feel the need to chew I feel the need to chew a little a little
gum it helps me focus on tasks at hand so I go through spurts with it because
the sugar alcohol and gum does spike my blood sugar even though it’s like oh
this is only one carb or two carbs they are one or two carbs that like I can
feel so still looking for really good alternatives for that that won’t like
tear my teeth up too bad if any of you guys have any please comment down below
I found a company called wild organic I think wild blue organic but they were
sold out so I should probably look again today and see if you know they have that
back in stock because they’re like a really small company I think
so but if any of y’all have found any sugar-free gum that doesn’t have all of
the bad things in it and spike your blood sugar please comment down below
and let me know your suggestions on that alright so we’ll check back in with you
after we get done with the dinner and let you know how all that rigmarole
went so we survived the dentist both the girls did really well
and by really well I mean there’s still a lot of crying
and spasms going on but more importantly we did not more important but we survived it so now it is still the morning it’s 9:30 this morning and heading back to the
house and might have a protein bar probably definitely gonna have another
cup of coffee and then probably a protein bar and lately I’ve been eating the
Kirkland protein bars I’m kind of torn on that because I know that they you know
probably does slow down my weight loss but I don’t have that far to go to be to
my target weight and am trying to lose it slowly because I do have some lose skin from pregnancy and I don’t want any extra loose skin and you
know the more you lose the faster you lose the wrinkles in the face and so I’m
already dealing with some of that so trying to lose slowly so whatever what I do like
about the protein bars though is that they are a great source of magnesium
they’ve got potassium and then I believe looking at the ingredients last night
and then of course sodium calcium so you’re getting electrolytes from
them as well as you know high protein and as long as you’re mixing that with
like healthy fats it helps my stomach not try to digest itself so you did so great at the dentist you did you did a great job this is the
protein bar that I’ll be having Kirkland cookies and cream I don’t think you can see
the macros on that I’ll be having this with a coke zero alright the kids are down for a nap and I’m gonna have another coffee and another
coke zero and start editing some video alright guys I am still drinking my coke
Zero from earlier it’s about 2:30 I don’t always have a separate lunch but
today I’m feeling like I really need it I just feel famished
umm I’ve been up since 4:00 something this morning and then getting the girls
ready and all of us getting out the door to the dentist and Brex also kept
waking me up last night so I had about two hours sleep total and it wasn’t
consecutive altogether sleep it was broken up into tons of bits and pieces so I’m
really hungry and running low on energy so I’m gonna have some leftovers for
lunch this recipe I will be showing you guys on Sunday in our what’s for dinner
keto meals that we do every Sunday if you’re not subscribed subscribe so you
can check that out it is a pork egg roll in a bowl and right now I’m eating
it on a plate but it is so delicious I wish I could make this every single week
it is so good it’s like the closest thing to pot stickers in my opinion that
I’ve had so far since being on keto so this is what it looks like and like I
said I’ll be making this and show you guys on Sunday so I’m gonna chow
down on this real quick alright guys I just got done eating this yummy yummy
yummy beef ricotta casserole mixture I’m gonna show you guys on Sunday how I
cooked that I’m going to try to knock out the rest of this water this is
like 40 something ounces in here I believe my goal is to have three of these
a day I hardly ever make that goal unless I am working out and I’m not
working out today so I will be lucky to finish the rest of that before I lay
down I’m exhausted I just got done separating the meat that my husband went
and picked up from Costco and he also stopped at a Whole Foods to find me some
psyllium husk so that I could make hopefully tomorrow night some yummy keto
steak quesadillas I’m gonna make homemade keto tortillas for it but he
found the quest bar aisle and he sent me a picture he’s like oh my gosh
there’s so many flavors and I actually prefer the Kirkland bars to the quest
ones most of the time but he sent me this picture and I’m like well you
know we can only have like the regular protein bars and maybe sometimes like
the cookies but all of that other stuff has got you know a lot of sugar
alcohols and stuff in it that we don’t do no judgment on any of you that do we
just personally don’t do them because I do keto to control blood sugar so it
makes no sense then to eat stuff that will spike my blood sugar but this
little Joker we just split for dessert we each had half of it so freaking good
tastes just like a powdered donut in your mouth as soon as my tongue hit it
chocolate sprinkled donut may be a new favorite anyway hope you guys enjoyed
this what I eat in a day full day of eating on keto video make sure you come
back on Sunday to see full instructions and links for all of the recipes that we
cooked for dinner this week and until then see you later guys looking for my mother’s eyes
as I’m standing close to the mirror a lock of gold a secret smile little
things I remember

Randall Smitham